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  1. Well it looks like we are having a 5 day stay at Disneys Grand Floridian because that hotel looked really big and nice. Is the Hard Rock Hotel @ Universal a good place to stay? .
  2. Your at a Six Flags.... When the park hasnt gotten a new coaster in 6 years cough *darien lake* cough...
  3. Well im the youngest one going but I just wanted to visist Disney anyway..
  4. Here are some questions I have for anyone willing to answer them.. Family will be setting up a Florida trip soon, it will be my first time. 1) Is 9 days enough to fully visit Disney, Universal, Busch Gardens? 2) How far apart are the Disney Parks ? 3) What Disney resorts would you recomend? 4) What else is there to do in Florida.. ? Any fun local parks with good coaster credits? 5) Is it worth going to both of Disneys water parks? 6) Do the lines at Disney/Universal/Busch move fairly fast? 7) Are Floridas beaches nice? What areas do you recomend? 8) Is the Animal Kingdom boring? - Thanks...
  5. No White Castles around here.. and those burgers are heavily famous.. but I dont know If they can beat those damn Double Cheeseburgers at Mcdonalds... I love those..
  6. Those are the only coasters where the ride looks a lot taller when your up there. Ya its like " crap this is tall" when your on it. . and they look so small compared to many other coasters
  7. all the videos on that site are nice.. I really wana ride Geforce.. but I dont see that happening unless its cloned in the US.
  8. The first Drop on the Boomerangs are classic.. it always gives me a tingle feeling.. And some people seem to think that Wicked Twister is boring but IMO its a great ride.. very smooth and fast ... and looking down from the backseat is amazing.. and the fact its on the beach adds a unique setting..
  9. you know your at a Six Flags when your in the middle of nowhere.. ( ok I just think its funny how some of the parks just like pop up out of the woods)
  10. You know your at a Six Flags when people get flung out of the roller coasters
  11. thats kinda funny ... anyways its China so maybe they will like it anways even though the castle looks um.. little.. but most of them probably havent ever been to other Disneys so im sure they will like it right?
  12. Mantis was a little rough for me.. but Magnum was worse.. I had stuff In my pockets.. and the airtime was so great it was hurting my legs really bad.. the lapbar even cracked my cellphone.. but its my fault I guess..
  13. I'm all about SubZero. that's my boy right there. SubZero is my hero!...
  14. They are making a new Kombat movie... and that could work.. but not a park...
  15. .. I cant believe Disney is actually trying to make CGI movies now.. ( I think a Pixar park would be a nice addition to Disney )
  16. Latest coaster ride... Steel Dragon at Waldameer Park in Erie Pa.. crap that thing was fun.. and the line moves fast.. its a very good coaster for such a small park.
  17. Magnum = airtime = OUCH!... ( I was all happy to go on it, but it just seemed a little rough to be a really famous coaster imo )
  18. Cedar Point would be an amusement park to me, but then again it could be a theme park because all the rides are themed.. Disney and Universal are more of a solid themed park.. but I really dont see the difference in them.. Even Six Flags has the whole.. Warner Brothers, DC Comics theme going on... so I guess they would be theme parks.. imo.
  19. Spongebob Ride Of Steel.... 8) .. my kind of ride.. Faster than a Speeding Sponge!!..
  20. I need to try storm runner.. the only launched coaster ive ever been on is Wicked Twister at CP..
  21. Also many times you can go to like a local stores service desk and see if they sell park tickets. I know that around here you can get Six Flags and Cedar Point tickets at a discount at the service desk at some stores.
  22. Thats great! .. even though a ridiculous amount of people use Microsoft Windows.. I think its like 90% of the worlds computers run on Windows.. or something like that.. but Macs actually look good for playing games.
  23. This might be a dumb question but.. why did you have to fly to NYC .. cant you just leave from L.A and go accross the Pacific?
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