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  1. If anything, you'll see security stepped up to make people feel safer.
  2. Let me preface that I have not been to BGT since before Gwazi opened. While the above is true, it's going to depend on how clearly the no cell phone policy is posted and audibly communicated. Given the number of cell phone incidents on RMC coasters which have resulted in metal detectors, locker usage enforcement, signage, and audible recordings, etc. If these aren't in use at BGT it can open up a small window of liability. Again, given the number of incidents with previous RMC coasters, they can't hide behind it's the person's fault for being their phone on with them. Share the blame, absolutely.
  3. Likely they couldn't begin any changes to the ride due to possible pending litigation (probably including a NDA). They were probably already well into the operating season once that cleared up and they definitely aren't going to work on any queue/plaza modifications while the park is open 7 days a week. IMO, they are getting prepared to move/modify queue with fencing of some sort along the launch and brake areas to prevent this from happening again.
  4. KD isn't going to get the Volcano replacement until their 50th. Why would they waste a new coaster to not coincide with the parks anniversary? WoF is long overdue some serious investment.
  5. Sad news. I feel for the family. https://www.kctv5.com/2022/07/12/child-found-unresponsive-oceans-fun-pool-dies-injuries/
  6. Wait and see as mid-week is hit and miss. Fast lane won't sell out before you get there.
  7. The campground is a great option, as long as you plan on cooking your own food. Again, the only food options in Doswell are KD, Burger King, 7-11, and gas station fried chicken. Ashland is 1 exit south and has plenty of food options.
  8. If you had been height checked, would you not have been able to ride?
  9. It will be interesting to see where the trail ends as to who is responsible for making those adjustments. I find it hard to fathom that a ride operator would be the one who did it.
  10. I believe the change of theming in the area to Jungle Expedition is the bigger draw. Sure a new coaster, but everyone was calling it for what it was at the time, The Crypt replacement. Feels like everyone is beating a dead horse at this point about Tumbili. I for one am very excited so see all of the changes happening to the area as a whole. They are definitely investing in theming and a cohesive story across the whole area. Very excited to see where it goes. Insert dislike for Tumbili as a ride here, but it looks pretty in the space and it's great to the ride as a whole be interactive in the space. Not as much of a wow factor as the Crypt was with the fire effects, but definitely nice to see scenery not stop at the curb of the ride.
  11. If it was only a potential, they wouldn't have asked for an extension after Pantheon was built...
  12. Testing versus park open are entirely different modes of operation. Same reason you tend to have slower operations and downtimes at the start of the season instead of the middle and end. You're dealing with training/human error and the public.
  13. I'm guessing Twix and Snickers are still fighting over how much they are willing to pay to put their name on it?
  14. By staring at the back of their head? Unless it's a slow day, or they have someone controlling the amount of people in the station (hint: they won't), I would suggest that you all don't try to ride it all at the same time. People trying to group together is one of the main things that creates a line on this ride.
  15. They don't allow fanny packs on their coasters. Absolutely no cell phones allowed on Twisted, and here you do get a small free locker (big enough for your phone, keys, and wallet). 305 and Flight of Fear do not have a place in the station for loose articles. The week you are planning on going is Spring Break in VA. Expect it to be crowded, more so on Saturday. Considering you will be going two days, you'll be able to ride everything without FL. If you want to ride everything multiple times,you'll want to get FL+.
  16. Definitely make your list of must rides for the park, and start at Twisted. The park is absolutely hit and miss in the early season. Is it crowded or empty? Are they only running one train? Is staffing low? What is the weather (this time of year it's common to have all four seasons withing 48 hours). After Twisted, I would plan for Tumbili (if it's on your list) or either Flight of Fear and I305. If you plan on entering Dominator's line at least 15 minutes before close, you should be able to get in. I would only plan on buying FL+ if the park is busy, or you don't want to give up time to stop what you're doing to go get one. Check the app as soon as you get there to see what their wait times are. Should give you a good enough idea if you need one when you walk in.
  17. Could it be converted? Absolutely, but I don't think Intamin would continue any support of the ride if it didn't have their launch system on it. Also, as @Mike240SX has already pointed out, the launch wasn't the issue, it was bolt failure. Also, when you look at the top 10* fastest launched coasters in the world, you don't see any that exceed 75 mph from a dead stop using any propulsion system other than compressed air of hydraulic cable launch. The rest of them are a rolling launch, LSM lift hill, or shuttle launch (forward back forward). LSM and LIM launches need a lot of power, much more than compressed air and hydraulic. I would venture to guess the reason why we haven't seen LSM or LIM launches in excess of the speeds that we currently do has to be in regards to cost, reliability, and maintenance. Not to bring up a sore subject, but Volcano at KD was the fastest LIM launched coaster and needed 2 launch sections from a rolling start just to get to the speed it hit. Reliability was very hit and miss, much more so compared to those with Hydraulic or Compressed Air. Before anyone points out XLC being down all the time, that was more a wheel issue than the launch system. (* Stats pulled from RCDB and Wikipedia)
  18. @KBrylczykI don't think you're the only one... (This is sarcasm) @coasterbillIt wouldn't let me delete it, and I meant to put that at the end of the post. Quotes and tags won't delete from the reply box once added.
  19. Last I checked, rides cost money. If TTD we're scrapped, who do you think would get a ride first, CP or KD? Regardless, it's a moot point as you have pointed out, there has been no announcement of a Volcano replacement at KD. This has also dragged outside the realm of the CP thread. I was just joking earlier, and it was misconstrued. I will make sure that I clearly label all jokes as such.
  20. Absolutely true and yes, great example. Given their relationship with Intamin, there is that possibility. Wouldn't that be something if they did remove it, and then "further" delays the "Volcano replacement" at Kings Dominion (if it ever happens)...
  21. I swear to god, you can't tell a joke unless it's labeled as one. Based on the track damage noted in the report, there will be sections that need to be replaced (I see Ohio state pushing for replacement vs. repair). I'm sure everyone agrees that queue line changes are coming as well. I feel the ride is too iconic at this point to be scrapped and you will see work starting towards the end of the season. Also, not 100% sure on Ohio laws, but replacing track will probably put the ride inspection as a new ride as opposed to a renewal.
  22. I could see them reducing the number of active trains in operation to accommodate needing more frequent rebuilds/inspections of the trains during the season. Wonder how long it'll be before TTD becomes an upcharge attraction....
  23. That's because they aren't, sorta. Yes, they are on the Safari side of the park, but their walkways are very clearly themed to the rides. Back Lot Stunt Coaster is very obviously in the Safari section and just clashes with the theme.
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