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  1. Boulderdash @ Lake Compounce Winjas @ Phantasialand (I made sure to avoid EVERYTHING so to not spoil the special effects on this ride) Mystery Mine @ Dollywood
  2. No. It's great. I love it. It's in my Top 10 Favorite Theme Parks, but not Top 5. Have you been on an airplane within the past year?
  3. Kumba Silver Dollar City or Dollywood?
  4. Wow. Didn't even know this was being built until just now. Looks like a really fun ride so far and I look forward to hearing new information about this ride soon.
  5. Nice Photo TR. I hadn't seen anything on Gold Reef City for a while, and it's good to see how the park is doing now. The green on Anaconda is a big improvement from the orange it used to be. Hope to make it to this park someday.
  6. I'm always against security theater. Usually, security theater discussions are about airport security and the TSA since that's easily the most prominent example of security theater. But I do consider all the new metal detectors popping up to be security theater (Granted, a much smaller form of security theater, but still security theater). I've heard many stories of stuff getting past the metal detectors. It's not a huge deal as the security theater in theme parks is much smaller and far less serious compared to other forms of security theater (Airports) and it's far easier to just go through them and not make a big deal out of it, but I still find it annoying every time (Especially when it's crowded and those metal detectors really slow things down).
  7. Japan Would you rather go to Saudi Arabia or Iran?
  8. Nice Photo TR. Dubai looks awesome and I'll hopefully get there soon enough. Looking forward to the rest of the Trip Report.
  9. Almost never. If it's something really good, far away, and closing soon, then yeah. But for the most part, No. Have you ridden any defunct coasters (No relocated coasters, only coasters that are now scrap metal or firewood)?
  10. Nice Photo TR. I always enjoy seeing Photo TRs of these parks that rarely get covered, as well as all the cultural stuff.
  11. Mirabilandia: iSpeed + Katun. You're not going to beat that. Without a doubt, the best one-two punch. Some runners up. Six Flags Magic Mountain: X2 + Twisted Colossus Busch Gardens Tampa: Kumba + Montu Liseberg: Balder + Helix
  12. No Are you riding any of the new for 2017 coasters?
  13. Never. Microwaves exist. When was the last time you ate a hamburger?
  14. I'm surprised that it's getting removed so early in the season. But hey. It's not like I rode Boomerang often anyways. Hopefully something good goes in that spot for 2018.
  15. Had some when I was at Silver Dollar City in 2013. When was the last time you went to Silver Dollar City?
  16. Nope. It closed way too long ago for me to have a chance to get there. Have you ever been bungee jumping?
  17. Maverick. This ride has everything. Ejector air, great first drop, fast launch, insane laterals, fun inversions, and more. Without a doubt my favorite ride at Cedar Point. Movie Park Germany?
  18. Mr. Smith discovered his newfound love of chess from that really heated game. After years of practice, he eventually became a pro at Chess and was invited to the Chess Tournament, located on the Moon. He was just about to win the game, when a spaceship landed, disrupting the game. Mr. Smith was pissed and grabbed his gun, ready to destroy the one who ruined his chess tournament. The door of the spaceship opened, and out walked...
  19. About a month ago. Xcelerator @ KBF. When was the last time you saw a Disney Movie?
  20. "Time For Tea (Melbourne Swing Mix" - Acorn Lane
  21. Blue Hawk (Ninja) @ SFOG. I don't love this ride, but I liked it and may be one of the only enthusiasts that doesn't hate the ride. It's not that bad. Gouderix is so much worse.
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