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  1. I would honestly love to see a Gravity Group Family Coaster in Owens Farm in place of Slidewinder but wouldn’t see that happening for awhile considering they are adding a family coaster this year as for 2021 I could see a Mack or B&M Dive Coaster or a Hyper
  2. I was at the park Saturday night and noticed as I was on Thunderhead supports are now up for the new coaster I was unable to get pictures cause it was near closing time and it was dark Lightning Rod was also up and running with two trains
  3. Retracking LR I rode TH yesterday and dang OMG I felt like it was trying to kill me TH needs a retrack
  4. Honestly it wouldn’t surprise me if they started expanding up to the train loop but I don’t see it happening anytime soon that would be years from now and I wonder if they will ever build anything behind TT also I’ve seen the idea of a railroad expansion tossed around on other forms that would expand the train route also is there any announcement date set for the 2019 project
  5. Does anyone besides me see a Timber Canyon name change in the future since the area is so exposed now and is not very canyon like and I would also like to voice my opinion on how awful the area surrounding Thunderhead looks now it’s just so naked without the hills and trees I’m really shocked they didn’t leave more trees this is exactly what I have always hated about wilderness pass it’s just so open I really hope once they are finished preparing the land for the expansion they put some man made hills behind and around Thunderhead
  6. Correct me if I’m wrong but don’t parks in Europe have like a stupidity rule where if you get hurt doing something stupid the park isn’t responsible for your injuries
  7. Does anyone know what the actual reason that DW removed their Flooded Mine or why they removed the water on Blazing Fury cause SDC still has The Flooded Mine and water on Fire In The Hole
  8. Dollywood is my home park and I have to say Lightning Rod is still plagued with down time and long lines so I wouldn’t see them going with a launched RMC and ground up RMCs are so rare that I don’t see that happening either but some other ideas I have is a launched B&M wing coaster, RMC Raptor, or an RMC T-rex and of course the GCI
  9. I’m thinking GCI too cause the only major woodie they have is Hurler and it’ll probably get the axe in a couple years to be converted to an RMC
  10. Has anyone heard anything about the progress of the park improvements such as the new venue
  11. Has anyone heard if they are doing fireworks this year cause the spot that they shot them from in previous years is now being excavated for 2019 do you think this will an off year for them or could they just shoot them from the original spot up on the next to Wild Eagle by the way I’ve always seen the spot next to Wild Eagle near the entrance to Mountain Slidewinder to an area for an Owens Farm expansion with a small flat ride
  12. I think the Wilderness Pass path will be rerouted to go up the mountain
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