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  1. Thanks for the reports. I haven't gotten up there yet but planning on Sunday if the weather is good. We really enjoyed it last year and it extends my theme park fix.


    It will be interesting to see what goes in Panda Express! This year we enjoyed the new outdoor buffet by Goliath.


    We have a DP and will get the hot chocolate that is really a good deal!


    I hope the weather cooperates later in the season would like to go up till New Year's.

  2. Hi nice report. glad you enjoyed the park. I was there as well on Saturday. Yea when fright fest started the crowds were there. The food lines for dinner and late snacks were busy. It was busier during the Big E then previous years.


    I also didn't realize they fixed the train on Goliath. I rode it a few years ago and it was very jarring and gave me a bad headache. I might have to try it again. I liked the original trains a lot. It ran smooth back then.


    I have been going to this park for over 45 years as it has changed owners. I have to say they are doing a good job with keeping it up. The one set of bathrooms that was a problem by Take 6 are awesome now since renovation.


    My family's one big complaint too on Superman is those darn restraints on the leg. Those bars hurt on the side of your knee. I would love Millennium's trains on this ride. I remember when they were not like that. It changed after several people were seen putting their legs out the side years back.


    We enjoyed the outside buffet across from J B's. They are not sure how much longer it will be out because of the cold. Take 6 has really good wraps and I like Macho Nacho here better then SF Great Adventure.


    Actually Scream is one of my favorite drop towers for air time if you get the shooting one. Overall it is nice to have this park close to my home and we go usually a couple of times a month.

  3. Does Cedar Point have a fairly liberal rider assistance program policy (I'm not sure what exactly they call it)? I'm not judging because I know not all disabilities are visible, but I have seen so many people coming up through the exit with sheets at so many rides, more than at any other park I've been to. Is that what it is or is it something else? At this point I'm just really curious.


    Thank you for not judging the rider assistance policy. A lot of disabilities are not visible. I would say their policy is not any more liberal than others. It is basically the same at all the parks with some variance. I am answering your question based on first hand experience.


    There are different programs based on your needs. For one of the policies you have to go to an attendant and get a ride time. The attendant gives you the wait time posted for the line. Then you come back and you can ride when it is your time. The people who use this pass wait the same amount of time that someone else does they just come up a different way.


    There is another policy that is a plan a day. This policy gives you a set time that you can ride between rides. This person can ride a ride every 40 minutes. It is usually every 40 minutes depending on the crowd level. It could be higher or lower that day. Yes I do have experience in this matter.


    There is questioning that you have to go through to get this and even can require documentation to get these passes. Different parks operate it differently.


    There is always the person getting the pass and up to 3. This is done because a lot our families that have 4 in them. This way they won't get split up.


    What happens when you see a bunch of people is that these are usually several groups of people together. The ride operators will group them and get them on one train for convenience. I have rarely seen any group bigger than 4 unless there are multiple disabilities in the group.


    I hope this helps answer your question.

  4. Hello! Just got back from my 4 day trip. We drove 10 hours on Tuesday and got in about 6 at Breakers Express. The weather didn't look too good for two of our days so we decided to go right to the park. We had to buy two twilight tickets for two of our teens. My family of 4 has platinum passes. We checked into Breakers Express quickly. It is a nice renovated hotel. We had connecting rooms and they were clean. It is a little expensive but a nice place.


    We got to the park about 7:00 and it was closing at 11. We got right on GK. We headed to Valraven and there was a bit of a wait. We had two teens who had never been on a dive coaster and enjoyed it. We got back to SV and rode that. We all loved it. We thought it had everything a coaster should. It was dark enough to consider it a night ride and very cool. It was just about everyone's favorite. We got on MF next and it was awesome. I haven't ridden it at night in a long time. It was an amazing ride. This is still one of my favorite there. I am glad I knew about the bug situation at dusk. I will say that it was absolutely insane how many small bugs there were. You actually walked through walls of them. With that we rode in the back of MF. There was no way I was doing the front. We then headed to TD. We got in line it was about 20 minutes and I couldn't believe the bugs. People were actually sitting on the ground to stay of of the swarms. We rode the back again and it was awesome.


    We went back Wednesday and had great weather. We were able to ride GK 3 X, Valraven 2X, MF 2X, SV 2X , TD 2X , WT 1X and Iron Dragon 1X. We did eat at the Midway Market. The food for the price has gone down and wouldn't do it again. We decided to leave before dusk as we didn't want to deal with the bugs again.


