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  1. Hey everybody. I've just confirmed my trip to Disneyland in June. I was just wondering, how does the FastPass system work there? Do I need to reserve my spot ahead of time a la Disney World/Six Flags (kinda), or can I just randomly show up and be admitted into the Fast Lane a la Cedar Fair?


    You go to the ride and use your ticket to acquire a paper slip. You will need to return to the ride during the hour time frame provided by the slip. You can't get two rides in the same one hour frame.


    Thanks. Are these slips first-come-first-serve limited or are they unlimited? I take it I can't reserve things a day in advance...

  2. Wow, they are adding some serious height to this ride. 2017 or 2018... I don't really care... it looks awesome! I would have preferred to see topper track instead so they could claim a ton of wooden coaster records (assuming they go 200 feet, which they easily could with this lift angle), but I'm not gonna complain about Cedar Fair finally getting an RMC. Can't wait to see a layout released.


    Totally with you on the topper track thing.

  3. Nice! I can't wait to see more updates. Asia is really awesome.


    I didn't know Nagashima Spaland was open in winter. Are all rides operating?


    Asia is awesome. And part of that awesomeness is how many parks here run 365 days a year, even smaller parks. Some rides, especially water rides, will go down for yearly rehabs when the temperatures mean they can't run, but in 6 years of living in Asia I'm still amazed how much is open during freezing cold months.


    I went to Tokyo Disney once when a snowstorm passed through, and they had almost 90% of the rides running by 3 P.M. Even better is most people left in the morning due to said storm and lack of rides and it was the best day ever! Walk-ons and no crowds for the shows.


    Why can't America do this....

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