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  1. B&M floorless coasters are pretty cheap. (I didn't know "B&M" and "cheap" could go in the same sentence) A two train floorless with a length of about 3000' would run between 13 mil and 16 mil. Plus Hydra, the Superman clones, and the Batman clones proved you don't need size to make a good ride.


    16 million won't be spent on any single attraction at WOF anytime within the next 4 or 5 years. With the addition of the woodie this year we won't be getting a coaster for a while. Think flats and improvments for this park.

  2. Larger ferris wheel - agree

    Giant Huss - probably too expensive for a park this size

    Flying Swing - I would love to have one but Flying Dutchman probably would keep that from happening

    Tea Cup - not me cup of tea but a good addition

    New Log Ride - total agreement, but a lot of people would be pissed about them taking out an old ride

    Disco - can't agree with your assessment but it would probably be a popular ride. I prefer the Revolutions.

    Water Dark Ride - Fine by me.


    So we agree a five year plan between the new woodie and what the next coaster could be filled with some decent flats. Other than Zulu is there any flats in Africa? Fury of the Nile isn't a flat really so add a Disco or a really good Water shooter to that area. You could put a themed shooter kinda like your floating down a river in Africa looking for the Zambezi tribe that was left behind.


    There's a good area for two or three flats in what I consider to be a waster area up in the Americana area where the Clown Carnival and games are. It could be set up like a 70's carnival in small town America. Add the tea cups, maybe a revolution, or even a new Music toboggon ride.


    Just thoughts but after the new woodie is in place there not going to add a thrill machine for a while. We don't need a lack of new items with the new theme water park and all the new (give-me-your-money) areas around town keep popping up. I see 2010 bringing a One park seniro and that will excite the GP. This city is growing in the right direction I wonder after the Slitterbaum and possible Lego-land if Disney will look to come in. We have the original T-Rex concept and I have heard talk that has continued for 5 years about Disney placing a off shoot of Quest in the old Union Station since Science City has been a flop. We will see.

  3. Excellent take TC Ridesalot.


    Your security concerns seems to be a growing concern across the country. I too avoid Saturday's but have found Friday night and Sunday to be issue free. I've worked the Haunts the last couple of years and have seen first hand the type of people you're describing. I have found that security is quick to respond and that they always take care of any issues that we've mentioned. Even if their right on top of ever single call it's still an issue that there would be so many.


    On to the flats - What would you add? I like the idea of a Revolution and a Dark Ride shooter.


    Flats they need-

    1. A real Farris Wheel

    2. Any of the Giant Huss rides

    3- Flying Swing or even a YOYO

    4- Tea Cup ride

    5. New Log ride

    6. The greatest flat ever- Disc-O

    7. You mentioned a dark ride shooter (how about a water one)


    Any and or all of these would be a great addition during the 4 or 5 years between coasters.

  4. ^You make valid points and I'm sure that as a father your first obligation is your child's safety, so no complaints there, but by my homepark being SFMM and remembering how bad it used to be and what the demographic is for the park, it's not about getting rid of the problem. It's near to impossible to get "rid" of troublesome teens and roudy rougues. The best any park management can do is try to contain it and bring the issue to a crawl. Also, some of the methods to rectify the problems can be buzz kills as well. Metal detectors and constant searches aren't exactly as family friendly as the groups of people who cause the park to use them. I'm not disagreing with you by any means, I'm just saying it will be hard for this, or any park to fix that particular problem.



    As for my speculation and rumors. All park chains almost always by rides in bulk to to a corporate discount. I know that when Cedar Fair or Six Flags buy rides, they do so in multiple units, because it shaves about two to three million bucks off the individual ride's base price (Kinda like "Buy the ride, and the trains are FREE!"). Since CF bought Behemoth and Mustang, I wouldn't be to surprised to see a B&M go into this park. Besides, it's a personal opinion that every high profile amusement park needs at least two B&M's. With the STRONG EXCEPTION of flyers, B&M gives you a ride that will have minimal downtime, huge hourly capacities, and provide a decent thrill ride with both intensity and comfort. Of course I'm a beemer fan boy, so I might sound a little bias.


    They have a B&M- The Patriot

  5. In the early years Hunt Industries had a forward thinking on being the first, the biggest, the most unique. They installed rides that others wouldn't attempt. Think of Barnstomer, Incredadome, OE with the connecting loops and double Helixes. These were special times in Kansas City. The city was the number 1 convention destination and had plenty of dollars flowing into it. But then came bad and I mean bad government and the forward thinking city we once were was gone. What also left was the dollars and the city and it's infastructure suffered dearly. WOF had to change it's ways or it would of went bankrupt. New parks began to rise in smaller areas that WOF drew from and the gate totals suffered. The last 5 years of Hunt basically were as bad as the first 5 years of CF. Some of the issues weren't noticed by the GP because it took time for the detoration to show. I also think that CF was running the first 5 years with a very small budget so they could get back the cost of purchase of the park. I can remember the final couple of years on the cotton blossom ship. It actually had areas blocked off because the wood was so rotten that the floor had holes you could fall through. I think most of the budget for year three of CF was removal and repair of exsisting assets.