    Thursday we were changing to Breakers for two nights. We got there about 10 and we knew our room wouldn't be ready so we headed to the park. We got to ride GK, TD, SV, Valraven, Maverick and MF. We got back over about 1:30 and nothing was ready so we grabbed some food. There were storms coming back in again at night so we went back in till about 5:30 and rode the coasters again. We checked in and got our room on the Concierge level. We had connecting rooms again with a theme park view. We decided to just hang out at the pool and get some food. The rain was coming in again. The room was fine and had no problems.


    Friday was going to be lots of rain in the afternoon. We did EE and got on all the coasters again we wanted. About 1:00 the rain started and headed back to Breakers. The club lounge was open and we hung out. The rain got so bad the rest of the day we were not able to get back in. The parking lot was flooding. There was lightning and the park closed early. We just hung out at the pool and the lounge. It was too bad this was our last day and it was cut short. We checked out Saturday morning and drove home.


    We do not do much of the flat rides. We go for certain coasters and were so happy we got to ride every one of them this trip. I had two teens who were never there and loved the coasters. We ended up riding SV, Maverick, MF, TD, GK and Valraven 6 times each. We were happy with that. I will say that I felt the cleanliness of the park has gone down. The bathrooms were gross and there was a lot of little trash around. The ride attendants were great and were moving the trains out.


    Breakers club lounge is no longer worth it to us. They have cut out quite a bit of offerings. I have been going there the past few years and became friends with the associates. They said the new CEO is all about cutting things to save money. They feel this is going to hurt the resort and the parks. They had their usual guests say they wouldn't be back because of it. We are going for Columbus Day weekend and that will be our last time at Concierge level.


    Overall it was a great trip with minimal problems. I thought the crowds were low but I think the weather really played a part here. We are looking forward to Columbus Day weekend.

  5. Having gotten back (and having felt rather crummy yesterday and the day before). My thoughts on the park...


    • Millennium Force made me appreciate a re-rideable ride, one that doesn't push the limits of intensity. Ultimately, I have it as my number one thanks to its view. Yep, a front seat night ride got me covered in bugs. I raised my Six Flags shirt to cover my mouth and nose (I wouldn't subject a Cedar Fair park shirt to that), but I wish I had goggles and a dust mask. I saw one rider with a dust mask, and a pile of puke at the exit of the front row probably from a previous rider swallowing bugs.
    • Steel Vengeance was a masterpiece, completely overshadowing Twisted Timbers. I was lucky to get assigned last car on one ride, and the first drop beat out all of the gigas. The final lap with the rolls, watching the structure swirling around you, really brought it home.
    • Maverick's first drop felt like it was trying to pop my head off, the single most intense first drop I have experienced. It showed me the ferocity a blitz coaster could deliver. An excellent ride in small doses.
    • Magnum is underrated. Relatively short lines and ejector airtime unmatched by any hyper until Skyrush. I overheard two enthusiasts with different opinions - "Sit in a middle car and tighten that seatbelt all the way", and "1-3, that's the money seat". My first ride was in 1-3, and it busted up my thighs about half as much as Skyrush. The guy next to me was vaping on the ride. 1-2 and 6-2 were my favorite seats. I was lucky enough to get a ride during the end-of-night fireworks and it was magical.
    • I saw Gemini stopped because of a phone pulled out. It ruined the race for not only that run, but the run after it. Luckily, I had enough close races, and it was the second-most fun I had on a twin-track coaster next to Twisted Colossus.
    • Valravn and GateKeeper vests were pretty bad, but not to the point where it ruined the rides.
    • Iron Dragon VR was pretty good, though my only other VR ride was SFA's Mind Eraser.
    • Riding Power Tower down in the rain was surreal as the rain seemed to be falling up.
    • Staying at Breakers meant being able to just leave my phone behind, saving me the cost of fluffies for Steel Vengeance. My wallet was safe in my buttoned back pocket.


    Hi thanks for the thoughts on the trip!


    I was wondering when did you go? Was there only a problem at night with the bugs? How was the day time with them? I was hoping that their may fly season would be over by next week. I have been there in August before with just a regular amount of bugs at night.


    I just want to prepare my daughter if there is an unusual amount.


    How was your experience at Breakers? I will be staying there again next week.


    Thank you

  6. Hi I just wanted to give a quick update based on the last review.


    I was at the park yesterday and Harley Quinn was still down, Superman had the one train but it wasn't busy so the wait wasn't to bad. Goliath has a sign up closed for refurbishment and Crime Wave is completely dismantled. I wasn't able to get any info maybe someone else knows.


    Wicked Cyclone was down for a bit so didn't get to ride it. We spent most of the day in the water park which was not that crowded. I don't even try to go on the weekends anymore. It is just way too crowded. The water park was staggering some of the guards and opening the walk through river and pool later. Typhoon is down to one raft. The line was crazy.


