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  1. Finding the right wheel compound takes time. I would bet this is a temporary fix until they can stop blowing thousands of dollars per day on wheels. Step away from the ledge guys! It's gonna be okay!
  2. Unfortunately, I can already hear the rabbling from certain participants. I will be on Wildebeest most of the weekend anyways. Caroline is ready to ride some "Water Swides!"
  3. It's because most people think that theme park attractions are made out of pixie dust and mouse butts. They open completely by magic and ride operators are T-1000 robots that never make mistakes. It's too much to comprehend that every single ride that is built, even if it's the 1,000th cloned Vekoma Boomerang comes with it's own unique set of challenges that could begin with any number of people who are working on the project all the way from the ride designers down to the company doing the on-ride photo. There are so many different people, parties, and vendors that make up every amusement park project that having all those developers come together and a project open on time is a HUGE undertaking. Sometime it works, like the Intimidators at Kings Dominion and Carowinds, and sometimes there are delays like Shoot The Rapids. And what everyone here needs to understand is this - Neither the park, the ride manufactuer, the onride photo company, or anyone working on that project want that ride delayed any longer than it needs to be. If it absoultely CANNOT open with the park season, every party that is inolved with that project is going to be working around the clock and putting in every possible ounce of effort to make it happen as soon as humanly possible. And when someone from that company (and those people DO read this forum) see "lol, Intamin" all they will want to do is give a big F**K YOUto Theme Park Review and it's readers. So please, have an ouce of understanding of what all these people are doing...FOR YOU...to get the ride open as quicky as possible...FOR YOU before making such statements. That's all I ask. And I don't think I'm asking too much. --Robb This is EXACTLY the reason why most parks and manufacturers dont give two farts about the enthusiast community. These threads make it so difficult for event planners and no one realizes it.
  4. ^^Right. Universal owns the Marvel rights east of the MIssissippi river as long as Universal continues to renew the agreement that is. Disney owns the rights for anything west of the Mississippi and everywhere else in the World I believe.
  5. WOW! Photo from: http://onride.de/viewtopic.php?t=58269&start=50
  6. They have really ran this park into the ground which is unfortunate. After last year's massive fail, they pissed off about 90% of their visitors so they are REALLY gonna have to work to get them back. Once the waterpark opens, I am sure they will have guests but not having their major rides open is and will always be a problem. X-Coaster had some parts that needed replacing and when they started cycling the trains, the cars came VERY CLOSE to the wood station floor. So close that they anticipated problems later into the season. So, they basically ripped it all up and are reconstructing it. The park says it will be open by Memorial Day and I really hope they make it.
  7. As I watched the episode last night, I told Natalee he would probably be recognized at SDC. Remember, Herschend's headquarters used to be in Branson and I bet Joel visited the park quite a bit when he was there. When dude whipped out his laptop, there was no doubt he knew he was talking to a higher up.
  8. Accuweather is now showing cloudy/78 for MM and sunny/69 for Knotts so its even looking better!
  9. Marlon, Did you try pricelining the hotel? I was able to get the Hyatt in Valencia for $55 per night.
  10. ^^Echoing Robb's remarks in regards to RideWorld... Don't be that person that videotapes POV during the ERT and posts it on YouTube Don't be that person that tries to slip a ride operator cash to ride Percy Don't be that person that complains about a ride not opening right when ERT starts because of weather Simply put, Don't be a douche! We work very hard to put these events on and the parks bend over backwards year after year. Don't bit the hand that feeds you! If you do these things, be prepared to never attend another RideWorld or TPR event again. Chris
  11. ^^In the past Solace events, it was open to everyone during ERT. So I assume it will be for WCB as well.
  12. The accident happened in the Dine with Shamu tank, not the show tank so I am not sure what they are going to accomplish by not allowing the human interaction in the Believe show. Isn't that what the whole show's theme is about???
  13. Where's the resident HRP fanboy that normally comes in occasionally and says we are full of crap? He's missed his cues!
  14. I am still hearing media days will be April 1st and 2nd. I know they are working balls to the wall to finish.
  15. Back in 200-2003, they brought in GCI to give them a quote to renovate the ride and they couldn't track the plans down then. Hopefully they were able to find them.
  16. I honestly don't think the park will open this year. They owe practically every vendor they used last year. Some as little as $300. If you can't pay a $300 debt, there is NO WAY you can operate a park of ANY size. And even if they do open, they will have to pay for everything in cash. NO ONE will extend them credit and so many parks depend on that revolving credit to survive.
  17. Media days are still being reported as April 1st and 2nd but as you know that could change. I wouldn't think they would open the area without the signature attraction though.
  18. ^Not likely. The park has been working for months on how to top past events and they really want to keep it a surprise until the Q&A session. Sorry!
  19. ^^Knotts is telling us it will be up by WCB, but personally I wouldn't count on it. I would bet the state will have MANY hoops for them to jump through.
  20. www.webhostingtalk.com go under Advertising Forums and then Web Hosting Offers
  21. ^Yes, it is a group dinner that is optional to those who want to do it.
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