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  1. That was a really nice TR...and Great Adventure really seems to be improving with each year and even a little bit each week. Batman the Chiller's old track was just lying around in the back of the lot, and if so, was Robin's old zero-g hanging around too?
  2. I wasn't thinking a flat color, but not a cartoony painted wood finish. A pearlescent finish in a crimson red or a deep purple kind of Apollo's Chariot like would've looked great.
  3. Awesome looking coaster ...disappointing looking train paintjob.
  4. Maybe it's just me being over-spoiled by the theming at the "Disney Parks" that Hershey's theming just seems so off. Honestly though, Hersheypark used to really be themed more strongly. I've always classified theming in three categories from best to worst, Disney quality, Busch quality, and then Six Flags quality. Hershey used to fall between Busch and Six Flags but more towards the Busch end of the spectrum. From what I saw last weekend, Midway America really has no true theme, Storm Runner is kind of mishappedly placed in Pioneer Frontier along with the Frontier Flyers, etc. The only tr
  5. I went to Hersheypark over Memorial Day Weekend and would've provided a Photo:TR myself but brilliantly forgot my SD chip at home. Hersheypark is no longer what I remember it being during the 1990's and even the early 2000's. It's lost all sort of theming and now suffers from Six Flags syndrome. Storm Runner is a great ride, Great Bear is an "okay" B&M, I'd take Batman the Ride over it any day. The nice thing about Hersheypark would have to be its woodie collection and that fact that the GCI woodies hang out in the less-crowded far rear of the park. In my opinion, the idea of havi
  6. Good Vekoma trains...never thought I would live to see the day.
  7. I always thought the American TOGO's sucked as Japan's revenge for the atomic bomb.
  8. WDW's costumed cast members usually do have handlers...while Disneyland ones usually do not. Just from personal experience, Disneyland characters are much more free-roaming. When this kid gets back to school, who could not mock him? He got his arse kicked accidentally by an oversized stuffed animal. ...Wait until next week's episode of New England A-Hole, when Elmo and Cookie Monster guest star.
  9. Just my two cents... This past August I finally got to go out West and experience the DLR for myself, as I had been to the WDW Resort about 6 times. So technically, I hit the 50th Anniversary for DL at WDW in 2005, and for DL at the DLR in 2006. And let me tell you, Space Mountain East is really lacking. I don't think it can even be compared to its West coast version, but more to the Matterhorn. Even then, the Matterhorn has an edge on Space Mountain East. If WDW executives would finally realize that Disneyland takes better care of its attractions, then WDW's Magic Kingdom could easil
  10. Wildcat is rough as hell, it was GCI's first. Intamin-Skull Mountain @ Six Flags Great Adventure...boring and over before it even gets started. You know it sucks when the lift hills are more exciting than the rest of the ride. Bolliger and Mabillard-Great Bear @ Hersheypark...it's boring to even look at. Has no real "wow" factor, the colors are drab, and the inversions aren't anything unusual or in any interesting order. In my opinion, Batman the Ride owns this. Great Coasters Int.-Gwazi @ Busch Gardens Africa...when I went last year this coaster was awful. The thing with Gwazi
  11. The jungle cruise script over La Jungla scenes was classic...you are the best!
  12. Adventureland LI...yes I love being ejected from my Top Scan. I love the place, by far not my favorite though...it's like a permanent carnival.
  13. Top Scan...oh man. The one in my home park, Adventureland Long Island, will leave a bad taste in my mouth forever about Top Scans. I don't know how it happend but it was a freak accident over the summer where someone was thrown from the Top Scan into the parking lot to their death. It was replaced this year with a Huss Frisbee.
