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  1. I could not believe how many bugs were out there in the early evening. When I lived near CP in 2007 (and was at the park at least once a week!), bugs were only bad on a few of the rides (Millennium Force, TTD, Magnum), and not near the swarms we were seeing on this trip. Hell, I was getting attacked by swarms of bugs just walking through queues! They were everywhere, clinging to everything.
  2. We saw someone get kicked off a Steel Vengeance train with restraints already locked because he had a phone in his pocket. This happened right behind us, ride op was about to lower his restraint, saw phone, made him get out of the train. When our train came back, he was still sitting behind the exit gates, so we're not sure if he was waiting for someone else or they were going to let him back on at some point. Also saw multiple people with phones in the queue one evening, even using them where ride ops could certainly see them. On this same trip we also saw them a Maverick train backe
  3. Yep, I saw phones in these cubbies as well, even though they were clearly labeled for shoes only. And Valravn had quite impressive dispatch times -- with few exceptions, I saw them consistently launching trains in less than 60 seconds. Ride ops were doing a great job filling each train and getting people to hustle into and out of the station. The most efficient "bins" I've seen are those that let you put your items in a cubby at some point in the queue near the station, and then when you get off the ride you can grab your items from the opposite side. Saw this several times in Germany
  4. If the reason you're going to Cedar Point is to RIDE all the awesome roller coasters they have, and not to actually just stand around in line watching other people enjoying the great coasters, BUY THE DAMN FAST LANE PASS! Simple as that, no ifs, ands or buts. This is even more true if you you're not local and don't get to visit the park very often. And perhaps even more so on a year when the park is opening a monster new coaster that will certainly attract even larger crowds. BUY THE FAST LANE PASSES!!!!! BUY THE FAST LANE PASSES!!!!! BUY THE FAST LANE PASSES!!!!! BUY THE FAST LANE
  5. Wow, that cruise looks like a ton of fun! The fish extenders subculture of the cruise is fascinating. Do people bring many of these gifts on board with them, or do they buy them on the cruise (or both?) I did see one of the gifts was professionally customized with your names, so I assume that was purchased on board. Look forward to more additions to this report!
  6. This video posted by Ohio Valley Coasters is interesting. Ledgers that clearly show an inversion inside the structure that appears to be above the ledgers that are just above the ground:
  7. A friend is at the park today and took this photo: I hadn't yet caught up on the thread here and when I saw this photo I was like, "Holy crap, what is that?!"
  8. And here's the other image from a slightly different angle of the crane taken last night.
  9. i saw another picture, from a different angle. so i'm more on the side of it being real now. i'll tell you, if i was the one there, i'd be taking a bunch of pictures so there would be no debate. lol Where did you see this other picture?
  10. Yeah, I understand your frustration! Thanks! Hopefully I'll have time to visit on a regular basis and actively participate! And I can't help it if you also happen to be a classic games enthusiast. ..Al
  11. Greetings! I'm a long-time coaster enthusiast, but have never participated in this forum before (my own non-coaster-related forum takes enough of my time as it is!) I'm attending West Coast Bash with my girlfriend, and this will be our first TPR event! We're flying in from Texas and look forward to meeting fellow coaster enthusiasts, riding coasters (and possibly other rides) at both parks, and having a great time! Never been to Knott's Berry Farm, but we did hit Six Flags Magic Mountain last year. So we've already ridden Twisted Colossus ten times, and it seriously kicks ass! Can't wait
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