    We have found that eating at the Good Eats Cafe across from JB 's is very good. We enjoy salads and the salad bar is nice. The teens said the pasta and the brisket were good also.


    Overall a typical day there. I am hoping to get back up a couple more times before school starts. I am glad that my home park is only 45 minutes away.


  7. All in all a great day. Got on all that I wanted and some re rides without the fast lane. Next time I come back the fast lane will be in the budget and that should help me ride SV some more. What a wonderful park this is. I feel pretty lucky having SFNE as my homepark and having Great Adventure 3 hours away as a 2nd homepark. But if CP is your homepark I absolutely envy you.


    Hi glad that you had a great visit! We started going to this park two years ago and fell for it. SFNE is my home park also as well as SFGadv being 3 hours from me. I enjoy both of these and am glad that I have them also. However, it would be the absolute best if I could have all 3 close like that. We will be at CP in 4 weeks and can'tt wait.

  8. Glad you had such a nice visit to the park, bobbie68! Kings Dominion has a really nice wild mouse and it's great to see it getting a lot of attention this season. Their antique cars are pretty nice and Avalanche bobsled is a lot of fun. If you were concerned about Flight of Fear having elements too close together then it's good you skipped it because they are one on top of the other.


    I am curious as to whether you were aware ahead of time that people more often than not grey out on Intimidator305? Or did you know about it and it just surprised you that it happened? I rode it 11x on opening day - this was before they reprofiled the first turn at the bottom of the big drop - and while it was intense, I did not grey out. Ever since they reprofiled the turn that first year I grey out no matter what silly fighter pilot technique I use to try to keep my blood flowing normally. They tried to make it so the G forces were less intense in that turn and in the process drew out how long the turn is and made it even more intense, in my opinion. I am no old fogey but the ride takes a lot out of me so is often one-and-done especially when it's so hot out. Anyway, it is not just you and I'm sorry to hear it was a shock to your system. Hopefully you're all recovered now! Will you be visiting any other parks on your way down to Florida?


    Hi thank you so much! I had heard a long time ago about people having problems with that turn before they fixed it. I haven't heard anything since then. You are the first person that I heard had problems. I am glad it wasn't me getting to old for the rides In that sense it did surprise me and I usually am one to like to know something like that. I think being stuck on the brake run all that time in the heat didn't help our experience. I know my DD is afraid to go back on I am not sure if I will yet. Thanks for the details though on what they did. It makes sense why you, and my family and any others can have that.


    We did recover but it kind of just took the wind out of our sails for the day! I will get back there again hopefully when I do Volcano will be back up. We really liked that ride a few years ago.


    We drove straight through after that and spent 5 days at Universal. This is one of our favorite parks, so it w as nice to get back there. We were suppose to stop at Carowinds on the way home but after I305 my daughter was a little hesitant to go on Fury325. That was the main reason to stop there. We also changed hotels so much that the thought of doing two more for a couple of hours didn't appeal to me. I hope to get there at some point. I hear great things about that ride.


    I will be going to Cedar Point next month, so I will get to ride some of my favorite coasters at a park.

  9. Hi just wanted to do a quick trip report from two weeks ago. My family of four went on Monday the 25th for the day. We got there for opening and went to wait for Twisted Timbers. Dominator and the Drop Tower were open for ERT and the boys did that. My DD and I were talking to a security guard while waiting at the rope. I was asking her about Volcano and she gave us some information. She said Volcano will be down the rest of the season. They were thinking about whether they were going to fix it or take it down. It seems some expensive part isn't working on it. They have decided to fix it. It can be taken at face value and it could be just another guess on an employee's part but I felt like she knew what she was talking about.


    The park was empty today. We went right to Twisted Timbers and got on in about 15 minutes. They were only running one train the entire day. The ride was really good, it was so different from Wicked Cyclone. We had the last car and we had good air time. My DD and I can't marathon rides so we took a break after we rode. We went on Apple Zapple. This had about a 10 minute wait. I had to drag the teens on they didn't want to go. I really enjoyed this mouse coaster. It was different from the ones at 6 flags. We then went to the antique cars, I have nostalgia for them and they were nice ones. The boys did Flight of Fear, my DD and I skipped it. I was concerned the elements were to close together for me. This was a little longer wait. I would say about 20 minutes.


    We took a break for lunch and went to the mac and cheese restaurant. We all got mac and cheese but I split a salad bowl with someone too. I thought the food was good but a little more money than I normally spend on food. We do have a dining plan with six flags. However, I would eat there again. Yes, I can confirm still only one protein unless you want to pay more.


