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  1. OK, time to scare you all. Among my favorites: Dream Theater Rush Opeth Ayreon Spock's Beard Enchant Savatage Mercenary Dark Tranquility Crystal Method Riverside Andromeda Sonata Arctica Ozric Tentacles Gordian Knot Into Eternity Pain Of Salvation Psychotic Waltz Dead Soul Tribe Symphony X I'll stop now... dt
  2. I HATE THAT CHARMIN COMMERCIAL!!! It is exceptionally irritating. I have to get on a plane today. Which means going to the airport. Which is never fun... dt
  3. Guinness is the beer of the Gods. I really only like dark beers... dt
  4. ^Hey, no need to be jealous, you get to spend three weeks with me in Europe where I'll describe all the death metal bands from each country we're in, and play examples of their music... Dave "OK, perhaps this might not be as much fun as I think it would be for everyone else" Thomas
  5. Maybe so, but this really isn't a contest you want to start... dt
  6. ^You know, I'm glad that is near the end of the trip, since you can clearly tell by the picture that we are dooming ourselves riding that thing! I still have no idea what's gong on in that picture! Dave "hope Robb doesn't wear a speedo like the guy in the photo!" Thomas
  7. I like water parks, but prefer the Lazy River/Wave Pool over slides. I know I'm odd in this opinion, but then again, I am odd in general... My favorites are Dorney and the one at Holiday World, though I haven't been to HW since they added all their crazy slides. My last visit was in 2001. Not sure if I'll get to any this year, but I'd like to get to Dorney's since I missed that one last year... dt
  8. ^^Yeah, rain would be, um, not good...I need to experience the "silver bullet smooth" Ghostrider! Dave "first time in LA since the infamous meeting between me and Elissa!" Thomas
  9. Mare had it done years ago, and is totally happy with the results. I, on the other hand, am totally terrified of it going horribly, horribly wrong if I attempt it, so will just continue to deal with glasses/contacts. This is likely just me being my usual insane self, but I don't think I could have this done... dt
  10. King Crimson - Elektrik Finally a band some people might have heard of... dt
  11. Close, but Satan's Water would actually be Diet Pepsi. Beverly is what they use in Hell to wash the taste of Diet Pepsi out of the mouths of the damned. Even Satan has his limits... Dave "Diet Coke owns" Thomas
  12. Here's my advice: Kennywood 5/29 - At least half a day, probably more. This is one of my all time favorite parks. Operations are pretty good here, though for some bizarre reason they seem to not like to put the second train on Phantom's Revenge, so you might want to get there at opening and get on this first. Don't forget to get some Potato Patch fries! Even better with gravy! For hotels, you'll want to check on some near the PA turnpike exit. The area around Kennywood is not the best, and there are no hotels close by (you wouldn't want to stay there anyway). Knoebels 5/30 - At least half a day...BEST PARK EVER! Besides the coasters, don't miss all the cool flat rides like the Whip, bumper cars (best ever), the train ride, carousel where you can grab rings, the haunted house, and so much more. Plus KICK ASS food, especially the pizza (best park pizza EVER!). For hotels, you'll want to look at Danville, as Knoebel's is about in the middle of no where. Though it's about 90 minutes from Hershey, so perhaps you want to drive down there before Hersheypark the next day. Hershey Park 5/31 - Full day. This place is huge, and despite whatever Elissa says ( ) this is also a great park. Food is hit and miss here. If you like water rides, and it's warm enough, you'll want to get to those early, as they get enourmous lines. They have a lot of "chain" places in the park (Subway, Taco Bell, that kind of stuff), so if you like that, you're good. There's also the usual assortment of park food available. There are a lot of hotels in the Hershey area, so you should be able find something reasonable. Dorney Park 6/1 - Half day, unless you do the waterpark. Perhaps even less, as if you get there before opening, you can usually knock out a lot of rides pretty quick. The wild mouse has some of the slowest operations ever, so if you want that credit, get it early. The water park here is really good, one of the best I've ever seen, so if it's warm enough, you might want to check that out. The food here is pretty "meh", usual park stuff but not prepared in any sort of excellent way. There are a number of restaurants (Friday's, Carabba's) just down the road, so you might want to wait on food. There are a number of hotels close by, including a couple across the street (you can walk to the park and save the parking fee). SFGAV 6/2 - Probably most of the day. Get a QBot! This will likely be the busiest park you'll visit on this trip. Food is expensive here, so plan accordingly (the chinese place was pretty good the time I ate there). There are NO hotels anywhere near this place for some mysterious reason, so you'll have to stay elsewhere. SFA 6/3 - Probably half a day, maybe more depending on crowds. Good coaster collection, but the operations here are totally random. You could have an amazing day, or a really annoying one. It depends on the motivation of the staff and the annoyance level of the crowd. You're going early in the year and on a weekday, so it should probably be OK. They used to sell fastlane tickets, so if those are available and the park is busy, get those. Be prepared for ride breakdowns, especailly Two Face. If you like water rides, and you happen to notice the Typhoon Sea Coaster operating, jump