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  1. I walked by Flashback around 7:40 when it was stuck and by 8 the train was already down. It seems like they fixed it quickly this time.


    Riding Joker in 10 days for the first time. My first ever 4D credit...

    Then it's Green Lantern and X2 another 10 days later


    Wow... well enjoy your ride on Joker because it's all downhill from there.


    There's a chance he loves X2. Or he could hate it. There's really no in between on that ride.


    Just keep a heads up for my Photo TRs. One after Joker, and one after CA

  2. I'm counting my home park because I have so little credits to go off of in the first place.



    GCG:EFAA, SFNE (I think it opened this year? Correct me if I'm wrong)



    Equinox, Canobie Lake (I think it opened this year? Correct me if I'm wrong)



    New England SS, SFNE



    Wicked Cyclone



    Fireball, SFNE

    Phobia Phear, LC (First Sky Rocket II)

    Valravn, CP


    2017 (Future plans, nothing actually done yet)

    JL:BFM, either Great Adventure or MM

    Joker, SFNE

    VR Mind Eraser, SFNE (First VR coaster, kinda nervous it's an SLC)

    Might try VR on Zumanjaro......

  3. Flashback is definitely one of the better old restrain style boomerangs out there. Zoomerang next door at LC is good too. At this point it's removal wouldn't be a surprise but I'm still thinking that they're gonna get it open for the summer. They might evaluate its condition and see if it's worth saving by the end of the season.


    Quick rant about Zoomerang-


    both times I rode it, I asked the ops to make my restraint tighter, as it didn't go down a lot. It never happened, and since it was so loose, I was terrified out of my skin for the whole ride. Good forces on the loop, though.

  4. Don't pass on Houdini, Zum, the parachutes ride, Skull Mountain, the skyway, or the safari (time permitting). Do Justice League and the SkyScreamer if you haven't been on one of those before.


    The Ferris wheel offers some nice views that are worth it if the line is short enough. I personally did this over SkyScreamer.


    I have the New England SS credit. Should I skip the Gr. Adv. SS?

  5. UPDATE: Some of my credits are demolished

    Mean Streak, CP

    Cyclone, SFNE



    Blue Streak, CP

    Yankee Cannonball, Canobie Lake Park

    Wildcat, Lake Compounce, pre-GCI redo

    Boulder Dash, Lake Compounce


    Total as of right now: 4/126, aka 3%


    COMING IN 2017:

    EL TORO!!!!! (first trip to Great Adventure!)

    Apocalypse, SFMM (First GCI credit)


    You can tell which one I'm more excited about....

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