    After lunch we went on Avalanche. We had about a 10 minute wait. What a fun coaster this is. I have not been on one in years. We then decided to hit I305, the ride I have been waiting for. There was nobody in line or the station house. We got on the first train when we walked up. We picked the last car, we tend to ride in the back of coasters we like the speed. We went up the hill and came down then right after I felt weird. I saw like grey cloud. I felt dizzy and out of it the rest of the ride. When we got to the break run and were waiting to go into the station I talked with my family. It seems DD had a couple of second black out. The boys had a grey out like me. We were sitting there for a few minutes when we noticed they were emptying the train ahead in the station. They closed the queue and we sat in the sun on the track for about 20 minutes. It was close to 90 degrees. Once we got into the station they gave us cups of water and were checking us out for heat exhaustion or dehydration. Everyone was fine and we exited. I was upset about the grey out. I didn't expect it. I have ridden all the tallest, fastest coasters and never have had a problem. It must have been the way the track went and the speed just got us. We didn't ride again we just didn't feel right after that.


    We met some real nice employees. I had one offer to take some pictures of us. He really got into it. He had us posing in funny poses.


    We walked around a bit and the boys did the Drop Tower. I stayed off and normally I enjoy them. We took some pics in the park did some shopping then left about 4:00. We have season passes for Cedar point so this did cost us anything. We did this stop on our way to Florida.


    Overall I enjoyed the park. We will visit again. I thought Twisted Timbers was great and I can't wait to go on Steel Vengeance in August.

  10. Aren't all rides at Universal pretty much the same these days? Put on some glasses, sit in a thing, watch some stuff on a screen. I still love Universal, but this seems to be the trend and it's a little sad.


    Hi a lot of people agree with this, especially on all the other forums I am on. I kind of felt that way too the last year or so. Universal is still one of my favorite theme parks to visit.

    However, with all the new information coming out with the new HP coaster in IOA I think they are on a different track now. I hope this is the start of new ride types coming in the future.

  11. Also can anyone tell me a comparison to flight of fear? I have ridden indoor coasters like Mummy, Skull Mountain, Dark Knight is it close to one of these in terms of dark ness and track? I understand there are different opinions just trying to figure out if this will be a ride we can do. I did watch the you tube video but would love someone on here who has ridden it have some feed back.


    I've ridden the Kings Island one more recently, but I remember the Kings Dominion one having flood lights as well. If you ride up front, it's not totally dark and you can sort of see what's coming. Have you been on Rock "n" Roller Coaster? I'd say it's similar to that minus the theming.


    It's not butter smooth, but the lack of OSTRs eliminates any potential headbanging or discomfort for me.


    Thanks for the input I like to hear reports on these rides even though they are an individual opinion. I will do the front for sure if I ride it.

  12. As far as early entry goes, they open up the front gate 30 minutes prior to the stated park open. Anyone can get in at that point to enjoy International Street. To get back to the early entry rides this year you have to go to the path directly behind the Eiffel Tower. Just show the guard your pass and head on back. They've been doing Carousel, Twisted Timbers and Apple Zapple this year. If you are not planning on Fast Lane, head back to Volcano as close as possible to actual park open. It will get close to an hour line in no time.


    Flight of Fear is a mixed bag. Some people say they get pretty good rides on it, others say it's getting a bit on the rough side. It's a 22 year old launched, looping coaster so expect it to ride accordingly. It's more intense than most of the coasters in the park.


    The Mac Bowl is good, but it is a bit pricey. Border Burrito at the front of the park is also good and Country Kitchen is good. Most of KD's food options are pretty mediocre honestly but those are some of your better bets unless you want something different then maybe try Outer Hank's for some clogged arteries.


    Thanks this is what I was looking for an opening plan! I will think about Flight of Fear due to the possibility of being rough. The last thing I want is a headache. I have been waiting for I305 and Twisted Timbers for the first time. I can't wait to go on Volcano again!


    Thanks for the heads up on the food. Last time we didn't eat in the park so wasn't sure about the food.

  13. Also can anyone tell me a comparison to flight of fear? I have ridden indoor coasters like Mummy, Skull Mountain, Dark Knight is it close to one of these in terms of dark ness and track? I understand there are different opinions just trying to figure out if this will be a ride we can do. I did watch the you tube video but would love someone on here who has ridden it have some feed back.


    Watch the POV for Jokers Jinx @ SFA. Same coaster, but its outside so you can see what it does. Flight of Fear is pretty dark, but there is a tiny bit of light here and there.


    Thanks I will do this!

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