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  1. I saw

    Star Wars, and Chocolate Factory.. and I loved them both... Im looking forward to seeing Harry Potter and King Kong... ( since there like the only good movies left this year).... Pixars new movie looks like crap.. compared to the rest they have done.. but disneys movies sucked this year..


    Did anyone see the new Disney movie?.. I think it was ok for a "non pixar" animated film.. but IMO they havent had a GOOD pure Disney film since Lion King.. and Lilo...

  2. wow!


    i am on the 6:30 diet. i woun't eat any food after 6:30pm it kinda works in curving my appetite.


    I know you shouldnt eat late.. but isnt 6:30 kinda pushin it?... sometimes I dont eat till 7, 8.... and thats not late at all... 10, 11.. thats late..


    But ya ive lost almost 100 pounds... It all started when I wanted to fit into all the intamins... so ya.. im about 160 pounds now.. I was 250...


    So I call my diet the "Intamin Diet"..

  3. I cant believe all the pictures/videos on the news. Its so strange to think that this is the US and yet it looks like some 3rd world country.. People are stranded and helpless and thats not something you think about everyday .


    Those states will never be the same again.. and as for Six Flags, with the park having the financial issues.... can they afford to fix anything?

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