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  1. Im not going to count Disneys coasters... because ive never been on them and they dont scream " real coaster" to me...



    Id say that Americas gems are Mellenium Force, S:ROS @ SFNE, and X (just because its the only kind)... and TTD and KK just because of the height and speed... as far as the older coasters... Coney Island and stuff is an Icon..

  2. My first ride on S:ROS was scary because it was the first time id been on a coaster thats over 200ft...


    Oh ya also my Magnum ride was scary... Going up the lift, the train seemed to like... wobble from side to side and It was like it was going to go over the edge... and the view of the ground wasnt helping.. oh and the wind wasnt helping either...


    Oh and ive always had this fear of impulse coasters... I was on Wicked Twister and I thought we were going to hit the top... and the view from the back seat... looking down.. not knowing how much track is left above you... oh my god I was freaking out..

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