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  1. The pics are awesome, but please remember that they are only conception art. They could change or be scraped prior to being built. That being said I hope they all come to be as they look awesome. Finally, I hope they can figure out whatever plagues Test Track prior to building a ride with side by side tracks. In the last 5 visits to EPCOT over the past 4 years never once has Test Track ran the whole visit. I thought at first that it was just blind luck that every time we tried to ride it was either broke or stopped for some reason. The ride op told us that it needs to be reset often.

  2. Great TR, it is always sad to see a coaster gone! I have rode many Arrow Corkscrews and sadly this was my last one. I will say after riding this coaster both my wife and son couldn't ride another ride all day due to their headaches. BGA is a awesome park and if they are looking to update space this is the proper place to do so. RIP Python RIP! I can't wait to see whats next in it's place. I'm a season pass holder and I live in KC,MO so that should tell all how much we think of that park!

  3. I am saddened to see this report. I have never been to CG and almost went earlier this year. We simply ran out of time, but I knew I would be back at Christmas time and hoped to go then. I have since hurt my back and all RC's are off until next year. I sure hope they take better care of the park and it makes it until I can ride me some Starliner!

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