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  1. After so much time spent in anticipation, and POVs watched more times than I can count, I entirely expected Lightning Rod to be my #1 wooden coaster. Nevertheless, I didn't feel like it would beat Intimidator 305 as my favorite coaster of all time, and I was totally okay with that. None of us do combined lists anyway, so it really wouldn't matter... or so I thought. I was wrong. This coaster is truly perfect. Each element is excellent, and every second of the ride is without flaw. The Twist and Shout is incredible in so many ways, and the quad down is unlike anything I've experienced in my life. I feel so fortunate to have gotten five rides, but even that was not enough. I really don't think I could ever get "enough" Lightning Rod... I could visit Dollywood every year and anticipate my rides as though I'd been waiting a decade.


    Dollywood's slogan is "Love Every Moment", and that is absolutely the way I feel when I'm on Lightning Rod. I think every RMC I've ridden is highly enjoyable, but none have delivered like this one. All that's left for us to ride is Wildfire... Until the next ones pop up. This era of coaster construction is so exciting; I can't wait to see what RMC creates over the next few years and beyond, and I'm even more excited to keep traveling around and experiencing them together!

  2. I have a very difficult time taking the initial post in this thread seriously. "Weird" is a social/cultural construct. One man's norms are another man's deviance. It seems to me, DBru, that your question is not overly philosophical. On the contrary, it is not thought out well enough.


    I agree that many people at coaster events have personalities that lie outside American normality, but I also agree with the statement that we "only have a personality insofar as we deviate from cultural norms". Calling someone weird doesn't get you very far. If you dislike that personality or if certain individuals are too different for you, just stay away from them.

  3. That was such a fun day at SFGAm! So packed though.


    Yeah, the wheel seat phenomena on Outlaw Run is odd, considering that I haven't experienced it on any other RMC. Horootle, you describe the wheel seat feeling perfectly: potholes. It was terribly irritating on my first ride, and as Jeremy stated above, my brother and I were disappointed until we rode again in a non-wheel seat. Then, it became one of my favorite coasters ever and I wanted to ride it for hours!


    Goliath is smooth everywhere, but it's my least favorite of the RMCs so far. It's in my top 5 wood coasters, but it doesn't compare with Rocky Mountain's other creations. The first drop, airtime hill, and turnarounds are great... But outside of those, it just doesn't do much and is over way too quickly.


    At this point, I'm just ridiculously excited about riding Medusa in a couple weeks.

  4. That day at SDC was incredible; definitely one of the highlights of all my years as a coaster enthusiast. Wildfire blew me away, Powder Keg was super fun, Thunderation was INSANE (definitely the best mine train I've ridden in the United States), and Outlaw Run was the best RMC I've ever ridden. For me, the insane pacing was reminiscent of Skyrush. When it comes to overall ride experience, very few coasters compare to Outlaw Run.


    The entire park exceeded my expectations, and I still can't get over how ridiculous the views from the tops of the lifts on all the outdoor coasters were. I definitely want to go back some day.

  5. The thing that amazes me about RMC is I have only ridden Goliath, with everybody says is the least awesome RMC and that coaster easily made it into my top 5.


    Goliath makes it into my top 5 wooden coasters, but I don't find it to be nearly as good as the other RMCs. I really hope you can ride more soon! Outlaw Run is absolutely incredible; reminiscent of Skyrush in some ways. It is so fast, so relentless, so airtime filled, plus positive Gs throughout... I love it. And the steel ones are fantastic too, each with its own merits. New Texas Giant takes the lead for me (with steel RMCs), since it's so long.

  6. Loving this TR! I can't wait to see the Silver Dollar City photos and re-live this stuff.


    I look forward to completing the RMCs (on this continent, at least) this year. For now, I rank them as follows:

    1. Outlaw Run

    2. New Texas Giant

    3. Iron Rattler (so close to NTG)

    4. Twisted Colossus

    5. Goliath


    I am ridiculously excited about the upcoming coaster season... Lightning Rod, Medusa, Storm Chaser, Joker, Wicked Cyclone! 2016 is going to be amazing; our trips are always the best!

  7. What ride were you on? My seat was like a La-Z-Boy.


    If you own a La-Z-Boy that feels like a Batman seat, you should return it for a full refund.


    In all seriousness though, I'll place another vote against an S&S 4D, since it has been discussed at such length. Honestly, I appreciate the intensity of the coaster. It flipped a ton when I rode it, mildly disoriented me, and certainly provided a lot of force. Nevertheless, the ride dishes out more discomfort than fun. I'm 5'10"/130 lbs, but I don't think that matters much since my group of four (all coaster enthusiasts, all different sizes) disliked Batman and said it was either uncomfortable or painful. To each their own, but if SFGAdv gets one, I'll ride once for the credit, and that's it.

  8. I've ridden four RMC coasters, all of which are absolutely incredible and stand in my top ten (out of 316).


    Speaking strictly in regards to enjoyment on the rides, Outlaw Run, New Texas Giant, and Iron Rattler would all be equal. Outlaw Run is certainly the most intense for me, New Texas Giant is the most balanced, and Iron Rattler is the most comfortable and "just pure fun". Nevertheless, if I had to rank each one, this is the order in which I would do so:


    1. Outlaw Run

    2. New Texas Giant

    3. Iron Rattler

    4. Twisted Colossus


    I'll take my first ride on Goliath (SFGAm) next month, so I'll update the list once that happens.

  9. I also had the opportunity to ride Twisted Colossus yesterday, and I can certainly say that I am blown away. I previously resigned myself to the idea that I'd never have a top 10 steel coaster in my home state, but I have now been proven wrong.


    Twisted Colossus is far superior to any other roller coaster in the state of California, and without any doubt, the SoCal GP are going to be shocked when they get hit with their first bit of real ejector airtime. I have been waiting so many years for the west coast to receive a coaster that delivers ejector air, and Twisted Colossus provides precisely that. While it's not Skyrush or El Toro, certain sections can be compared to moments on those coasters. The main drops (off each lift hill), the blue drop after the high five, the blue airtime hill under the top gun stall, and the green double down all posses true, powerful, ejector airtime, much of which is sustained. The entire coaster is absolutely excellent in the front and back rows. I highly suggest everyone come out to Magic Mountain and take a ride on the coaster that stands firmly, in my mind at least, as the best coaster on the West Coast.


    And, because I like chickenbowl's idea so much, I'll include my current top 10 steel coasters below for reference in regards to the types of coasters I like.


    1. Skyrush

    2. Bizzaro (SFNE)

    3. Twisted Colossus

    4. Storm Runner

    5. Goliath (La Ronde)

    6. SheiKra

    7. Fahrenheit

    8. Dragon Challenge (Chinese Fireball)

    9. Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit

    10. Nitro/Raging Bull (tie)

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