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  1. I was there till close on saturday, crowds were insane. It only let up at 11pm. I thought I was slick using the single rider line at joker seeing that the main queue was almost full, till i got all the way down just to see 25 people in the single rider line, noped back out real quick. It was impossible to get anywhere, people were blocking every walkway going every which direction with no rhyme or reason.
  2. Weren't they retracking it recently (<1 year)? I still think it has some life to it if 6 flags bothers to do retracking
  3. I wouldnt be mad. La vibora still makes me nervous riding. I think it is because it lacks the predicable nature of being on a track. That and it reminds me of flipping over on tube slides at my local pool Capacity aside, why would six flags realistically want to replace it? It seems pretty popular still, and is fun maybe minus the brake runs slamming you hard. How long are the lifespans on these bobsleds? My prediction is a slingshot or maybe the skywarp near joker (if there is room, I havent fully investigated)
  4. Skyrush hurt. A lot. No, not the restraints, my ears. Every school group in the area was out and these kiddos were literally shrieking out of the station to the lift.
  5. I've been itching to see a Riddler POV with the new paint, does anyone know where I can find one
  6. I got a gold flash pass for the first time at grAdv on 6/1, first time to the park and probably will never be back anytime soon. I would never consider getting one at my home park SFOT. Even though it wasn't too busy and didn't help on some rides, the small time added up like Rob mentioned. I was only there until 6pm, but was able to combo 6 rides on nitro with no wait instead of wait in the 10 minute line. The only coaster it really made a huge difference was Kingda Ka, I skipped about 50 minutes before the merge point twice (all the school groups in the park went to Ka apparently). Beforehand it may seem like a lot of money, but after the fact it really did seem worth the freedom and ease to not have to worry about lines that gave it a lot more value on a 1 day trip.
  7. Nice pictures! I was there in NYC a few weeks ago with my dad after visiting Great Adventure, Hershey, and Dorney for the first time. We saw Chicago at the Ambassador theatre, which in hindsight probably wasn't the best one to see as father and son but whatever. We more or less just picked one, not investigating into what they actually were (dad said Chicago was about mobsters and sounded and quote unqoute boyish, well we got that one wrong). We got row 2 but on the very right seats, it was pretty interesting to see a musical from this angle with a bit of the behind the scenes stuff. We also went into that Cathedral more or less "just because" and to pick up a brochure for my grandfather who likes that stuff. Also went around Rockefeller for a bit, I somehow missed the Nintendo store but we did go in the Lego store. Not trying to showboat too hard, but we stayed at the Marriott Marquis located on the right in your "Back in Times Square again!" picture and got a good window view of all of you guys waiting in the tkts line
  8. About to head in for the first time today. Thanks again to Boldikus for his humorous guide he made recently (page 1700). I just have a few last minute questions: What time do they allow lined up cars into the property, and do they stop single riders from riding alone in the back seat like SFOT?
  9. Im so conflicted..i want to do bizzaro, el toro, and now nitro at night. I go this thurs, the park closes at 8, will it even be dark enough by then for a good "night ride"? So little time and so much to do.
  10. I go on June 1 for the first time, but still don't plan on doing the VR. Although I hope what I'm hearing about Ka pushing more trains inbetween Zu still stands
  11. I'm still waiting to see my work schedule for next week, but I may be going! Otherwise I'm just probably going to go Monday or Tuesday of next week and not ride joker (going to grAdv soon anyways). Does anyone know if the VIP days are that busy? I assume they are better than the season pass day, but is it a risk since the ride may not be fully operational with all the kinks not worked out?
  12. Anyone know if i should get a flash pass? I'm going June 1. (ITS A JOKE). As someone who has been looking into the flash pass, Boldikus's post was very helpful (and hilarious). Don't mind if I do. I'm ready for the nostalgic memories of my youth on Mantis and Iron Wolf to be shattered to bits.
  13. Nice pics! I'm still not sure if I like green on anaconda.. I liked the giovanola orange
  14. Just a heads up, in the app it says Saturday is hosting an event for "Americal Cheer Power Championship" so if youre going on Saturday expect it to be busy. From what Ive been hearing the normal saturdays this year have already been crowded, with front gate entrance times from 30min to an hour. Probably wont be as bad as bring a friend tho. Depending on the flexibility of your schedule, you might want to wait for a few weeks, the park will be open on fridays starting next week, and then during the week starting may 14 when it will probably be dead. If you can only go this weekend/only a weekend then you might get stuck in the crowds. Get there at least 45 min before opening if possible.
  15. Is six flags even going to get any RMCs anytime soon? Im speculating that now RMC is working with cedar fair for coasters in 2018 we are going to see a lot more RMCs at cedar fair parks before six flags again. Like for B&M, six flags has only done one new coaster that wasnt a relocation/conversion (x-flight) in 2012, then the one before that was tatsu in 2006 (just going off wikipedia, I could be wrong). Cedar fair also has received a new B&M from 2012-16.
  16. Hey, I went on 3/9 (a friday) but also have been reading about some peoples experience about Saturdays this season. Texas giant usually gets the longest and stays long, mostly due to a small station and them holding people so the station gets cramped. Works against single riders. From what I've heard so far, the park been crazy busy on Saturdays. It says in the app that theres some event for Cheerleaders on the 29th so its probably going to be more busy than a normal Saturday. I usually dont hit it every visit but runaway mountain is popular and gets backed up from time to time. Titan, Mr. Freeze,and Batman usually aren't too bad on a normal day, but on a Saturday they might get around an hour wait but probably not much longer than that. Shockwave will be slow if vr is running. They only had every other train doing vr when I went, but was still slow. You might be able to get most or all of the rides in if you stay all day, but prepare to not get it all in without a flash pass. If possible arrive at least an hour before the park opens. Im not exactly sure what time they open the parking lot gates but i think its about ~45 min before the park opens. The only time I went on a Saturday was in 2010, from what I remember we got about 5-10 min waits on titan before the crowds got there. After an hour or 2 everything had a hour or more wait. The food lines are dreadful. They are usually 15-20 minutes+ on slow days, so you could be waiting 30min to an hour to get food. I usually just go out to the subway by the entrance but thats up to you. I usually do titan, texas giant, superman power tower, riddler, mr freeze, batman in that order on a day thats not busy, but if you want to get most/everything done I would try texas giant, runaway mountain, then head to gotham. The riddler revenge has also been popular so far, so you could hit that if you want then mr freeze, batman, then judge roy scream and skyscreamer. Then you could do the mine train on the way to shockwave, hit superman if you want, then come back to titan and la vibora (only if you are a single rider for la vibora). La vibora, superman, and pandemonium have singler rider lines, if you are not a single rider I would suggest doing la vibora second before runaway mountain. You can do titan after texas giant if you want to skip some of the smaller rides, but I would suggest doing the smaller more family friendly ones because they get busy and dont have that good of capacity as titan. Titan's line always seems to move pretty fast. Im not really a fan of water rides, I dont like getting wet on aquaman or the roaring rapids but the indoor yosemite sam dark/water ride is kind of charming.
  17. Going to visit SFOT one or two times in may, then going on a trip to great adventure, hershey, and possibly dorney and coney island luna park
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