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  1. Wow, Professor Scrivens is on a roll and filling in quite admirably. A well deserved "Player of the Week" last week. The Kings as a whole are on a roll right now and have picked up about 8 points on the Ducks over the past week. Only 1 point out of first right now (along with 3 other teams). The West is tight this year.
  2. ^ I used to like Goliath ... A LOT. Then I traveled outside of CA and rode some actual good coasters.
  3. Not like there's any measurable airtime on Goliath where the seat belts would impact anything.
  4. My favorite quote of the game so far: Lisa: "Vegan Food doesn't taste like Barf ... except Quinoa".
  5. I had to totally restart my tablet and it finally came up. Only the Lisa quest though, no chief yet.
  6. The permanent Willoughby's Maze is where Magic Pagoda was, so it's not coming back. With all of the technology in Willoughby's now I don't see why they couldn't open it up as a walk through all year (without the maze talent).
  7. Yep. Both on my iPhone and my Galaxy Tablet. So it's not just an iOS thing.
  8. My tile is ready as well, I'm kind of scared to tap it since it just went away last time.
  9. ^ If Quick is out for any extended amount of time the Kings are in trouble. Lots of people blaming Scrivens for the S/O Loss but you can't blame a cold goalie having to come in for a Shoot-Out. The offense sure didn't help him out. Is it too late to get Bernier back? EDIT: Quick headed back to LA, looks like Jones is going to be called up from Manchester. No bueno. http://lakingsinsider.com/2013/11/13/report-quick-to-la-martin-jones-to-join-team/
  10. Anybody else playing this yet? I'm not quite sure how I'm supposed to keep up with this AND Simpsons Tapped Out. Blargh!!! http://metro.co.uk/2013/11/12/star-wars-tiny-death-star-review-thats-no-moon-4183183/ [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  11. ^ Lions beat a 3rd string QB who had no NFL experience. It was obviously asking too much to have the Packers defense step up. My 49ers stunk up the place. Sure they only lost by 1 point but it just seemed worse than that. I've been a huge supporter of Kaepernick, not ready to throw in the towel yet but I'm starting to wonder if the 49ers chose the wrong guy.
  12. They've been fun to watch. Was at Vey's first game the other night against the Sabres. In other news, the Casucks probably don't want to come back to SoCal anytime soon.
  13. Here are some pics I got of the tree last weekend. You can see the spray paint from the company that was removing it.
  14. Incognito sounds like that guy you see once or twice a year who likes to punch his friends in the nuts because he thinks it's hilarious. I think the "Code Red" analogy is perfect.
  15. The tree is no big loss. It most certainly wasn't going to be repaired. It was in bad shape for YEARS (as others have said).
  16. I see both of the Evil Dead movies as separate movies and not really a "remake". Kind of for two different generations. But the original is still the best.
  17. Spirits of Ancient Egypt - Paul McCartney and Wings (this is from the remaster of "Wings Across America" and it sounds absolutely amazing)
  18. ^ Not just a horrible PR move, but a terrible precedent. Now there are no shows in Hollywood to help with crowds. Can't even imagine how crazy the next two weekends will be.
  19. Totally in for year 3!!! "No Used Items" ... LOL!!!! I always think trying to figure out what somebody wants is part of the fun. PM coming Brandy.
  20. Just looking at that makes me ill. 20 years ago I could have maybe done half that, but now just the 7-8 flips I got on the Slingshot at SFMM almost did me in.
  21. I had kind of a "light" year, didn't even get out of CA this year ... but here goes. *Best moment - Log Ride Tour during WCB at Knott's *Best individual ride - Gold Striker. A total winner. *Funniest moment - RD breaking a few rides at SFMM *Favorite individual park visit - WCB Knott's Day *Nerdiest moment - TPR Quest during WCB
  22. ^ I kind of liked the remake, nowhere close to the original. I watched some of the bonus footage and the main actress just complained about how hard it was. STFU!!
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