    The park is starting to have new issues arise that CF will have to address if they want to keep the family demographics in tact. What I am about to say may upset some here but facts are facts. With the addition of a coaster this year and a very cheap season pass the park will be almost to dangerous to visit. The crime in the park is crazy and the thugs and gang mentality has reached a point where most families won't stay past 5:00 pm anymore. The park is loaded with groups of teenage troublemakers looking for any chance they can to steal anything they can. Our last visit included walking by a group of punks grabbing girls butts when they walked by. Security came and did nothing. We also saw a fight, and witnessed the aftermath of two 12 yearold girls crying at the station of the Mamba because their stuff was took while they rode the ride. I told my 15 year old that this place was off limits unless I came with him. The park has no check points, so any punk could carry a knife, a gun or whatever into the park (as of last year, not sure if they added this year). It needs to clean up it's act and take control of the park. I promise you I'm not some old fougie from the suburbs I grew up in the city so this is

    coming from a person in touch with his enviroment. When we attended the October Halloween event this last year I heard a group of boys claiming that they were going to punch the characters in the haunted house.


    To finalize, I believe the park and the city are on an upswing but, there are needs to address. If they handle the crowd better and ad a few flats the park will be a great regional park again.

  6. On the Hunt day's argument it was a different time and a different style of ownership. The park was actually a theme park with the whole Around the World in 80 days concept. Three big boats, lands that were themed to different Lands, food that fit the ares. Now, it's an Amusement park with rides and concepts that fit today. I loved the early years of WOF but some of you aren't old enough to remember the deuterating rides and areas towards the end of the Hunt era. The Orient Express was very and I mean very rough. The corkscrew that turned into a stand-up was a neck breaker prior to taking out. The shows faded away along with the live acts at the Fourm. I believe it simply became to expensive to keep up with the big boys, so he sold.

    As for CF they basically gutted any and all theming as well as the front entrance, the trams, and all three boats. It is a truly sad xpirenance going there now and not seeing the magic the park once had. Though I must say the Mamba and The Patriot are great coasters. For those of you that have never seen the park full it was amazing to feel the feeling of a local park pleasing it's patrons. Remember times have changed, in the 70's WOF drew from the Dakotas, Iowa, Colorado, Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Now there are many local and regional parks that weren't there back then.

  7. When I was 16, I worked at Worlds of Fun as a tram driver. Towards the end of summer I was asked to be on the early morning ride test team! I tested the coasters for the most part. One morning we were testing the Orient Express and the chain broke. We were stuck for two hours 3/4's up the lift hill. It was like 104F degrees since it was Aug. in Kansas City. It was very tough just sitting there and for whatever reason they wouldn't evacuate the ride. When they finally got us out they took like 6 girls to the hospital which I thought was extreamly overboard. I actually tried to go back to work but they sent me home. It wasn't so scary, but it was very tough with the heat and all.

  8. This may be jumping the gun a bit, but apparently Anheuser-Busch may be bought out be InBev of Belgium. It's impossible to speculate about what effect that might have on theme park operations, but nevertheless, it conerns me.


    An offer speculated to be worth $46 billion? I had no idea there were any European beer companies that large. I guess they're helped out by the piss poor dollar. There's no possible way AB could turn down an offer that large. There would be a shareholder revolt, possibly led by someone like Carl Icahn.


    Man, this could lead to all kinds of juicy speculation. Would they dump the parks? If so, who would buy the parks? Would they keep the parks and fill them with Vekomas? Etc.


    Hostile take over= Beck's Beer school!

  9. ^^and ^ I guess I have to go on a diet and drop a few to get down to the 40 inch waist (LOL). Thank you both for the info, I wasn't for certain how the hotels would be close to the park. You have to ride Maveric if your going to travel up there so I guess it's celery and carrots for the next couple of months.


  10. OK, so were making a trip up to CP this fall and I need some help with a couple of things. First, I'm about 5'10'' and around 260 but love coasters (some say I should join ACE)(just kidding). I know most B&M's have big boy seats in the 4th and 5th rows. Do some of the other coasters have big boy seats at CP? I have fit in every woodie I have tried to ride but wondered about Maverick and TTD. Also, is there any really nice hotels near the park?