in line IMMEDIATLY! I've been to the park over 20 times (I used to live not too far from it) and have ridden that thing ONCE. Food here is typical Six Flags food, so, um, you might want to snack and then eat somewhere else! Hotel situation around here is questionable. There are areas not to far from this park you'll want to stay away from (like much of DC). Staying on the outside of the beltway is probably a good idea... PKD 6/4 - Probably a full day. No fastlane/fastpass stuff, unless they've put it back (it wasn't around the last time i was there). It's probably a good idea to get there before opening and get to Hypersonic quick, as the capacity on this ride is not all that great. The water park is pretty good here too, though avoid the ENCLOSED SLIDE OF TERROR AND DEATH. Unless, of course, you like these things...Food is typical park fare, but not horrible. The hotels near the park are not all that great, I'd advise staying at ones a couple of exits away. BGW 6/5 - It really depends how much you like this park. Many people love it, but I am not one of them. To me it's an "OK" park that I can spend half a day at and be satisfied. It all depends on how much you end up liking the place. Everyone raves about the food here, but I have never been impressed. Slightly better than usual park food, in my opinion. On the other hand, in nearby Williamsburg there is an absolute GODLY restaurant called The Trellis that is absolutely amazing and has some of the best food ever! Plus, it's the place where the "Death By Chocolate" cookbook came from, so the desserts are amazing! Worth the visit. For hotels, this area is packed with them, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding somewhere to stay that fits your budget. PC 6/7 - I have never been here, so I can't help with this one... Have fun on your trip! Any other questions, ask away! dt
  13. Djam Karet - Consider Figure Three I'm sure you're all familiar with this one... dt
  14. ^What she said. Seriously, there might be 13 coasters there, but when the best ride in the park is a powered mine train, there may be a problem. PCW is a nice looking park, is clean, and the people there were polite enough, but there was nothing there that we rode again, and there's nothing there that would make me take a trip back there. Some of the coasters were painful, including the worst SLC I have ever been on! And the flat rides, while they looked cool, were not all that exciting. One of them might have been, but there was such a short cycle on it that you got almost no sense of even minor intensity. Plus the operator screaming over the PA to "hold on to the handles" the entire cycle wasn't fun either. The soaking top spin was fun, though. And the donut frying machine... dt
  15. I have an XBox, which I still really haven't gotten around to using. I am quite the lazy soul... dt
  16. I've never tried to drive a manual transmission car. I would like to go to one of those racing schools, though... dt
  17. ^Yeah, that thing is brutal! But they took out their mouse ride, which was almost as deadly... Dave "now they need to get MFI's shot tower for their 'Pain' collection" Thomas
  18. Lakemont never seems to be busy, unless they're giving away free food. I was there on one of those days, and have never seen so many mullets, bad tattoos, chain smoking, cursing and shoving...and don't get me started on their husbands! Seriously, that was one annoying day at that park. I think all I did was ride LTD a couple of times before bailing. On most normal days, you'll be able to ride everything without much of a wait. I really like this park, but it's not somewhere that I'd normally end up spending more than half a day there at the most. Delgrosso's is right up the road, and is usually much more crowded. Be sure to try the pizza and the potato salad. It is godly! dt
  19. Dorney Park = Best Lazy River EVER! Well, of the Lazy Rivers I've been on, anyway. It would only be improved if you could sip frozen drinks while floating around... I grew up in PA, so I've watched this park change over the years. I think I liked it better before CF took it over. Brakes on Thunderhawk and Steel Force really have tamed those rides. The wild mouse is a joke, and Talon is, um, Talon. Laser does kick much ass, though, still one of the most intense coasters out there. I'll judge Hydra when I ride it, but I'll say that I'm not going to be rushing over to the park to get a ride on it right away... dt
  20. Wood: Phoenix Raven Wild One Viper SCBB Giant Dipper Steel Millennium Force Fire Dragon S:ROS (SFNE) S:ROS (SFA) Storm Runner dt
  21. This isn't really inspiring me for my first ever X ride next week... :? Dave "stocking up on the Tylenol with Morphine now" Thomas
  22. Just saw Constantine. Good, but not great. The story kind of wanders at some points, though there are some cool moments. Probably should have worked on the script a little more. dt
  23. ^Ah, you were at ProgPower! So were we. It took us ten hours to fly from Baltimore to Altanta that day...that sucked! Good to see someone else with good taste in music posting here... dt
  24. ^Someone knows who Symphony X is? And Edguy?!? I am shocked! There is yet hope for humanity... Oh, and I'm currently wearing sweat pants and a Medusa t-shirt that I got at the 2000 SFMW media day. I just got up awhile ago, forgive my wardrobe choices... dt
  25. You might want to make that list a "sticky" at the top of the page, as I imagine that you get asked a lot "what song is this?" or whatever. Just a thought... Dave "none of the music I suggest ever makes it into a video for some reason" Thomas
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