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  1. Cedar Fair does have a bag tag policy for medical bags. I've seen people with them in lines and allowed to leave them in the stations of rides that do not have loose article bins.
  2. While I'm sure your intentions are for the best, think about how many times people have tried to get under height people on the rides? Is it an inconvenience? Yes, but it speeds operations up because you aren't height checking everyone loading a train.
  3. Got a nice surprise at KD yesterday. They had Windseeker, Apple Zapple, Racer75, and Twisted Timbers open!
  4. Thanks! I wasn't sure if we were able to post content like that, or only TPR/moderators.
  5. Kings Dominion Announces "Taste of the Season" Happy holidays! Savor the flavors of the holidays at Kings Dominion’ Taste of the Season, an ALL-NEW limited-capacity outdoor holiday experience. Sample tempting treats with your Tasting Card and make magical family memories— safely. Select dates, December 5 – 27. Only at Kings Dominion can you find a food-tasting extravaganza with a sleigh-full of fun family activities. Purchase a Tasting Card to choose among 25 samples of delicious holiday sweets and savories. Sip the season with specialty drinks from Santa’s mixologists. Feast your eyes on dazzling holiday décor, enjoy seasonal shows, and wrap up your Christmas shopping. What’s more, select family rides are open to deliver the ear-to-ear smiles and belly laughs you can always count on from Kings Dominion. We want you to enjoy Kings Dominion’s Taste of the Season and feel safe when visiting, so we’ve developed an extensive reopening plan—new processes and enhanced procedures throughout the park to help reduce the spread of germs. We’re all in this together and by working together you can safely and confidently have an AMAZING time this holiday season. Capacity is limited and reservations are required, so secure your spots now. KingsDominion.com
  6. He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for the overall park). A quick Google search of Bridgette, I have high hopes that this will be a good transition for Kings Dominion. She's worked her way up thru many positions at World's of Fun and has been actively involved in park operations both at a park and corporate levels. I would venture to guess Kings Dominion will become more aggressive in building upon seasonal events and adding rides. I don't think you'll see anything seriously impressive for the next 3 years depending on how/when everything recovers post COVID. I do think you'll see a lot of infrastructure and beautification work during this time. If any new rides, probably mostly flat rides. I would also venture to guess that White Water Canyon's days are numbered (seeing as how Cedar Fair seems to be removing these from most parks). Between Volcano's empty location and White Water Canyon, that's a lot of land already accessible to the park to build on.
  7. Just saw in the news that 3 employees tested positive before their shifts yesterday. Makes you wonder how that effects operations based on where they were working.
  8. Well this is most unfortunate. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/williamsburg/despite-requests-gov-northam-isnt-changing-guest-limits-for-busch-gardens-and-kings-dominion-likely-keeping-them-closed/
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and get your ticket for the rumor train. Is SeaWorld going to survive or who is going to buy them?
  10. Not being a party pooper at all. I'm sure there are rules in place at the parks to shut everything down if there is a drone in the area. Think of all the people who would have a field day if Orion's construction was delayed because someone wanted a better view of it.
  11. You sound like someone who would argue with security for being asked to put your cigarette out because you are only 2' outside of a marked smoking area.
  12. I've seen it full and backed all the way up to the tunnel on Saturdays during Haunt and Holiday weekends (which is why I avoid those).
  13. Kings Island and Kings Dominion both have announcements Thursday. I would venture to guess that Cedar Fair will do all announcements then.
  14. Everyone else trying not to get their hopes up about the August 15th announcement?
  15. I agree! How is it that across the parks, they do these brews and food events that have some pretty amazing food being sold from temporary kitchens? Then you look at their permanant park restaurants that are serving three chicken tenders and a handful of fries that have been sitting under a heat lamp for an hour for $15. What is the disconnect here?
  16. Great trip report and love the jokes. Dominator as a hyper-floorless was really good.
  17. Steel Vengence was the first coaster that made me contemplate traveling to visit a park the year a new coaster opens. That being said, I didn't. If it's something that I'm truly interested in, I tend to look at going the second or third year after the frenzy has eased up a little. Doesn't break my heart if I do or don't ride a new coaster the year it opens. What breaks my heart is waiting 2+ hours to ride something. If I'm paying more than admission on FL+, I don't want to wait more than 15 minutes for anything. So again, first year of a new coaster is a pass for me. I'm sure there are plenty of other enthusiasts and pass holders who feel the same.
  18. And by "Head of Maintenance" she meant former board operator....? Your part was awesome and well said, Kudos!
  19. I've got my popcorn popped waiting on Coasterbill to stir the pot... In all seriousness, the news sucks but not surprising. Seeing all these people on Facebook losing their minds is pretty crazy. My favorites are the ones who mention that it always had a long line which is why they can't get rid of it. It had a long line because capacity was so bad. My personal opinion was it was amazing for what it was. After having ridden it the first time, if the wait was more than 30 minutes, it was a skip for me. Most times you can get two rides on Intimidator to one on Volcano. It is iconic and was groundbreaking. I'm sure there's something up their sleeve and there is that GPS teaser that we haven't heard anything more about. This will surely speed up any plans for the future that they have.
  20. This is exactly the opposite of how it generally works (at least on all of Great Adventure's coasters that run for Holiday in the Park). As time passes the rides run faster and faster as they keep cycling to the point where even if the temperature drops considerably (or the wind picks up considerably) after dark the rides haul A$$ because they've been running for about 5 hours straight. If a ride is going to valley it will almost always do it at the beginning of the day (probably during testing). Difference is during normal season, rides start cycling much earlier in the day. During Winterfest, rides done start cycling until at most 2 hours before open.
  21. Just my two cents on the temperature thing. It isn't necessarily just the temperature that plays a role. It's the amount of time it takes for the trains to make a circuit. There usually is a time that once it passes, it becomes more of a probability instead of a possibility that the train will valley. Take into account how long it takes for the train to stop moving enough to clamp, temperature, and time to evacuate the train, it would make more sense to err on the side of caution. If the daytime temperature doesn't warm up enough, you're talking about the grease not getting loose enough to even think about it. I'm no expert but I wouldn't want to be stuck on a coaster in 30s waiting to be pulled off in a lift.
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