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  1. In my opinion, Kumba stands as still being one of the best coasters around. Beautiful layout and theming, as well as being ultra smooth. The Zero-G Roll on that ride always takes my breath away. Montu blew me away as well, especially the use of ditches at the finale. Oh so good!


    I thought Rhino Rally was different, but at the same time I wouldn't wait that long to ride it. It's different, original, and is a good family ride.


    Havent been to BGT in over 4 years now, but hopefully I will get to go in June. Tampa is a little bit odd, but BGT will always hold a special place in my heart. Where else can you get attacked by a roaming Peacock or a Flamingo?

  2. having read all of that, I can't help but feel anxious and excited to see what type or rides the future will bring...especially with people like you working on it all. It was a dream of mine for a very long time to do concept art and ride design, and a few ideas that I came up with many years ago have expanded into larger projects. it definitely takes time and patience to think everything through, and detail is a key factor.


    All in all you've nailed it on the head, but as other people have mentioned already, your idea is now public!! Who is to say that someone from Disney wont read this message board and take your idea to elaborate upon. It's a dangerous business, and you've got to watch who you can trust.


    With saying that, I think that all of us on here are amazed by your work and are eager to see what others you can bring forward. Definitely take it to some smaller ride/design companies and see if you can get your foot in the door; then work your way up to the big boys.


    I expect this ride to be open at Disneys Animal Kingdom, and amusing guests by April 2010! Hop to it!!

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