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  1. Oppo Find X5 Pro Chrome on Android 13 Shows thumbnails & videos play.
  2. Crazy... usually on these types of videos I've not ridden any of the coasters... this time only the fastest.
  3. We have just spent two wet days there (a Thursday & a Friday)... Having tickets specific to a day meant the park was still surprisingly busy. Pirates never had a queue longer than 35 minutes & you can usually get TRON Fastpasses throughout the day. We managed 3 rides on TRON over the 2 days, only one with a FASTPASS. Longest queues we saw over the 2 days were for Soarin' & the Seven Dwarves Mine Train. Both were frequently well over an hour. Fastpasses for within an hour... this was a surprise. Notice the umbrellas... a very wet two days. Apologies for the quality of this one... turns out iPhones don't enjoy two days of wet weather very much... TRON loading.
  4. Been lurking here for a couple of years & finally needed to register... if only to say I agree that the Universal Singapore Halloween Horror Nights are getting better. 2016 definitely a step up from our previous visit. Anyone considering going I highly recommend the R.I.P tour. 2014 we managed to squeeze everything in with an Express Pass but this year with the R.I.P tour we managed to hit the big rides & still have time to spare. & in a crazy twist from looking at your photos we were there the same night, we were in the other group on the same Behind The Screams tour (my wife had the scar applied at the make up demo). Small world.
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