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  1. Hey Robb, Love this Coaster Poll, I'm assuming you will continue to add to the database of coasters over time (it had 14 of the 19 parks we visited last year but didn't see Waldermeer, Dutch Wonderland, Quazzy, and a few of the other small parks we hit). One suggestion would be to break the coaster list into North America and World cause when I was scrolling there would be three or four China parks, then Dorney, then some English parks, I might have missed Dorney if I wasn't such a dork. Also, will defunct coasters be listed or just active coasters? Thanks again for putting this together and all in all, love it and have a great weekend Paul
  2. Hey, I'm fairly new to the forum but I would say no go on my end, when it comes to physical media, I'm pretty much someone who doesn't even own a DVD or Blu Ray player unless it works on my PS3 (not 4, 3). Hope I help with the polling.
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