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  1. When I interviewed one of the B&M employees about their height limits a few years ago, he didnt say they would not do a 300 footer. He did say however that they feel comfortable with where their ride heights are now and they focus on the overall quality of the ride instead of height specifics.


    Whole interview is here.. http://www.rideworld.com/members/images/topics/BM/BMArticle.html


    What I find hard to believe that B&M would sign an exclusivity agreement essentially limiting their revenues. I cannot imagine KD going to B&M and saying "Here is 15 million dollars, build us X coaster" and B&M telling them no.

  2. I was hoping for an Intamin Mega Lite for KD, but I should have known that in America bigger = better. So an airtime packed mega lite might not have been appealing enough. I just hope it has airtime and a more interesting layout than MF's. This is pretty shocking news to me.

    Speaking of Megalites.. Check out the newest one in China. Its near the end... That thing is hauling some major hiney! http://www.coastertouring.com/Videos/Happy%20Valley%20web.wmv

  3. Nice Photo TR! I love all the details, but I still don't "get" the Myrtle's Beach area...


    So does the park get busier at night?


    What don't you get about it? It's the most visited beach on the East coast.


    ^Exactly.. People go to Myrtle BEACH to sit in the sand not spend the day in an amusement park with NO WATER ATTRACTIONS! Good thinking there guys!


    The admission price is still WAAAY too high for what the park is offering. I think the price point is around $20-$25 IMO.

  4. Let me say this.. A coaster like the Voyage exhudes some serious forces on the track and the park does a fantastic job every season on working on these "spots". As people have mentioned, there is a spot going up the 3rd hill that feels similar to riding in a car and hitting a pothole. There was also another one that was less noticeable on the return after the triple down as the coaster snakes in and out of the lift structure.


    Again Holiday World and the Gravity Group do a tremendous job in keeping this coaster running as best as it possibly can. If it was any other park, those one or two potholes would turn into 5, then 10, then an absolutely horrible ride like so many other wooden coasters out there that do not get the TLC they need and deserve!

  5. ^ You're right (at least in my case). I guess it was wrong of me to assume that people with children would prefer to ride something they and the child could enjoy together.


    No, I agree there needs to be more rides the whole family can enjoy. That is why we love Disney so much. We are able to ride most everything there as a family, even with a 19 month old! I do think some of the height requirements on alot of the smaller rides are a little bogus. For instance, there were more kids rides at SDC that she couldnt ride, even with an adult but at other parks, we were able to(flying elephants for example..no go at SDC but a go at Disney).

  6. ^Your kidding right?. She can practically ride every ride at Disney and she knows every character and has a blast at the parks. Do you have children? I know the general rule of thumb is to not take kids under 5 to disney because they wont remember it but the parents WILL REMEMBER and there will be plenty of photos and videos to keep as mementos. We have a blast at Disney AS A FAMILY, no matter how old Caroline is.

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