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  1. Thanks! I wasn't sure if we were able to post content like that, or only TPR/moderators.
  2. Kings Dominion Announces "Taste of the Season" Happy holidays! Savor the flavors of the holidays at Kings Dominion’ Taste of the Season, an ALL-NEW limited-capacity outdoor holiday experience. Sample tempting treats with your Tasting Card and make magical family memories— safely. Select dates, December 5 – 27. Only at Kings Dominion can you find a food-tasting extravaganza with a sleigh-full of fun family activities. Purchase a Tasting Card to choose among 25 samples of delicious holiday sweets and savories. Sip the season with specialty drinks from Santa’s mixologists. Feast
  3. He has a lot more history with Kings Dominion than just 2 years. You also forgot that Carnival and Winterfest also came in under him (I know they aren't rides, but I feel they are big improvements for the overall park). A quick Google search of Bridgette, I have high hopes that this will be a good transition for Kings Dominion. She's worked her way up thru many positions at World's of Fun and has been actively involved in park operations both at a park and corporate levels. I would venture to guess Kings Dominion will become more aggressive in building upon seasonal events and
  4. Just saw in the news that 3 employees tested positive before their shifts yesterday. Makes you wonder how that effects operations based on where they were working.
  5. Well this is most unfortunate. https://www.wavy.com/news/local-news/williamsburg/despite-requests-gov-northam-isnt-changing-guest-limits-for-busch-gardens-and-kings-dominion-likely-keeping-them-closed/
  6. Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and get your ticket for the rumor train. Is SeaWorld going to survive or who is going to buy them?
  7. Not being a party pooper at all. I'm sure there are rules in place at the parks to shut everything down if there is a drone in the area. Think of all the people who would have a field day if Orion's construction was delayed because someone wanted a better view of it.
  8. You sound like someone who would argue with security for being asked to put your cigarette out because you are only 2' outside of a marked smoking area.
  9. I've seen it full and backed all the way up to the tunnel on Saturdays during Haunt and Holiday weekends (which is why I avoid those).
  10. Kings Island and Kings Dominion both have announcements Thursday. I would venture to guess that Cedar Fair will do all announcements then.
  11. Everyone else trying not to get their hopes up about the August 15th announcement?
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