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  1. ^It will likely reopen once the pandemic is under control (to where sanitizing rides and social distancing isn't a big deal), they can up the allowed capacity in the parks to make it worthwhile, more people actually come to the park (that aren't pass members who they generally don't really profit from, and can afford to pay the extra staff required to run it. Unless I'm mistaken, it requires more employees to operate than any other attraction in the park. I know other parks have opened theirs, but not all parks choose to operate the same. It's common for BGT, in particular, to cut attractions like this during slow periods anyway (from my experience). Not directly related, but this is usually the time of year it goes down for its annual maintenance, as it doesn't operate during HOS, at least not in recent years. I don't see Stanley Falls opening any time soon for the same reasons, plus their queue is so tight, they'd have to pull a Disney and put up plexiglass in the queue to help separation. Also, i wouldn't be surprised if more attractions temporarily closed after Labor Day, at least on the weekdays.

  2. Anyone able to see the prices for members? I logged in but it's still showing me the regular price.

    Yes, I can see the prices. They start at $24.99 (and go up based on date). Try using another device or browser to log in. Also, if you're using your email/password, try using the pass barcode/zip code method instead. That seems to work for some that try to get their discount online when making purchases.

  3. I had nothing but 1000% smooth rides on each of my 7 rides and am surprised people are reporting on the helix inducing greyout. You'd think a park that is obsessed with helices would be able to have one as intense as Goliath at SFOG's but I'd say Stunt Coaster's hits way harder.

    The helix on SFOG's Goliath is intense? Eh, that's a stretch IMO. The only helix on a B&M that has any great intensity that I've ridden, with an almost greyout, is Kumba.

  4. Keep in mind though, the event is catered to locals (for you non-locals seeing this). For those that hadn't caught on, it's not an all-day event the dates they're open. The event is four hours per time slot each day of the event: 11am-3pm & 5pm-9pm Thursday through Sunday (besides the membership sneak peak). I've confirmed with the park that they will close at 3pm to allow the park to clear out and reset for the event, and reopen at 5pm. So, unless you have an annual pass, membership, fun card or preschool pass, and live relatively close, this may not be for you. Tickets for others are $44.99 plus tax...ouch. I guess some will go, but that's a bit steep IMO.

  5. If I were a guessing man, I would say another reason to close M-Th starting the last 2 weeks of August has not only to do with lower attendance, but staffing. They are struggling as it is. Any employees they've borrowed from parks that have not yet opened or abroad may need to return home to go back to their normal day jobs, schools, lives, etc. Also, while the event still appears on their event page, I don't think HalloWeekends looks promising, at least not in its usual form. I know there are teasers in the park, and I've seen employees who work the event say, "It's going to be as scary as usual," things change day-to-day. Look at Universal Studios as an example, who had already been constructing their houses, put up lighting/spotlights like normal and were doing auditions and even hired scare actors already, only to cancel both coasts (I had seen that USH had began deconstruction of theirs before the announcement).


    SO since the park is so empty that they are reducing capacity, are they still using the access pass thing? Or have they done away with that too?


    I was planning a two day trip where I'd get to the park at like 2:30 and stay til close and then go the next day from like 11-2 the next day. Would that be enough time to hit up the big rides?


    They are not selling Fast Lane/Fast Lane plus. Only those who had pre-purchased it before the season or have all season Fast Lane are able to utilize it at the moment.


    Considering the park closes at 8pm, I don't see getting much done in that time frame if the park is busy with many rides closed. They have been using return tickets for Millennium Force, Steel Vengeance and Maverick, with little hope of getting a second ride on any of those, unless they open for standby later in the day (for those three). They will also close down lines as early as an hour before park closure if the queue reaches a certain capacity, so that the park can close on time and give their team members, many who are quite overworked this season, a break.

  6. Yeah I saw that lol, I mean it's not funny but at this point is nothing is surprising.


    Speaking of Seaworld I know Icebreaker isn't open yet and am aware of the lien issues etc., but for anyone that's been to the park is there any activity at all on the job site or is it just completely shut down like this thing might get pushed to open in 2021? As far as I was aware the track was complete and trains were on site, just curious if there's any landscaping or people working on/around the site currently.

    There hasn't been anything done to the site since shortly after the park closed. Premier had barely started testing the switch track before the park closed (they were gone a couple days before the park closed, in fact), they never did a full test run before leaving. Some of the landscaping and queue work was still being done shortly after the park closed, but were all sent home soon after when the parks halted all construction.

