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  1. Suffice to say there are a lot. Six Flags has the best steel coasters in the country IMO. The S:RoS's, Raging Bull, Nitro, Batman and Namtab, The Chiller, The Freezes, The Boss, Viper at GAM, the list goes on and on and on. For non coaster rides the Scooby Dark Ride at SFSTL is pretty amazing.
  2. Actaully Dragtsers line moves A LOT faster then Millies. As long as the weather allows it to run. The very common high winds at the point will kill anything. Crowds shoudl be minimal at that time of year too. I woudn't worry too much about it.
  3. Somethings just aren't meant to comeback. It's like a case of genital warts or something.
  4. Mummy at USF Back seat right side has some Tamar air. It's scary!
  5. May I suggest a shirt that says "I'm banned but I am here anyways" "TPR: More Witch Hunts then Salem!" -Brent
  6. Too me this is the most anticipated ride since Cornball Express, the last truly kick ass CCI IMO. This ride has so much potential, Zeus and Cyclops are insane, and these are the same exact designers.
  7. Too bad I was there a couple of weeks early, it really looked top notch. I love some of the stuff they are doing to future world right now. Really makes me look forward to my next trip.
  8. Floridians are just transplanted Northerners and Cubans anyway. I almost forgot, and old people.
  9. Just thought I woudl post some of my favorite park photos that I have taken. Others feel free to do the same! Feel free to PM me if you would like the full res versions of any of these for Desktops etc.
  10. I wonder what the park is paying for something like this? Seems like it woudl be a great addition to many small-midsize parks out there. I love how it looks.
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