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  1. Greetings ladies and gents! My name is Eric and I am the spokesperson/social media representative for Lakeshore Amusement Park! Lakeshore is located in the idyllic New Zealand alps, just outside of Queenstown! It's been a rough ride getting the park built, investors come and go, but the day is finally here! Opening day, I can't believe I am typing this to you right now, it truly is a dream come true for everyone involved. However, there is a lot riding on this park, investors are expecting a hefty return on their investment. I am optimistic that the park will meet expectations, as positive buzz has spread over southern New Zealand. (Also, does anyone know how to take higher quality screenshots? Right now I am taking them through Steam using F12, help would be greatly appreciated!) The park entrance against a setting sun. Just a couple more days until people flood these gates! Near the park entrance, is the Forest Flyers. Set against a backdrop of the ice-capped Mt. Karkorum. The park's Main Street Market will satisfy all your needs and cravings. The park's family coaster, The Grendel, features a lot of tight turns and head-choppers. Sure to please people of all ages! It also has the most beautiful queue line in the park! And here we have the lakefront. Inspired by seaside amusement parks the Lakefront holds three rides. Topsy Turvy, Devil's Drop, and the Rocktopus! The Rocktopus is surrounded by the park's crown jewel, the Lakeshore Cyclone. Lakeshore Cyclone features two underground drops! Looks like testing has begun! Opening day is just around the corner. Sunset's are gorgeous on the Lakeshore. And I leave you with one last shot of the Forest Flyer's. Next update is opening day. Stay tuned! Thanks for reading.
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