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  1. Big Black is my husband's friend from San Diego...he has always been funny, even before he was working for Rob. Can't wait to see him squeeze into a coaster seat.
  2. I enjoyed living in AZ, where we didn't do daylight savings time. Thanks for reminding us E-- see, you're acting like a Mom already!!
  3. Congrats, how exciting!! But I didn't think you looked pregnant in those pix, I just thought you were wearing a bigger shirt and a supportive bra!! You look great!
  4. More great stuff, thanks!! The Shat! And Tim Allen in a, ahem, supporting role! You'll have to tell that story sometime! I have a Comic-Con story about the Shat, too... I can see where a free pass here and there and a psedo-event would pale in comparison to Snoop and Tony Hawk strolling past your desk! Yes, I have found that many in the film industry, as well as even some gov't agencies only grant access to media who guarantee postive coverage. This is an area of PR ethics that I am also interested in. Fansites provide a perfect component for this process, as the "reporter" has already demonstrated positive feelings about the product/ company (with a few exceptions, of course). BTW, the definition of "critical" in the nerdy academic world is more like "honest" (sorry for the confusion!) which is certainly how I would categorize your content: you are just as likely to see the good as the bad. Which is how journalists are supposed to behave, however, as you point out, the public is skeptical about a reporter's ability to remain objective and hence the popularity of bloggers and citizen journalists. Great info! Thanks!
  5. What a great response, thanks so much Robb! Yes, I was particularly interested in your take on this practice, as you guys don't seem very "starstruck" and take more of a critical approach to park info. It makes sense that you prefer to report on your own terms. I've also been looking at bloggers as journalists, press credentials for bloggers, etc. Again, thanks! I really enjoy the site and appreciate all the hard work you put into it! I'll keep you posted on where this research goes! Amber "I swear I'm not always a big research nerd!" Hutchins
  6. I'm considering some research on fansites (especially ones that include reporting, like your photo trip reports). I am interested in what criteria is necessary for a fansite to be considered to be considered a media outlet by corporate entities (I am probably going to focus primarily on Disney). Since I lurk around here quite a bit, I thought I'd start by asking you guys...
  7. R&E, Do the parks consider you guys media, and do you recieve media relations materials and invitations to cover events?
  8. Yeah, I think taste in beer is really personal. I have a friend who is usually a "beer snob" (I mean that in an endearing way), but she recently went on a tour of the Coors brewery in CO and has now decided that Coors Light is her favorite beer. She said they explained to her that smaller microbreweries were dirty and that they could not control for quality, etc. Whatever, but I'm still not drinking Coors Light!!! Also, I was at a conference in Boston and one of my colleages went to get a beer from the open bar and came back with a Bud Light. I asked why he didn't get a Sam Adams (since it was free and we were in Boston, after all). He said Sam Adams had "too much flavor." D'Oh!!!
  9. Arrogant almonds, nice. Were they truly arrogant, or just impertinent? Did you try the Smoked Ale w/Chipotle?
  10. I live in Utah (temporarily, been here 2 years and moving this summer) but have never been to Lagoon. I keep hearing that it is not so great and since I don't have a whole lot of free time, Lagoon hasn't been tops on my list. However, some friends of mine recently said that it has improved somewhat as far as atmosphere (happier, friendlier folks working there), so I may take the kiddo up there for the Halloween shindig.
  11. Ballast Point, picked up at Bev Mo in SD. Very refreshing, summery beer.
  12. I'll go up and get some pictures as soon as I get over this sinus infection. I love an excuse to go to Park City!
  13. Dolonaga (Sp?) Lost Mine Train at SF Georgia. I was probably 10 yrs old. My back hurt for weeks. Threw me around like a rag doll.
  14. Well, this really made me homesick for SD, especially Coronado (I was proposed to on the beach there, too!) It's fun to have a great meal and awesome beers at the CBC and then walk on the beach. I would second the Live Wire suggestion. The Liar's Club is kind of a letdown, especially if you aren't a career beach bum. Legoland is by far the best place for young kids, my son picks it over Disneyland every time. In fact... JP and Spongebob at Legoland
  15. Well, BelizeIt, I'm actually not Mormon. I'm a recovering Catholic, but that's another story Mormons are a pretty good group. I have no problem with them. However, when any religious group has a majority, it creates issues for others in that area. Because this is such a granola kind of place, we have a group of very vocal, very liberal folks (you know, environmentalist hikers who wear fleece vests as a fashion accessory). I've got no problem with either group, but it seems to me that the two extremes create sort of a tense environment-- everybody has strong beliefs, so compromise is a challenge. Plus, they hold themselves (the mormons and the environmentalists alike) to rather high standards, which is really admirable, but sometimes requires an unreasonable amount of perfectionism (which I utterly fail at, seeing as how I drink beer, shop at Wal Mart, and other unGodly and unGoddessly things). People who are perfectionists are usually pretty anal in my experience, and they have a tendency to spring a leak at some point. I've only been here for 2 years and we are moving in May after I finish my Ph.D. but it is a really, uh, unique place. It's hard to describe, and it's nothing like I expected. People who have lived here longer than I have don't seem to notice some of the things that baffle me, so I guess you get used to it. Beautiful, yes. Great for a ski trip or a camping/hiking trip.
  16. Surprised Salt Lake isn't on the list, everybody here is tense... or maybe anal retentive doesn't count in this case...
  17. Oh god, how awful! Poor E, you look exhausted, clearly in no mood for his musical voyage to India! But I must say...Barry's poop story may be worse. Being trapped with a smelly kid is simply vomitous!
  18. I see you guys made it Oggi's! We like to stop at the North County Fair location on the way home from the Wild Animal Park. Good pizza, too.
  19. Well Derek, I actually DID take some pictures with my phone, but they came out really blurry and fuzzy because, uh, I was drunk. Anyhow, have some Mermaid Red for me!
  20. EXCELLENT!!! The failsafe key rules! And the shirt is awesome, too!!
  21. Worst VMAs EVER. Boring. And I usually like Jack Black, but last night, not so much. And Sarah Silverman was pretty underwhelming. No big surprises. Axl Rose?? So 15 years ago. Al Gore?? This is an iceberg. This is an iceberg on global warming. Any questions? Yawn. I've been to lectures that were more entertaining.
  22. Meteornotes...me too! I always splurge for the high end tequila if it is avialable. These are definitely the best I've ever had. You can imagine margaritas in Utah...a sad, watery mess... Those of you heading off to San Diego...I just spent a week and a half there, sadly missed the Stone Brewing Company but made it to The Field (Irish pub downtown) and the Coronado Brewing Company. If you liked Pizza Port, you might want to give Coronado Brewing a try.
  23. Not beer, but awesome margaritas from a place in San Diego due to close this week, unfortunately. I am partial to blue margaritas! The second one I ordered had a plastic mermaid swimming in it, and I thought, ya know, I'd sure like to be swimming in a giant margarita right now!! "Kick Ass" Margaritas, so good!
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