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  1. Does anyone know why joker’s jinx launches at a slower speed than poltergeist at SFFT? JJ would be even better if it went through the layout faster and it would prevent valleying.

    I don't know for sure why it launches slower than it's texas counterpart but I would speculate that us has something to do with the amount of power it draws to launch.


    To my knowledge JJ never fully valleyed. When JJ valleyed it was an e-stop which happens to Poltergeist as well.

  2. ^ You're saying that Six Flags should raise the price of a season pass by 4-5 times what it currently is. It's stupid because six flags would go from selling passes to an absurd amount of people to selling them to a much lower amount of people. The current pass price is about 70-80 bucks and your saying that they should raise that price to around 400 dollars. At that price point you'd pretty much only have enthusiasts willing to put that type of money up.

  3. Am I the only one that finds that incredibly odd? You'd think that if they were, well, proud of their new addition, they'd, well, give it a name, right? I can't think of a single reason why they wouldn't give it a name, that makes no sense to me.


    From what I recall, when the announcement was first made, the name was supposed to be Hurricane Force 5 or something along the lines of that. They refrained from using that name out of respect for Houston because the announcements happened soon after that.

  4. Due to the quick turnover, I predict a rehashed attraction, not a tear it all down and build something new inside the building style dark ride. I'm predicting a rethemed Scooby Doo dark ride under the name of something like Suicide Squad: Battle for Fiesta Bay Boardwalk. Due to the fact that the park closed it down just this past spring to give it a constantly loading platform, I would infer that it'll use the same ride vehicles and will follow along the same track. You'll essentially drive around the Fiesta Bay Boardwalk with the Justice League shooting the Lexbots and Suicide Squad characters trying to destroy the themed area. This way it'll fit in, it'll have a popular IP worked in (Hey! They made Batman work flawlessly in the 50s section) and it will bring them a new attraction. All I can definitively say is that it'll use the same cars, on the same track, will somehow work an IP into the section, and will probably be lots of screens with some connecting sets to lower the build time, as they only have about 5 months. I could be all wrong, and I'm expecting I will be, but that's just my take


    I don't think you read the post above you. The guy above literally just said that Jeffery Siebert confirmed that it would not be Justice League and will instead be something themed to the Boardwalk area.

  5. It sickens me (ok, strong words) that such a big change has to occur because someone didn't follow rules. It's horrible the toddler was hurt, but the ride has ran for what... 7 decades with out incident?


    I believe those were oldest PTC trains in operation. They were beautiful, super comfy and meticulously maintained. I'll kick myself over and over for not getting there more. Our society is so fearful of everything. It's really stupid. I'm sure the new PTC train (or trains?) will be nice, but what a loss. We don't have much classic rolling stock around.


    You're reaching a bit. Had it been an adult I'd understand your argument but it wasn't an adult, It was a toddler. While you may not have been trying to come off as insensitive, it is a tad bit insensitive to say that all of society is scared. The decision was made out of respect for the family and to prevent an accident like this from ever happening again.

  6. Not going to post the links or anything, but heads up; this post apparently started some controversy. This dude is spamming Instagram and Facebook to further beef with TPR because he clearly "hates drama"

    Of course he is... He'll probably get more attention out of a post mentioning TPR than most of his videos. So, to RollerManDan...


    Oh look, I was right...


    His most viewed video in OVER A YEAR! Tell me again how this wasn't about attracting attention through creating drama, Dan. You know you could have just NOT needed to "address" it, but we know this was all about you using TPR to get attention for your page. You can fool your readers all you want, but you and I both know exactly what this is about, don't we Dan?


    Glad we could help you with your page views!



    He's such a hypocrite. He blocked me after I posted a comment on his page in support of you.

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