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  1. Steelers, Cowboys game last night was amazing. I couldn't believe the comeback. Although I do not care about either of the teams, my dad got 38 points from Elliot for Fantasy Football.
  2. Nice! Usually as soon as everyone leaves our house from Thanksgiving I ask my parents to get the Christmas stuff down. They usually make me wait till the next day but I love to make the tree.
  3. There is no such thing as a good price in Disney!
  4. This is a thread where you talk about your favorite Christmas time items, songs, food, etc. We are not forcing you to celebrate Christmas if your religion does not celebrate it. Just talk about your favorite part of winter.
  5. I ignore them usually and I do not give them any attention. Sooner or later the'll stop
  6. Hello! I'm Anthony Reyes from Tampa (yeah, my home park is BGT. I point and laugh at SFA locals.) I like soccer and play the cello.
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