  7. Does anyone know what we do if we are planning on utilizing a free season pass guest ticket and therefore don’t have an extra ticket number to input? I have one season pass and want to bring a friend free. Therefore, I only have one number but need two reservations.

    Currently, you can't reserve those in advance online. You would need to go to the park the day of and redeem at the kiosk and make a reservation on your phone same day for them to get in (since they have to be used the date they are printed currently). However, there's no guarantee the park won't be at capacity before arrival at the park.


    However, the parks are currently working on a way to allow pass members to redeem them online so they can be reserved. No word on when that will be. This should have been put in place before opening the registration system, IMO. The comments all over their social media and passholder groups are a mess with the confusion, and the lack of available people representing the parks to answer questions and assist.

  8. Was planning on hitting up BGT on a Sunday in November before a cruise (planned well before COVID) as of now the park will not be open on Sundays, even in November. Well that sucks, now not only is the cruise a question mark so is my day before activity lol. sighhhhhhh


    The park is open every Sunday in November and are available to be reserved right now. They are only closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays.


  9. I have seen some articles saying July 27th, but I have seen other articles like this one (updated today), that say June 29th. So not sure what to believe at this point. Kind of challenging when both NC and SC have to give the green light.


    I'm pretty sure they only need NC clearance given the fact the park is technically located in Charlotte.

    And your assumption is wrong. The rides that operate on the SC side are inspected by SC, and the food, beverage, restrooms, etc, on the SC side are inspected by the York County (SC) Health Department. Tne NC side is the same, whereas those rides are inspected by the NC, and other facilities inspected by the Mecklenburg County Health Department. There are many ordinances (including those concerning liquor/beer) that vary depending on which side of the state line you're on at the time. So, no, they need both sides to approve their opening to open at all.


    With that said, SC has given the go ahead for parks to open, so they are just now waiting on NC to approve a date for them, which would then start the certification process to get them open for the season.

  10. I'm disappointed that for the Aquatica online reservations, it seems as though priority is being given to those who purchase single day tickets. Under the single day ticket reservations tab there are far more dates available than either the passholder or fun card tab. They should not be doing this to their most loyal customers. They should have a set capacity and fill it up with any ticket type until it is full. I see this as just a way to ensure they get more money even after they continued to charge many of these passholders while the parks were closed.


    Not sure where you're getting that from. I went on there and can reserve any date the park is open if I wanted to in all three areas (all the dates are available that is regardless of which option I went to). I do know the site was overloaded earlier in the day and many had issues getting through. One thing is if you've tried creating a reservation and didn't get through, that you needed to clear your cart out completely and start over, otherwise it would give you a warning that you had too many people.

  11. Well now they've closed til April.


    It's likely to be longer then April.

    Perhaps, just posting what they've announced.


    At the time I posted it was only a few of the SF parks, not all.


    But Atlanta will warm earlier than many places and I expect the situation will change the before colder climates.


    Weather/climate has already proven not to deter this from spreading. The # of cases in FL (where I live) have almost doubled since Friday, where it's been in the upper 80s/90s depending on where you are in the state. It's in South America and Australia where it's currently summer.

  12. ^ when we were at SWO a few years back, they were forcing folks to use the bunnies for Kracken & Escape from Pompeii.


    on the TPR FB page, someone who was at BGT yesterday responded to me and said that things that fit in pockets (I specifically asked about zippered pockets), were being allowed on ride, and not having to be stored.


    if that holds? I recommend cargo shorts with zippered pockets - they served me well on the USA trip, and in Japan last year.


    Journey To Atlantis has a separate load and unload station. That's why loose articles aren't allowed on it. They also hadn't allowed bags in line at Manta or Mako either (both just have the little bins big enough for small items, like glasses and hats). Manta does however have lockers in the station by the exit (or did last time I noticed).

  13. I've heard the March 14th rumor as well, by more than one source. It would be great for FL Spring Break crowds, since that's when some of our schools start. I don't see it either that early, but miracles happen. The first weekend of April seems more realistic, if not the the following couple of weekends. Tigris opened April 19th last year, and they seem to be wanting to open ASAP to bring in the rush before summer hits, which worked with Tigris during the normally slow weekdays of (late) April and May.


    Even with the rumored Screamin' Swing for 2021, they are quite well on their way with that construction as well for a flat ride that shouldn't take long to get open. I see opening it much earlier than normal for attractions at the park, definitely before Spring Break 2021.

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