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  1. I've never seen them sell out, even on some of the busiest days. Enjoy your visit!
  2. They added it to my location so I had the chance to do it (and operate/supervise a coffin lol). If you're claustrophobic, I think it will very much play with your mind. Otherwise, I think its simply and cool fun experience. It basically takes you from wake to burial, with a variety of effects, smells and movements to make you feel like you're moving in a hearse and getting buried 6 feet under. People seemed to really enjoy the $15 combo deal this weekend that includes the coffin and Frontier Fling.
  3. The Ride Operations application is now up for those interested. https://jobs.cedarfair.com/job-detail/7953712/ride-operator-2018-sandusky-oh/
  4. Considering that there are 4 other Arrow coasters older than Magnum in the park that haven't received new trains, I don't see Magnum getting a new set of trains for quite a long time, if at all.
  5. I think a resort would be a great addition to aesthetically spruce up Cleveland road on your way to Cedar Point Drive.
  6. Gemini: I thoroughly enjoyed the operations of Gemini. Controls on Gemini are very simple, but extremely fun. Our trains do not auto park, but rather require us to manually "fish" the dispatch button, opening and closing the brakes for a smooth park in the station. It can be especially fun after a day of rain when the trains are coming into the station faster than normal. Parking trains definitely challenged my visual estimation skills. I also enjoyed the normal load position or unload when we were running on minimal staff since you have to check the entire side of the train. Doing red side unload by yourself can be a fun challenge when dealing with alternate access, VIP tours, bins and sometimes spieling. I loved spieling during the busiest part of the day. The hype you can get from racing trains is very entertaining, and I'm always surprised at the trash talk people make up. My enjoyment at Gemini was for sure influenced by the skill of our crew. When we had an efficient crew the faster pace made the ride very fun to work. Skyhawk: I was happy to be trained at Skyhawk during Halloweekends, finding a love for the load and unload positions. I loved making Skyhawk a fast paced ride during a busy Halloweekends Saturday. I enjoyed either quickly shuffling or running when performing all of my position's tasks. I also liked that at Skyhawk it is the ride operator's duty to push down all of the restraints, something a bit more interesting than just checking them. Pipe Scream: I loved working crowd at this ride. Getting all the groups to fit perfectly on the ride was a fun puzzle sometimes. Camp Snoopy: I enjoyed getting called for break relief at Camp Snoopy. Sometimes it was very nice to work with children rather than adults and teens. Kids can be very hilarious!
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