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  1. Ya that ride is amazing...!....


    did you see the new coaster construction up close?...


    It looks really small too me..... I dont think its going to be anything over the top,or record breaking. I did notice the tons and tons of red track laying in the grass though... and I noticed people taking pictures of it but I didnt bother because I know people already have tons of them on here.

  2. So yesterday was my 18th birthday and we took a trip to Cedar Point (its about a 4 hour drive from my house).


    Well the weather was great, but the sky was clear so we had no protection from the sun.


    As soon as we arrived we got in line for TTD, because I knew we needed to get on it asap. The line was pretty long, so we waited in the sun for about 2 hours, and I got bad sunburn on my neck and face .


    It broke down once, but it was back up in about 15 minutes so that was a good thing.! Our first time on it was amazing... I wasnt expecting the launch to be that powerfull, and the view from the top was priceless ( its funny how small MF looks from up there.! )


    The MF line was only about an hour or less wait, so it wasnt too bad with all the shade (i wish all the rides had that much shade). Our first time on it was also amazing, the view of the lake and park is great, and the first drop was crazy! I liked how it keeps a steady fast speed through the whole ride, and the hills gave some good airtime.


    I didnt get to try skyhawk because nobody wanted to ride it with me, so we got on Power Tower instead, but I liked it still...and we got some good airtime at the top.


    Iron Dragon was the worst ride we got on, because it was pretty boring. I didnt get any g's at all.


    As always, Raptor was amazing ....and the breaks didnt hit too hard this time ( last year I got slammed really bad.)


    Magnum was okay, but I think its overated




    maXair was awesome but i enjoyed it more last year, so i guess one ride is enough.

  3. Mantis hurt my chest and legs.... it dug into me ... though I will say the view of the park going up is amazing and its scary as hell because It just seems higher than it really is... Though I have to say that Magnum hurt the worst..... I had soo much airtime that i got bruised...

  4. .... Get in line for Mantis, because that was one of the longest lines when i was there.. and TTD is also a ride to get on early... because you never know when its going to breakdown.... Millenium Force had a really long line, but that was because It was running slow that day.. and it was getting stuck alot... I would recomend maXair because that ride is very fun, and also Wicked Twister because its awesome... Magnum has alot of airtime but it hurts....

  5. I got 3 rides in a row on Wicked Twister because there was no line, as usual...


    I got S:ROS @ SFDL 4 times in a row because there was not enough people to fill all the seats... and most of the rides lines that day had been no longer then 5-10 minutes... it was soooo dead...

  6. Wow...that's going to be a nice movie. Next thing to look forwards to is the last book.



    Do you really think she wants to stop making money?... Im sure there will be more books in the future..


    Just like how Lucas says there will be no more star wars movies.... ha... pressure from the studio... and greed.... is all it takes...

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