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  1. Like Danrarbc said, don't miss Whizzer. A night ride in the very back seat if you can do it. Whizzer is not a big thrill coaster, but rather a very rare chill coaster that is impeccably maintained. An incredible ride if you like that sort of thing. It's easily one of my all-time favorites. As far as non-coaster rides, if you like "classic" stuff you'll want to hit at least one of the flumes: Logger's Run (double drop) and Yankee Clipper (straight drop). Also, Fiddler's Fling ("the fastest ride ever built" I joke to my friends) and Lobster are great flats not found everywhere, both Schwarzkopfs!. Triple Play and Hometown Fun Machine are good too; they are standards, but their setting at Great America is very nice. If you are going alone and want someone to hang at the park with, be sure to post here beforehand. A bunch of us live close... and a handful of coaster/park nerds are always at the park. I usually go at night, when the crowds start leaving. Unforunately, the park has cut hours during the summer again... no more 10 pm closes on weekdays. The lines aren't too bad especially on a Thursday. I typically can get through with everything within three to four hours depending how the day is. I would also start walking towards Goliath and work clock wise around the park. For some reason Superman always has the longest lines and breaks down frequently (or at least it happens every time I'm in line), so if you go early I would ride that one first. I second taking a night ride on Whizzer and if there is a line, it's totally worth the wait. Also if you have time, I would try to take a night ride on American Eagle in the back seat on the red side. As for flat rides SFGAm offers a great line up of different rides. I would definitely hit up Lobster. I also second coming back to here to see if there is any nerds willing to go with you if you are traveling alone. It's always fun going with someone who shares the same interest as you.
  2. Lately I've been into Rick and Morty. Since I got Hulu last week I binge watched the entire series this past weekend. I didn't really have much expectations for the show because I thought it was just another adult animated comedy, but those expectations were blown way out of the water when I dove into the show. It has a dark undertone that is overshadowed by the humor in the show. If you really look at it Rick and Morty is almost like South Park in that way. South Park has an underlined message in each episode but it is overshadowed this the stupid humor in the show too. Even though they are two different shows, they both show similar characteristics that is over looked by the viewers.
  3. Saturday is one of the busiest days like any park and it will be a nice 80 degree day they say on Saturday. That being said you will probably will not experience any line longer than 30 minutes, average will probably be 15-20 minutes. If you get to the park at opening you could hit all the coasters once between 10 am and 1 pm, 2 pm tops. If you have to have the Mad Mouse credit I would start there just due to capacity issues and then just loop around the park and hit all the other ones. After you get through with that you can re-ride what you want and I would recommend all three big thrill rides too. Power Tower, North Star and Xtreme Swings. If you do go, come back and post what you thought about your experience at VF. Always fun to read what others have to say about the park. I just purchased my ticket and everything. I'm for sure going. Yeah I plan on leaving no later than 3 so I'm hoping I can make it on every ride before I leave. Thank you for the recommendations! I will definitely try to get on the thrill rides too. Definitely! I will come back to share my experience!
  4. I posted awhile back, but I am currently in the Twin Cities area and I'm planning on a visit to Valleyfair this Saturday. How are usually the crowds like on a Saturday afternoon? Will I be able to get on all the coasters or will I have to look into purchasing a fast pass? By the way, this area is beautiful compared to the hellhole that is Chicago where I came from.
  5. ^I was waiting for a bug to fly into her mouth. Girl has got some lungs and a big mouth.
  6. I'm in tears right now. Linkin Park has been my favorite band since I was 9 or 10 years old. They have helped me overcome my depression and anxiety when I was a teenager. I just can't believe it. Chester will go down in being one of the greatest musicians of this time.
  7. I came across this video a few nights ago. This woman? needs mental help.
  8. It is me myself and I braving Chicago's winter last year.
  9. You could likely hit all the coasters and some of the best flats in about 6-7 hours at Valleyfair as long as it's not a weekend. But it is extremely easy to spend several days at the MOA. e WAY shorter than that even. I say 4 hours max. Not very good park. Just hit the rollies if you have limited time. Haha! Rollie's? I like that. That's adorable. I'm going to start referring to roller coasters as rollie's for now on. I mean that's all that really matters right? We have to get every credit we can get our hands on. I really appreciate all of this insight. Unfortunately my boyfriend is a big baby when it comes to roller coasters, so that can't be our main focus. Even though I wish it was.
