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  1. Me too, I went on Memorial Day. Probably my favorite flat at the park next to the TMNT rides.
  2. Old-timey name for Ireland, I guess it fits with the mythological theming. After the more modern theming they tried with Verbolten, it's nice to see them return to a more old-world charm with InvadR and now this.
  3. I'll never tire of this typo. "Battle for Erie" would make more sense at Cedar Point. Battle for Eire is BGW's new addition.
  4. Flight of Fear (KD), had the whole train to myself. Thanks, Twisted Timbers opening, for allowing me to check off another bucket list item!
  5. I guess the stop-and-go ride fits the theme. It also makes for excellent capacity, I've heard of five trains on one circuit. But it throws away the biggest advantage of a multi-launch, the ability to have relentless pacing. As for the other family launch coasters: Backlot is underrated. After the grayout helix, the intensity is finely balanced. I've heard complaints because the one at KI ruins the view from their Eiffel Tower. I'm told Firechaser is gentler still - but that's not a bad thing, because it also has a lower minimum height, making it better at being the park's family coaster.
  6. I will totally give you the exposed show building thing, but I just don't understand what makes Verbolten weak, boring, and uncomfortable. The station and queue are very well-themed (as they should be) and the indoor section is dark and mysterious (as it should be). The launches have good kicks, and the indoor section is typical large Zierer, having tight curves and spirals that are intense but not gray-out-inducing. The drop track is the best example of its kind. The drop toward the river is just as iconic as Big Bad Wolf's was and is still one of the most beautiful settings for a coaster element in the United States. FWIW, I grayed out half the time on one of the curves, but it's already dark inside, so it's harder to notice than on Backlot. I have a feeling BGW pushed for more intensity to try to keep up with BGT and Cheetah Hunt, and the end result, while I wouldn't call "weak" (except if comparing to other multi-launch coasters), is pretty awkward. It feels like Zierer were out of their element with the extra speed. Their previous major coasters, Pepsi Orange Streak and Jaguar, had the curves and helices, but took them slower and much more gracefully. And, the show building (wolf scene aside) does not compare to zipping about the Mall of America or shooting through the loop of Montezooma's Revenge. What made the Wolf's ending legendary wasn't just the view, but the swinging through those turns. The view might be a little clearer without track over your head - and nicely framed by the "bridge" piece they built, but after that, it's just long and rattly (after five years, already worrying) fast turns over water, and there's already a better long and rattly fast turn over water at the same park (the turnaround on Apollo's, rattly when sitting near the back).
  7. And that was actually pretty good. One of the best moments of theming at the park. The show building would be worth it if the other two scenes were as good. Yeah, thanks, TPR, for giving me the reality check I needed I redid the list to be much less subjective. At the time, I was still bitter that I loved Ninja (the next best thing to the Wolf in the US) and that I had to go all the way to LA for that one, when BGW were silly enough to take that away from us on the East Coast before I could become an enthusiast.
  8. Man, the reaction I'm getting as I'm explaining my dislike of Verbolten, you'd think I was dissing Knoebels. That I had to look up the ride concept to figure out what that drop track was supposed to be (roots of an evil tree slamming you down?) proves it didn't tell its story well. I still give them points for trying to tell a story with the ride. Among rides whose theming involves haunted trees, I think I will prefer Twisted Timbers. If I make it out to Kings Island this year, Mystic Timbers too.
  9. Hey, at least I changed my poll after I was called out. It may not be the worst, but it's still my least favorite. Contributing to my only bout of vomiting at a theme park does not earn it any favors in my book. Even without that, it's just so much wasted potential.
  10. But Flight of Fear did that 14 years prior, and much better at that. I saw this one quote on Reddit: "Family coaster is an enthusiast's way of saying “it wasn’t as intense as I wanted it to be”". And that comes to mind when describing Verbolten. But as a "family" coaster, Verbolten misses the mark. 48" is on the top end for minimum heights for a "family" coaster, and it's still a bit too aggressive to be a kid's first big coaster. InvadR was better in both minimum height and intensity balance, but it's still not enough in that regard. But right now, BGW is in need of new high-thrill rides after BfE, though, especially now that KD answered InvadR with Twisted Timbers. I will still give Verbolten credit for its ambition, and for the fact that it's a better drop ride than Mach Tower. At least Verbolten's gimmick works. Mach Tower's doesn't. Re: wanting to experience a suspended coaster, Ninja alone was 25% of my reason for my LA 2017 trip and Vortex alone is half of my reason for my Toronto 2018 trip.
  11. But as it is, it's more disco than forest. Blame the stylized blacklight backdrops. If it was more serious in there, and if they made it look good from above, I'd be able to forgive its shortcomings.
  12. So long as Kings Island restores the robot hand logo for their Vortex, I'd be okay with whatever Canada's Wonderland does with the new name and logo for theirs.
  13. If Verbolten's show building was even half as detailed as its queue and station, I wouldn't be saying VR would be better. Doesn't even feel like you're in a forest, just some campy blacklight blur. Six Flags and Cedar Fair can get away with campy, Busch used to be classy. At least InvadR and BfE are a step up. ...On second thought, Verbolten has lots of quick transitions. Could send headsets flying. No risk of that with a motion simulator.
