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    EDIT: The two "scenic highway" coasters were awesome, especially considering how old they are. I was sitting in the back of the last one when the brakeman asked everyone if they wanted to go faster. WE FLEW! I was holding the lap bar for dear life as I almost vaulted out of the car on a double down drop!


    damn. that makes me even more sad/jealous to think they're getting rid of that opportunity.

  2. Having fully adjusted to my new home, I can't look at these pictures without sunglasses, and even then, my pale skin sunburns just looking at the outside shots. My god it looks Hot and Sunny there.


    that calamari is the best menu item ever!!


    when we were flying out to Ohio..actually, when we were flying out to ATLANTA..Stupid Delta it was overnight on the HOTTEST PLANE IN THE UNIVERSE. (alas, this does not mean there were sexy topless stewardessessess) the redeeming, maybe, thing about the flight was we had satellite tv, which was not interesting until about 2 am, from there i spent a good amount of time amusing myself with informercials, all the while trying to forget that my brain and skin had melted and i was melded to the seat. At least i had Chick-fil-a waiting for me in the Hotlanta (also HOT!? wtf??) airport.

    (i didn't see any giraffes in the hotlanta airport, they may have all moved to terre haute by now... there weren't any on the moving walkways, and we all know the conveyor belt is there favorite form of transport)


    Fun TR Dave! And the pictures are getting way better!

  3. That was really awesome Shane! We never went to Kings Dominion when I was little, but was vaguely aware of it starting around the early 90's probably. It was great to see all that awesome early stuff.


    I just moved out to Seattle and we have an awesomely huge video store, so this weekend we're going to rent Rollercoaster and watch it in a double bill with Kiss Meets The Phantom Of The Park.

  4. That only happens at Tokyo Train Station. Where you get no warning...




    oh Tokyo train station, where Ninjas attack on the half hour and gators lurk in squat toilets and run away trains driven by zombie serial killers careen through the station at a million miles an hour, how i miss you....

  5. ^This ride could be set up like the Reese's cup Challenge at Hershey, only instead of "Team Chocolate" and Team Peanut butter," it would be "Team Jesus" and "Team Santa."


    bwahahahaha. you totally freakin' crack me up Chuck- and i would SO ride that.


    interestingly, i just watched Santa Claus conquers the Martians not too long ago, not the MST3K version though, just the original movie- it's kinda hard to sit through, but that one guys mustache makes it worth it.

  6. ^ that's very true. luckily, it was only plant eaters and very small carnivores, no need for a Wazooectomy.


    And now, because i know you're All DYING to hear more about the 1934 Womens College of Delaware year book, or at the very least might find it more interesting than toe flossing, before i retire for the night i shall transcribe the bio of the young miss Lois Phelps, who, you'll be keen to know, majored in Home Economics! perhaps she got to tend the Baby drawer!


    "Lois, one of our merriest girls, and one of our tiniest, is friendly and dependable. She never takes anything too seriously, but acquits her tasks faithfully and well. Down in the commuters' room she is one of the greatest talkers and gigglers, in the arts of which she is particularly skilled. She has her own peculiar way about them too. Ask her to pronounce "banana", and you'll see."



    p.s. Hooray! post 100!

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