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  1. Just a little info request for those in the know. Me and my Girlfriend have just booked a trip to Madrid for June and I was hoping somebody could give me some information on traveling to Parque de Atracciones and Parque Warner. I have searched for other Madrid posts and found some previous PTR's but was looking for some specific info as both parks sites are only in spanish. Firsty I have been to Madrid previously in 2003 and visited the warner park and I think we got a combined train and entry ticket. Can anyone confirm if this is still available and how much it is? Also is the
  2. When I went to Port Aventura back in 2003 I have to say i thought it was one of the nicer parks id been to. Very good themeing and rides all around. I do remember graffiti in the Stampida que as well tho, ud think they would clean it up!! Went to WBMW Madrid the same year and it was also very quiet, almost like a ghost town for half the day but a bit busier in the afternoon. I also thought Superman was a great floorless although I think I preferred Dragon Kahn at the time. I counted myself lucky getting on Stunt Fall at the time and even more since missing Deja Vue at SFGA on my recent US
  3. Went to both parks on my US trip a couple of weeks ago and to be honest I prefferred the coasters at Marine World but prefferred the park experience at PGA. Although Top Gun was the best coaster of the two parks by far I really enjoyed Kong and and although tamer than it should have been Medusa was still fun. I personally think V2.5 is more fun than the other impulse I have ridden (at SFGA) as I enjoy the slow inversion and it gives a different experience in different seats. Kong isnt too bad for an SLC and if you like animal shows then maybe it would be a good choice although be warne
  4. Took a trip to Chessington today so me and my girlfriend could take her nephew and while riding Vampire with the new(ish) Vekoma trains I thought about the horrible restraints on the SLC's id ridden and I wondered why Vekoma hasnt put a better restraint on newer SLC's. On my recent US trip I rode several SLC's and these all had the bulkier restraints. The newest one ive ridden is Tizona at Terra Mitica in Spain and this had them also. I just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on why they dont change them since they can obviously build less restrictive ones as on the Vampire and the Juni
  5. Hi Guys, Im heading to the US for five weeks tommorrow hitting a load of parks and I plan on getting a Six Flags Season Pass at Six Flags America on Tuesday. The Question I wanted to ask was how do i go about using the season pass at different Six Flags parks? Does it just work at the turnstiles or do I have to go to guest relations? Thanks In Advance. James
  6. Hi Guys, Ive posted a couple of topics asking for specific park advice for my upcoming trip but i thought id post my entire trip schedule to see if anyone had any other tips for anything else to do while in these cities. Were leaving on Sunday and are visiting the following places. Washington - Sighseeing & SFA Orlando - Everything we can in 12 Days Chicago - Sightseeing and SFGA San Francisco - Sightseeing, SFMV and PGA NYC - A little sightseeing & Gadv Were mostly travelling using public transport except in Orlando where we have a car for a week and ive found ways
  7. Hi Guys, Im heading to the USA on Sunday for a five week trip of sightseeing and coaster riding and I wanted to ask if anyone had any tips for a day at Six Flags Marine World or Paramounts Great America. We will be in San Francisco from 5th July - 11th July and will probably be heading to Great America on the Wednesday and Marine World on the Friday. The main things I was wondering are: 1) If we get there at opening where should we head first? 2) How busy do you think it will be on these days? Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. Hi Guys, Me and my girlfriend are heading to the USA on Sunday for a five week trip of sightseeing and coaster riding and I wanted to ask if anyone had any tips for a day at Six Flags America. We will be heading to the park next Tuesday 14th June. The main things I was wondering are: 1) If we get there at opening where should we head first? 2) How busy do you think it will be on this day? Thanks in advance for your help.
  9. Dude whatever you do dont go to Lelystad!!! My girlfriend took me to Walibi in March for my 21st Birthday and looking at the dutch sites and from asking around it seemed that we could take a bus from Lelystad (Which is better as its closer to Schipol.) Since I had heard something about it not running anymore since Six Flags became Walibi I even checked with tourist information in Amsterdam and was told it was still running (Can you guess where this is going) However arriving at Lelystad we saw a sign saying the Walibi bus wasnt running anymore. After asking at the counter we were t
  10. Rob, Ive planned a trip from the UK to the USA this summer and originally the plan was to do a flydrive and drive from boston - washington hitting all the main parks on the way as well as going a bit further south to PKD and BGW. We were going to drop the car off in DC and then take a cheap flight with someone like Airtran to Orlando and then fly back to the UK from there. The cheapest way to do this (for 2 people) I found was to use Virgin Holidays Flydrive because it allowed me to fly in and out of where I wanted and the rental price itself (for a month) was very small. What
  11. Thanks for your replies. Thats not too bad about easter ill probably try to go on the tuesday then. Im definately gonna try and get the bus from Lelysad as its closed to Amsterdam than Hardewick. Does anyone have any idea how long the transfer is from the station as I want to be there at opening? Thanks again for your help James
  12. Hi, Im visiting Amsterdam from the 27th - 29th March and Im looking to go to Walibi World (Six Flags) on either the 28th which is Easter Monday or the 29th Before I fly home. The Park is open an Extra hour on the Monday but im wondering if it will be particuarly busy because its Easter Monday. Is Easter a big thing in Holland? If it is we would have to go to the park on the Tuesday after checking out of our hotel and leave our bags in left luggage in Amsterdam Centraal station but I would much rather do this if the parks going to be a lot less crowded and ill get more rides on Goli
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