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  1. They have annouced that Martin & Vleminckx will be retracking Boulder Dash with new Gravity Group Timberliners!!!!! This looks amazing and I can't wait to see how it turns out!!! I have a friend who knows stuff, and I can say, this will be overall a good year with more still to come!!!!!!!

    since we know its a hoax now might I ask where you got this info from


    The M&V retracking was confirmed on the parks official Instagram. The park also posted a picture of a Millennium Flyer train so we have reason to believe either BD or WC or both are getting new trains this year.

  2. Sounds like the triple up is being replace by a double up designed by Alan Schilke. Seems like a double up would be pretty basic so maybe something about it is extreme and needs new trains.


    Where did you find this? Why would Alan Schilke design the double up when the trackwork is being done with M&V? A part of me really hopes this is false because the triple up is one of my favorite parts of the ride and I'd hate to see it go.

  3. According to Screamscape, Olympia Looping will no longer be going to England.


    UK - (10/12/16) Bad news for the UK... according to Screamscape sources the previously mentioned plan to bring Olympia Looping to the UK over the winter looks to have been scraped for unknown reasons. Any mention of it coming from removed from the coaster's website sometime last Friday.
  4. I've had trouble seeing the pictures as well. I've found that if you right-click on a broken pic, choose "open in new tab", it takes you to a site with a captcha (a tick-the-box kind, thankfully). After verifying you're real, the picture loads. Then, if you reload this thread, the pics suddenly appear.


    So the problem seems to be the security on the server the pics are being uploaded to.


    Thanks! I can see all the pictures now!

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