  14. Is it me, or has Six Flags been on a smart hot streak lately, they are finally bringing quality to their parks: 2005--- Six Flags Great Adventure: -Golden Kingdom -Kingda Ka -Balin's Jungleland -GASM painted -New landscaping -Many smaller improvements 2006--- Six Flags Great Adventure: -El Toro -Plaza del Carnaval -Bugs Bunny National Park -Several smaller improvements Six Flags Magic Mountain: -Tatsu -Sky Tower set to reopen -Cleaning up of Samurai Summit -Revolution painted -Many other smaller improvements Six Flags Over Georgia: -Goliath -Painting of Ninj
  15. This ride truly was a Disney Classic, even though it had barely a decade of a lifespan. It took something Disney doesn't really do anymore...use an original story, no "based on a movie" stuff, like the new HORRIBLE Stitch's Great Escape. I remember going to WDW for the first time at age six, during the 25th Anniversary (ah! the cake!) and the New Tomorrowland had just pretty much been open for under a year or so, and this attraction blew me away. I went back two years later in '98 to find the ride completely tamed...four years later in 2002 the thing was neutered. When it was fully functio
  16. These scrapping pictures make SFGADV's Viper scrapping look like nothing.
  17. What did you expect from a state with people that couldn't figure out how to punch a voting ballot**... ***Sorry Floridians, I couldn't resist.
  18. It's a great coaster, especially for those who have not experienced an inversion yet. In the dark, it's hard to tell when you're upsidedown or rightside up. The launch will probably scare you the most, as you exit the preshow and enter a queue where you see the train launching, and you then begin to buildup anticipation for your ride and launch. The opening inversion, the rollover, isn't really intense. In all honesty, it's really heard to know when you are in an inversion on this coaster. The only inversion you can kind of see is the corkscrew, more towards the end of the ride, and it's
  19. This topic and poll can really be taken a bunch of different ways. Big Thunder in California is supposedly way better than the Magic Kingdom's because it has a splash down and there's always that thrill factor of Disneyland derailing... The Paris BTMRR and the Tokyo BTMRR are also two completely different attractions, so of the four worldwide they are all different. The only similarity is the mesas, buttes, plateaus, "Mine Train Through Nature's Wonderland" style theming and that they are all Vekomas. Space Mountain at WDW's Magic Kingdom is totally different from any other SM, it
  20. B:TR has been yellow for two years @ SF:GADV. It was yellow with midnight blue supports since the 2004 season, which makes it two years of being yellow, not only one. The gray Batman is at SF Magic Mountain, and it's been that way since it opened.
  21. For those guys mentioning Batman at Six Flags GADV, it's been yellow since the 2004 season with midnight blue supports. It had black supports and track with yellow rails that turned a rusty color which lasted from 1993 to 2003. Personally, especially with Batman Begins and Batman's darker image, the ride looks stronger in black. However, they did clean up the theming around the ride, it used to have that beaten up Gotham City sewer feel. Over the summer I also noticed the yellow of Batman blends to much with Nitro's yellows, and Nitro is right behind Batman. Old School http://www.rcdb
  22. Wishes @ WDW's Magic Kingdom Most of BGW's shows Carousel of Progress (World's Longest Running Stage Show) Enchanted Tiki Room (1996 @ WDW) If you count parades as shows: (it's staged in some sense) Spectromagic; the best parade I have ever seen...and the theme song is so awesome that it gets stuck in your head. WORST SHOWS: Every show at Splish Splash Long Island Enchanted Tiki Room Under New Management (Currently @ WDW)
  23. This has probably been questioned before, but it's obvious in the Intamin Stand-Ups and in Flashback that they share the B&M style track and train set-up (4 across rows). I also know B&M once worked with Intamin and then fled to create B&M (the company). Is it possible that Bolliger and Mabillard (the people) had a big design task in these projects?
  24. The Adventureland LI, NY tragedies really hit home for me. As previosly stated, an operator was crushed and killed by the LadyBug (Tivoli) coaster, it is unknown why he was on the tracks with the train running empty. Then, the next day, Top Scan ejected a mentally disabled woman from the ride into the adjacent parking lot onto a car. Considering that was my favorite flat ride, that was a killer (bad pun).
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