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  1. Goliath (x1): What happened to this thing? I was one of those who kind of liked it back when it was SFMM's Deja Vu, but it's definitely not the same ride nowadays. Might be the new trains, might be its age.


    It's the new trains. The ride was fine in 2012 when it ran the original trains and it was probably my favorite ride in the whole park. It's unfortunate the new trains ruined the ride so much and at this point I'm afraid they might have done some damage to the track as well.

  2. I'd suggest going to Joker first since it's the new ride and will garner the most lines and it does not have good capacity. There is a single rider line but you still have to wait through the switchbacks to get to it. Go for the green side if you can since it's much better than the purple. Mind Eraser's new trains are a huge improvement and even though it is a bit rough, it's not painful since there are vests. If the park isn't too busy they might let you choose seats on most rides. Last time I was there you were allowed to choose seats on both Superman and WC.


    For Superman definitely wait for the front row and try to keep the restraint loose for the best experience. I find Wicked Cyclone to be the best in the back left. For Pandemonium and Scream the Flash Pass line also act as the single rider line.


    If you actually want to ride Goliath try to get the front row as it's bearable there.

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