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  1. Although there are no new houses, Terror Toy Shop and Voodoo Curse seem better than ever before!


    The new layout for Hall Manor is really lacking. It's essentially just the reverse of what the original trail was, but it just seems really weak. There's no dramatic buildup and storytelling like in the original direction. This maze used to be my top favorite, no it's actually DEAD LAST (yes, behind the weak Aftermath!)


    SFA management, if you're reading this, restore The Haunting of Hall Manor to it's original glory!


    The Cursed! After Dark show is SPECTACULAR and so were night rides on Roar.


    The Awakening being moved to Gotham Arena does WONDERS for capacity, but the show intensity is very diminished since it is on a far away stage, and not all up in your grill.


    Overall, Fright Fest is great this year! No special FF Food options like last year, but the shows rock and there seem to be more scareactors roaming around.



  2. "Well friends, the Grim Reaper has made his rounds. Here's a recap of where he's been. One of these places will be his final choice. FULL DETAILS WILL COME AUGUST 31."



    Note that the recent teaser says ONE of these places.


    In that video, Grim Reaper spends half the video at Castaway Creek.


    As much as I wish Whistlestop gets rethemed to DC, my final prediction is Castaway Creek/Pool Area being removed and replaced with new slide attraction.

  3. Flying six American flags is perfect. Not an American flag and six trademarked plain colors. Being an American is like being a family member, no matter what your story, for better or worse, if you are a citizen you are American with the rest of us. Controlled by six governments but now American. Six American flags is perfect.


    Except today they were only flying 3 flags. 3 Flags, More fun?



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