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  1. I also noticed how Raptors brakes ruin the whole ride.. its so smooth.. and then CRASH...


    Magnum had amazing airtime, but the lapbar was hurting my legs and crushing my cellphone in the pocket..


    I also agree that Wicked Twister is an amazing ride.. I dont think it gets enough apreciation.. and there is NEVER a long line for it.


    maXair is just coolness... Its good to ride after you get wet.. because the air just drys you really quick.. and the best part is the front seat view of you falling to the ground.. but I only got that view once out of 3 rides..


    Dragster was down when I was there..


    And whats the deal with Mantis always having the huge lines? I didnt find it that good.. it hurt me..


    Hope you had a nice trip and nice pictures.. I plan on going again soon.

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