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  1. What he said is pretty much it, if you know where to look there are differences. This opening day is no different than other Darien ones so I didn't expect much minus the website/app (That they are advertising in the park) my season pass stuff still worked on it so that's fine.


    Tantrum has different wheels or something because it's roaring and you can hear it through the park.

    Rolling Thunder operates in the rain now. Tantrum doesn't and I rode Ride of Steel in the drizzle.


    Predator's retracking is on the straightaway near the path, and the last turn (also reprofiled.)


    Vipers orange train is gone but blue train is hauling and the trims before the corkscrew arn't bringing you to a stop anymore.


    Mind Eraser is also hauling but the first half is still rough. I hated Boomerang but it's boomerang so.


    Motocoasters Flywheel was on like someone else mentioned but no one was in the operator booth.


    There were mechanics in RoS's transfer track area and the server room was open showing off all the computers running the ride.


    The food registers were down Saturday but fine today.


    I spent two days at the park and both were pretty good, I was impressed with Six Flags and the way they're treating the park.

    Also worth noting is they were testing new lights for Ignite the Night, the drinking fountains are literal fountains, and the real one is dyed blue.

  2. I got to the park for celebrations, went to Viper and got a alone ride.

    Rode rolling Thunder and Mind Eraser. Rode RoS, it was running okay. Got a test saying my application went through and I can do my interview (I'm doing attractions yay) and just meandered around the park. Giant Wheel opened later on and so did Tantrum.


    Viper was running without trims and I broke a blood vessel in my eye. Skyscreamer looks massive from anywhere in the park.

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