  10. You could likely hit all the coasters and some of the best flats in about 6-7 hours at Valleyfair as long as it's not a weekend. But it is extremely easy to spend several days at the MOA. Wonderful! Nothing is set in stone yet, but I hope by the end of this week we will have a game plan on what we are doing. We are more than likely leaving on a Thursday and it's an 8 hour drive up there for me. I'm from Chicago. If anything we will probably go in the morning on a Friday. There is so much you can do up there. Especially in the Minneapolis area. However I know I'll be back up there again in the future. I also hope to do some shopping since there are no taxes on clothing items which is very nice. That's where Mall of America comes in.
  11. I found him looking through my equine (horse, donkey, mule) board on Pinterest. I'm a huge horse girl so this thread is probably my favorite in the Random section that I came across. I wish he was that small to fit in a capsule, so I can take him everywhere. He will always bring me pure happiness wherever I am.
  12. ^Thank you for the information! I'm only going to be up there for a few days. I'm sure we are also going to the Mall of America and his dad will probably take us on his boat, so I'm hoping I can squeeze in some time to visit.
  13. So I was just wondering how busy this park gets? I'm going up to Minnesota next month with my boyfriend, and I was considering stopping at Valleyfair for a few hours. I don't really have all day since we plan on doing other things and we'll be with his dad most of the time. Should I also purchase a fast lane pass along with my ticket?
  14. I completely agree. I haven't visited many Six Flags parks, but what I've read on here and other coaster sites and forums I believe we do have the best park in the chain. However, like many other parks, it still has its flaws. I guess not everything has to be perfect, even though because we know more about these parks and rides than the average person, we expect everything to be.
  15. Being a coaster enthusiast. My boyfriend calls me a freak for being coaster obsessed, but I don't care. Everyone has their escape from reality.
  16. I'm just happy I have a season pass that way I'm not wasting $70 a ticket when I visit. Even though I already feel that way with spending almost $100 on my season pass. I wish I lived closer to a better park like all that were listed above Cedar Point, Holiday Word, Knobels, Kennywood, ect. That way I know my money is being spent well. If I wasn't such a cheap college student I would make a trip to Cedar Point a few times a year. I still enjoy going to Great America and I do agree it's one of the best in the chain, but they need to address the problems they have to make it even better. I really don't appropriate wasting 15 minutes in line just to get some water, and I'm sure most people would not like that too.
  17. Illinois (I live here unfortunately) Indiana Michigan Wisconsin Minnesota Kentucky Iowa Ohio Pennsylvania Tennessee North Carolina South Carolina South Dakota Wyoming California Montana New Jersey New York Massachusetts Vermont New Hampshire Maine Connecticut District of Columbia Maryland
  18. Millennium Force of course! It may not be the most intense coaster at Cedar Point, but this coaster holds a special place in my heart. This was the ride that made me into an enthusiast. There's nothing like free falling 300 Ft into Lake Erie.
  19. This has been noted among the enthusiast community, but at this point, I do have to wonder if the "GP" really care about this. Could this be perceived as part of a normal day at the park by your 1-2x/year visitors? This has been an issue for 3+ seasons now and not really been addressed. At this point, obviously something hasn't allowed the adjustments to be made to rectify the situation. Just really curious what that reason is. But then again, I don't have the entire picture like SF Corporate, so I'm probably missing something obvious here I don't necessarily blame the people who work there. Really it's the Six Flags corporation that is behind all of the slow operations that is taking place in their parks. I feel if the GP were more aware of these issues, Six Flags will be more willing to take care of them. No company wants a bad reputation under their belts. I just can't really enjoy my homepark like I used too. I would like to know the reason behind their thinking too.
  20. I just want to point out how terribly slow the people who work behind the food stands are. I visited two days ago on July 3rd, and it was a pretty busy day since they were having their 4th of July fireworks and parade at the end of the day. Every time I stood in line to get a refill of water it took me about 10 to 15 minutes to actually get my refill. The employees who were serving food to the people who ordered it were moving slower than molasses. I watched them prepared nachos for a family and they were ever so slowly putting all the topping on one at a time as the line of people grew longer. It was so painful to watch. I feel like Six Flags should train these employees to be more efficient and quick because I didn't pay all that money for a season pass just to wait longer in line to get a refill. Park operations are just getting worse every year.
  21. Joker at SFGAm 2 days ago. Oh boy what a ride that was especially riding it at night. I saw nothing but black sky.
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