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  1. Wood 10. Thunderhead 9. Comet @ Great Escape 8. Phoenix 7. Voyage 6. Colossus @ Heide Park 5. Coaster @ PNE Playland 4. Boulderdash 3. Balder 2. Outlaw Run 1. El Toro Steel 10. Insane @ Grona Lund 9. Piraten 8. Phantom's Revenge 7. Kumba 6. X2 5. Fury 325 4. iSpeed 3. Maverick 2. Superman: The Ride @ SFNE 1. Expedition Ge Force
  2. Rutschebanen @ Tivoli Gardens. 1914. 3rd oldest coaster still operating to this date.
  3. This is the cream of my bucket list, since the entire list would contain just about every coaster I haven't been on or park I haven't been to. Rides: Intimidator 305 Skyrush Walibi World Goliath Nemesis Wildfire (Kolmarden) Pyrenees T-Express Atlantis Adventure Mountain Flyer The High Five Woodie in China Anaconda @ Gold Reef City Formula Rossa Coaster Through the Clouds Gravity Max Olympia Looping West Edmonton Mindbender Parks: Tokyo Disney Resort Busch Gardens Williamsberg Alton Towers Blackpool Pleasure Beach Happy Valley Shanghai
  4. I know I'm certainly one to complain about the newer B&Ms, and yeah. For the most part, I'm not a fan of the newer B&Ms, and I greatly prefer their older creations like Kumba, over their newer stuff like the Wing Riders. However, that's just because the parks want B&M to build rides like that. For instance, my favorite B&M is Fury 325, which is a really new B&M. And some of their new stuff looks fun, like Banshee, and that one Flyer in China that looks insane. So B&M certainly has the capable to build a great ride and stuff just as good, if not better than their classic 90s rides. Parks just want the tamer rides like the Wing Riders, and Inverts like OzIris and not their more intense rides. So B&M certainly can top the charts. Parks just have to want to build crazier and more intense B&Ms.
  5. I'm just happy that Mean Streak is getting demolished. Yes, an RMC replacing it would be awesome, but even if they just decide to replace Mean Streak with a park bench, or a lemonade stand, or a Wacky Worm, all of those things would be an improvement on that spot. Good riddance Mean Streak.
  6. Cedar Point B&M Giga or Intamin Giga?
  7. All those photos really make me miss Europa Park. That park is just so damn amazing. Easily the best park I've been to. Keep up the good work.
  8. Nice Photo TR. Lost Gravity looks awesome and gives me yet another reason to go back to Europe. Glad to see you're having a good time.
  9. I went to John's Incredible Pizza and got that puny credit there. Easily the most embarrassed I've been credit whoring. I may be a credit whore, but I'm probably gonna just skip the one up in NorCal. I think I found my line.
  10. The vast majority of the time, I check TPR on my desktop. Occasionally, I'll do it on mobile if I'm out, but I'd say I'm on desktop 85% to mobile 15%.
  11. Awesome! This ride looks great and it just gives me yet another reason to go back to Grona Lund, which I just absolutely love.
  12. Here are my milestones #1. Gadgests Go Coaster @ DLR #50. Demon @ CGA #100. Boomerang @ Great Escape #200. Hoosier Hurricane @ Indiana Beach #300. Ispeed @ Mirabilandia #400. Batman the Ride @ SFOT #500. Rewind Racers @ Adventure City
  13. Only going after the standard Corkscrew design (Nothing like Viper), Vekoma definitely has a better design as it has a little bit of airtime and is more of a ride and not just a drop, turn, corkscrews, brake run.
  14. Nitro @ Six Flags Great Adventure
  15. Well, obviously, I'd pick X2 @ SFMM. But since that's not allowed, my 2nd favorite Arrow would be Magnum XL 200 @ Cedar Point.
  16. Cedar Fair: Maverick Six Flags: El Toro SeaWorld Entertainment: Kumba Merlin: Collosus (Heide Park) Herschend: Outlaw Run Universal: Dueling Dragons Fire Disney Parks: Rock N' Rollercoaster Parques Reunidos: iSpeed Compagnie des Alpes: OzIris Plopsa: Expedition Ge Force Independent: Balder
  17. RMC Mean Streak Deal with a hurricane or an earthquake?
  18. Poison Oak is HORRIBLE!!! I HATE the damn stuff. Trying to resist the urge (and failing) to not scratch constantly at it.
  19. Six Flags Magic Mountain, but that's just a quick visit with friends. No big deal. After that, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom for Joker.
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