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  1. Oh lord, my interests are coming back to haunt me! In terms of favorites, I have a lot of them. So, to make things easier on the eyes, I have put them into lists. Favorite Male Wrestlers: Neville(or PAC for all you wrestling marks) Zack Ryder Austin Aries Bobby Roode Shinsuke Nakamura Broken Matt Hardy Daniel Bryan Michael Cammett Mustafa Ali Akira Tozawa TJ Perkins CM Punk Sami Callihan Favorite Female Wrestlers: Lita AJ Lee Ember Moon Dana Brooke Bayley Favorite Tag Teams: New Day Hype Bros Cesaro and Sheamus Enzo & Cass DIY
  2. On the topic of Lightning Loops, my mom told me she was at Great Adventure the same day somebody died on it.
  3. Hello there everyone! I have just gotten into TPR and I must say, it is one awesome channel! I have gotten obsessed with roller coasters because of it. While I'm at it, time for me to introduce myself! My name is WrasslinNCoasters. My home theme park is Six Flags Great Adventure. I have been on only 4 coasters because of my extremely tight schedule, moat of them being at SFGadv. I know, pretty wimpy if you ask me. I am also obsessed with wrestling, the fake kind. I've been a loyal follower of it since I was 3. That's all folks!
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