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  1. A LONG time ago (early 40's) , a park by the local lake here was totaly destroyed by a Water Spout that came on land. The Ferris Wheel fell into the lake, and its still there.. it became the home of many fish, so it was voted not to be recovered. The small woodie that was there was blown to pieces, and the only thing at the park that was left was the bleachers of the baseball field.. ( they are still there also)

  2. Maybe someone will buy SFDL and finally do something with it.. Because its popular around here... everyone goes to it because the only other good parks around are CP and Hershey and those are still about 4 hours away. The concerts held at Darien are a plus, because they are major artists that come all season long... and you can get into the park for cheap if u go to a concert..

  3. TTD rolls back several times every day. I've been in a roll back. It's not scary, but it's fun. it's nice to be able to be launched twice! I would not want to get stuck at the top however!




    TTD actually got stuck in June.


    That would be a great view of the park..!! I saw Dragster rollback... my friend was on it and he doesnt know how its built to handle them and he thought they were gonna crash.

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