    BTW great photos they only highten the anticipation of the trip! They did their job!

  11. OK, I'm 42 years old and have followed this park every year since it opened. I even worked there for a couple of years as a tram driver but that was many years ago. This park has only started construction this early on a new project once and that was the Mamba. I'm looking at the amount of land they have been working on and I simply can't see this project being a wooden coaster. I guess they could do a large out and back, but I simply don't see this park benefiting by adding another woodie. I can only hope it's a Maveric clone through the woods like the Zambi Zinger use to go. If anybody has info please let us know. This project looks huge and there's a ton of area back there for something big.


    Oh yea Worlds of Fun, you also need some flats!

  12. ^E ticket ride-Tortilla flats, first you go through a factory where they are creating a really large torilla that will be shot out of a large sling shot. Then all the people can board it and will be launched southward. As you travel through different parts of Cali on your way south you have extra sensory effects like in Soarin. First, you go over Downtown LA where you get a quick wiff of Cisco or Nighttrain wine seeping from the bodies of lost actors. Then you get blinded by the flashes of cameras held by the masses of Poperazzis who just saw Britney's Haynanni-Nu getting out of a Porsche''. The ending is so exciting as you fly over a 15 foot half build fence and find yourself landing in an area where you smell the sents of roasting rats being wrapped in the same tortilla you saw being made at the beginning of the ride. As you exit the large tortilla there are characters offering riders a reasonably priced chicklet, and a pass for a free drink in a bar where farm animals go to relax(get it). Wow, this ride is going to put soarin to shame!


    An added disclaimer: This post was not meant to offend anybody! It sole mission was to entertain and add a small amount of humor to most peoples drab day. If it offended you please accept my applogy and realize America is full of all kinds, and that the way it was meant to be! See the sign on the Statue of Liberty. Oh yea, if you don't know where it is or don't know what it stands for then get out! God bless America!

  13. Somethings to think about when purchasing the 10 day no expiration ticket from WDW.

    1. If you don't use all of the days on your tickets you have to keep the hard ticket to get the rest. Our tickets are our room keys and luck may have it we kept them. But on other trips I just threw them away. No room key no more left over days.


    2. If you want to use the meal plan you have to first stay in an on property resort and at minamum purchase a 1 day entry into the parks or you can't use the meal plan. So, even though you have extra days on the ticket you still have to purchase a seperate ticket.


    3. If you purchased a child's ticket and the child is over 10 you have to upgrade that ticket to and adult ticket at todays price not the price when you purchased it. From what I understand it's a true hassel also and can only be done at the Downtown customer service booth or the entry's into the parks. That means they can't handle this at your on-site hotel.


    4. Finally, they will issue a seperate ticket for your new tickets that will be paper not plastic. They also can't add it to your new room key, so you have to carry around a paper ticket (in my case 5 days) as well as your room key which will have 1 day if you want the dinning plan.


    I asked the consultant on the phone why they can't make this any easier and she said there are just to many people and the computers can't handle the amount. What??????

  14. When we had the dining plan I felt we got the best bang for our buck combined with a delicious meal at La Cellier and Kona Cafe. The food at Kona especially was fantastic and I feel that it is an overlooked place to eat.


    Right on the money!!!!! Add Ohana and Lost trails and your there!


    I have not tried the new meal plans but have used the old style three times. I saved every receipt and calculated the costs and saved over 35% two of the three times. With that being said, we would of never ate that much and actually had all of our snacks left on our last day. We used them in the gift shop at Port Orleans and were able to get any snack under $4.00.

    On our last trip we purchased a 10 day no expireation ticket and only used 5 days. We have been told that they won't add the meal plan to this ticket so our next trip will be without the meal plan. This is a very poor choice for Disney because what they have done is gave me an out for staying on site. We our now looking for other options for our 10 day trip. The really sad part for Disney is even though we were only going to Disney parks 5 days we were going to stay for 10 days in one of their Moderate hotels as this would of made it much eaiser to go to the resturants on site for dinner. We are actually looking into Universals hotels now. If anybody works for Disney this is a definate thing to look at as you lost $160.00+ a day in food from my family and 10 days at a mod hotel. I'm sure were not the only family that has done this.

  15. See what everybody must understand is that it is very annoying when there's only yellow cups left. That lady stole the last pink cup and everybody knows that the pink cups spin better. I would of waxed her also if that would of happened to me!


    Honestly, it is sad that even at the happiest place on earth people behave so poorly. I simply don't understand what could cause a person to get that upset at another person for something this petty. Please remind yourself when entering any location where other humans are that you need to be prepared for anything these days.

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