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  1. 1 hour ago, jconsolmagno said:

    SFA is removing Zoomazon Falls as part of the 15 ride removal. It's not on their map this year. Too bad, I enjoyed it last year.

    I'm thankful I got to ride it (in 2019, I want to say). An old-school waterslide with nice terrain. But removing it opens up quite a bit of space for the dry side. Maybe a flat or two, maybe even a coaster, who are we kidding, it's SFA.

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  2. On 2/25/2021 at 8:55 PM, CenturyFlyer said:

    My first visit to Kings Dominion was a couple of days after Shockwave closed, which I would've liked to have ridden just to say I'd been on a Togo stand-up.

    Kings Dominion is my home park, but I was a non-rider most of my life. Rebel Yell scared me senseless as a kid (though I do remember riding Hurler). Because of this, I missed out on Shockwave and HyperSonic XLC, and I didn't ride anything at BGW when I visited in 1998. Missing out on the Big Bad Wolf is the reason I'm so resentful of Verbolten.

    I'm thankful I became an enthusiast in time to ride Volcano.

    I almost want to make Italy my first European coaster trip because of the Togo stand-up and the S&S Screaming Squirrel.

  3. EDIT: forgot I posted here like three years ago.


    I've gone from hating Verbolten to being completely meh about it (but bitter such a meh ride replaced a legend). I now skip it every visit, but would give it another chance if they made an honest effort to make the show building not look like a Six Flags dumpster.


    Of course, I'd get excited if they do decide to pull the plug and replace it within the next five years.

  4. "Home" parks: Kings Dominion, Six Flags America, and Busch Gardens Williamsburg


    I've got two trips planned: NYC (Coney Island, Nick Universe, Great Adventure) and Florida (Busch Gardens Tampa, SeaWorld Orlando, Universal, the Fun Spots?).


    If I can drive to Dorney for a day trip, I can drive to Hershey for a day trip too.


    I have some American Airlines reward miles I want to use up. I think I'll return to Kings Island (also to make my Cedar Fair Platinum still worth it).

  5. My only concern for this is the Coke products being switched to Pepsi

    My only concern is no more Coke Freestyle machine at SFA. I'll downgrade to gold plus from platinum if they don't have Diet Mountain Dew in the fountains.


    Then again, that building's usually closed anyway.



    2 Things:

    1- Mountain Dew is a Pepsi Production, Maybe your talking about Mello Yello?

    2- Would not be against Baja Blast all over Six Flags. I love that stuff

    I knew Mountain Dew is Pepsi. I meant that if Diet Mountain Dew isn't in the fountains after the switch.

  6. I will cancel my Six Flags membership and boycott the chain if the St. Louis Ninja outlives the Magic Mountain Ninja.


    Banshee is the Millennium Force of B&M inverts. Everything on a grand scale. There's a place for those, as well as the Raptors and Mavericks of the world. Say what you want about the vests, but Banshee doesn't have a view as badly obstructed in the middle seats as previous generation B&M inverts did.

  7. Cedar Fair and theming??

    Mystic and Twisted Timbers have better theming than much of what Six Flags is putting out.


    The complaint from many, including myself, is that the current Six Flags installs new rides themed to DC characters without any regard for the theming the park already has. IE installing Supergirl in the Britannia section at SFSTL. Cedar Fair has been working more towards coherent area theming while Six Flags has been moving towards everything being a superhero ride while creating a thematic mashup with the existing themes in areas. I'm much more of a fan of Kings Island putting a spacey themed ride named Orion into X Base than I would be if it were called Superman in X Base, which is almost certainly what would have happened if Six Flags bought Cedar Fair a year ago....

    A space-themed area would be one of the least-worst places for Six Flags to slap a DC Comics theme on a ride.

  8. Most of all, I want parks that look and feel different.


    This is exactly how I feel. I hate the idea of a park like Knott's with great theming and an incredible haunt event being run by Six Flags where both of those things would go to sh*t quickly but I also hate the idea of a park like Great Adventure being run like a Cedar Fair park, potentially opening in May like Dorney and losing everything that's cool about their Holiday event if they actually adopted the Cedar Fair style of management (which is probably less likely to be fair).


    Both of those things suck. I agree that I feel better about Six Flags now than I have in years but I appreciate different things about each company.


    Imagine you get the worst of both. Six Flags drags the Cedar Fair Halloween events to hell and all the franchised restaurants are closed for mediocre inhouse replacements while seat belts are installed on everything and coasters are closed for Winterfest. I might just do 3-4 trips a year to Knoebels, Orlando, and overseas where they didn't ruin everything yet.

    You forgot one thing in the "worst of both": the Six Flags passes would become one-park, with the all-park pass being exclusive to the new Diamond Super Elite tier.

  9. Updated.



    InvadR, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Justice League, Six Flags Magic Mountain



    Twisted Timbers, Kings Dominion

    Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point



    Steel Curtain, Kennywood


    Since I couldn't find a thread for rides I've ridden in their final season, I'll add them here:



    Curse of DarKastle, Busch Gardens Williamsburg

    Georgia Cyclone, Six Flags over Georgia

    Stinger, Dorney Park



    Witches' Wheel, Cedar Point

    Firehawk, Kings Island

    Volcano, Kings Dominion

    2020 opening plans will be Pantheon, Jersey Devil, whatever RMC Gwazi will be known as, whatever the new coaster at Coney Island will be, and hopefully Orion.

  10. The cutoff is the size of a wild mouse coaster. Anything larger than and including the typical Mack / Maurer wild mouse is considered "rankable" in our poll.


    We figured, if you're really ranking stuff like off-shelf Vekoma junior coasters, Pinfari Zyklons, and the like, then you need to find a new hobby.

    I had to look up a few of the smaller models. Schwarzkopf Wildcats (at least the 54m and 65m), which aren't included in the poll, are actually bigger than the Mack Compact Mobile model (as featured at Hershey, Carowinds, and the Six Flags Dark Knight models).


    Maybe we shouldn't be including the mice? At least not off-the-shelf ones, the Dark Knight models do have the theming to set them apart.

  11. Wow, the arrogance of that guy.... If I were their PR guy, I'd be forwarding that to legal so they can send him a cease and desist letter when those videos show up advertising his product.

    I mused about people getting busted for using these, then called him out on his photos not being 12 megapixels. He's already posted multiple unauthorized Kings Island POVs on his YouTube page. Dude flipped out on me and called me a nasty fanboy wasting $30 on fluffies before blocking me. I'm a nasty fanboy because I follow park rules.


    Nintendo laid the smackdown on Soulja Boy for selling consoles filled with bootleg ROMs. I'd like to see Cedar Fair ban this guy for making (and encouraging others to make) unauthorized ride POVs.


    Don't "squeeze in" SDC anywhere. Worlds of Fun can be done in a day, but SDC needs two.

    Don't worry, SDC won't be "squeezed in". Other trips will be scaled back to make room for this one.

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