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  1. On my recent trip to SFDL, I was informed that " Superman is like totally the tallest ride in the world "



    Allthough the funniest thing ever for me would have to be, when our Physics class was planning a trip to CP, and my teacher was talking about TTD... and he said that it was 120ft and went 420mph... he obviously read it wrong, so I quickly corrected him....


    I cant even begin to think what 420mph would be like.

  2. The line for TTD still gets to be 4 1/2 hours long???


    I've never seen it that long in its debut year, hell I haven't even seen Kingda Ka's line get THAT long.


    when i was there in 2005....the line was all the way down the midway...

    i believe it was around a 5 hour wait.. It didnt help that it kept breaking down every couple of launches .. so many people were in line they just finnaly closed it for the day because they coudlnt run it effeciently enough.


    for me, this years trip in august... it was like 100 degrees out... and people didnt want to stand in lines all day... so people were getting Dragster rerides like candy... that was a good day.

  3. I searched for a topic like this and couldnt find any others, but sorry if this has been done recently.



    Anyways, what are some of your favorite views from a lift hill?..




    I would have to say Millennium Force has an amazing view... with Lake Erie on the left and the entire park on the right..


    I also think Magnum has an amazing view, over the waterpark and right up to the beach.


    And the turn at the top of Mantis has a great view of the front of the park.


    ( ok I know I sound like a CP fanboy but i actually just really do like those views, and I havent been to many other parks.)



    so ya, what are some of your favorites?.

  4. My first coaster was S:ROS at SFDL..........


    That broke my fear of heights....


    And now the tallest coaster ive been on is Dragster....and I can say that I was truly scared when I was waiting in line, and it only got worst waiting for the launch.... and when the christmas tree started glowing.. ( or whatever its called ).. I pretty much just started to scream.....


    yes I screamed on dragster, and it was very loud but I dont care...ive never been in a launch that powerfull.

  5. Good old Darien Lake....... well im glad to see its still beating people up!!..


    Though I must say I enjoy the Viper.... Ive always thought it was smooth compared to others.


    And yes, if it wasnt for Superman, I dont see how anybody would bother going to this park anymore, besides the good concerts they get!...


    Atleast its only an hour drive from here, so I can go...... get beat up ....and still be able to make it home.!.


    With this freakin heat thats been around lately ive been feeling like taking a dive on Shipwreck Falls.... Actually that sounds really really good right now.

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