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  1. All the vekoma slc models has a real musical tone!. consist in a high pitch tone and another low note. if you are musician, you wil find that the high pitch is a d and the other tone is a f flat 2 octaves down
  2. Hola amigos from ecuador!. as a musician, and rollercoaster fan for me, there is not worss sound of the coasters, but i mention the best sound in a rollercoaster. the Vekoma scl lifts hils!. all scl vekoma models has a particular sound of the motors when yo climeing. more detailled if a musician is viewing this topic. most SLC coasters has a sound when you climeing, the lifts hils has a completely musical sound!. consist in a high pitch note, and a low pitch note. most of the slc has diferent notes in the motors but in general the high pitch is a d, and a low pitch is a f Sharp, 2 octaves down. in teh next post i put a example how this to tones sound in a piano for comparison. Saludos from ecuador!.
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