  14. It is for this reason that I'd like to see VR on Verbolten eventually. VR is a huge improvement over a sparse show building.
  15. So does this mean TT will be closed to the public for Passholder Preview Night?
  16. Wasn't it a B&M exclusivity, not an invert exclusivity, therefore why Canada's Wonderland got saddled with an SLC?
  17. After such names like CraZanity and (Insert DC Character Here), "Mardi Gras Hangover" is a breath of fresh air from Six Flags.
  18. All major parks I've visited ranked by sum of top two rankings: Carowinds: Fury 325 (2) + Afterburn (9) = 11 Six Flags Magic Mountain: Tatsu (5) + Twisted Colossus (8) = 13 Six Flags Great Adventure: El Toro (3) + Bizarro (11) = 14 Knott's Berry Farm: GhostRider (6) + Silver Bullet (13) = 19 Hersheypark: Storm Runner (7) + Fahrenheit (15) = 22 Kings Dominion: Intimidator 305 (1) + Dominator (21) = 22 Knoebels: Phoenix (4) + Flying Turns (20) = 24 Busch Gardens Williamsburg: Apollo's Chariot (10) + Alpengeist (18) = 28 Six Flags Over Georgia: Mindbender (19) + Goliath (26) = 45 Valleyfair: Renegade (14) + Wild Thing (49) = 63 Dorney Park: Hydra (31) + Talon (40) = 71 Six Flags America: Superman: Ride of Steel (43) + Roar (44) = 87 Of course, Carowinds drops off badly after the top two. Intimidator sits at 54, so without Fury, the park sits down there with Valleyfair.
  19. A low-tier membership seems to be a worse deal than a low-tier pass ever was. I'd rather have summer Saturdays than random December weekdays, as someone who, when he had a Fun Card last year, on nice enough summer Saturdays, would drive past KD to go to BGW, or visit SFA after running errands in the DC area. KD, I mostly went to on weeknights. *looks it up* Well, they still have the Fun Card. I might go with that again if it doesn't have blackouts. Now if they phase that out, the basic membership will be more expensive for me than the unlimited unless I can somehow go on non-blackout dates. 2019, I have my Florida trip planned so I might as well go premier that year. Fun Card: $105 pass, $16 parking vs. Basic: $120 pass, $8 parking, extra $25 for going on a blackout date like a summer Saturday vs. Unlimited Membership: $180 pass, free parking, no blackout dates Losing a ride with a lower minimum height for one with a higher minimum, this is just one reason why I think Verbolten wasn't the best idea - the massive price tag being another. Still a better drop ride than Mach Tower, I guess.
  20. Can I ask, What are you referencing? Invadr at BGW? It seemed to be a hit when I was there last June, longest line in the park followed by Tempest and Verbolten. Much longer than the B&Ms, Lock Ness was deserted. So what, they closed Darcastle, a fave of theme park addicts. My kids and I rode it, it was ok. No loss in my book. We have no idea how much it was costing to operate and maintain and balancing those numbers with ridership. Then again, I think It's a Small World at WDW is a waste of space. I know that BGW is still going through a lethy permitting process for what appears to be a coaster with a 315ft. Hill. I summit that because rhey are doing soIL test on both sides of the faux Rhine. ... So, my rant is over and in summary, folks are acting like SEAS is closing things down and not replacing them. But... they are, all over the place and it's just being dismissed. InvadR had the benefit of not only pulling families with kids just under 48", but enthusiasts holding out for Twisted Timbers. Tempesto has long lines because its capacity is abysmal, and the B&Ms have short lines because of their excellent capacity. Also, was Verbolten using its whole station when you were comparing lines? The BGT news has me nervous for SEAS, but I'll reserve the dooming and glooming until I see Project Madrid. To Rollercoaster Rider, BGW is at least positioning Battle For Eire as DarKastle's substitute, and Europe in the Air was down the previous year. BGT, on the other hand, seems to have nothing to replace what they lost.
  21. This was completely my mistake, apologies. The following coasters have been added to the poll and will appear on the massive list shortly: Mad Mouse - Michigan's Adventure Mad Mouse - Valleyfair Psycho Mouse - California's Great America They will not be updated until after results have been tabulated for the 2017 poll. New / changed coasters will be added in batches every few months. Thanks! Forgot to add - once it comes time for the 2018 poll, will the old names be listed in parentheses (like how Carowinds Flying Cobras is handled?)
  22. I know the first time I brought up the omission of the Arrow mice, it was overshadowed by my questionable choice of Verbolten as my absolute worst. (And you were right to question me, I've moved it up and ranked it more objectively, but I still say it's my personal least favorite.) But back to the presence of Mack, etc. mice but not Arrow mice, I'd be happy either way, adding the Arrow mice or removing the other mice. Also, will KD's renamed-for-2018 coasters be updated in the poll?
  23. Why not both? SFA has a TON of land they will never use. Why not have some sort of City Walk/Disney Springs arrangement where Six Flags builds and leases space to some of these higher end bars/shops? Bars and shops would be unlikely to complain about any noise (unlike if they leased the land for condos) and it would be a year round source of income... Eh, I'm not sure Six Flags is a brand that can pull that kind of upscale marketing off compared to Disney or Cedar Fair.
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