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  1. This looks funky, I can't wait to see the full layout. Are we expecting a switch track like on Pantheon and Toutatis?
  2. The only other inverts I rode were Black Mamba, Nemesis Inferno and Batman at SFMM. They always seem to be too intense for me personally (not the best blood pressure) but OzIris was the perfect combination of fun and intensity. Loved it!
  3. There is still one somewhere in Germany or France I think, I saw a Vlog on Youtube.
  4. I'm so glad I was able to ride Montezooma when it was in it's original state
  5. OzIris at Parc Astérix, might be one of my new favorites.
  6. Makes the most sense as the one shown this time doesn't have the top hat near the roundabout that was shown in the official teaser. By the time they will show the official layout we'll have about 7 new scrapped concepts
  7. Part 2 of the documentation about the new coaster dropped and I must say I am extremly confused. They showed some of the POV and the trains. At least one of the 7 Trains seems to have the last row facing backwards. I can't quite decipher it from the visual they showed. When they were done showing some POV they suddenly mentioned that they have some changes that they didn't want to show yet. The layout was vastly different from the one that "leaked" weeks ago. If this is the true layout tho, I'm impressed. It looks far better than the "leaked" one. Please look for yourself: Other than that they were on the MACK Rides factory facility and showed some track for another project. They will start to build the coaster itself in the park in January 2023.
  8. Europa Park released their first episode of the "DIE BAUDOKUMENTATION" or the construction documentation: https://www.veejoy.de/de/serien/o-die-baudokumentation/wie-alles-begann They don't disclose anything in detail about the ride but there is one very interesting part. Remember the rumor some years ago that they are planning to put a coaster in the middle of the park in 2022 / 2023? They actually planned it for the England section at first and they also show a few seconds of POV of this could have looked. They also state that, although the layout is not identical, it's similar and the new coaster for Croatia is even longer than the one proposed for England. The general experience should be similar which leads me to believe, that they were already sure of the coaster type. Other than that, they are teasing that they will disclose the length, inversions and other details in the next episode. No visuals of the new coaster were given. Stay tuned for next month
  9. Wow, I'm so dumb I didn't even notice that the layout in the trailer is Lost Gravitys... I was wondering where this "as long as Silver Star Layout" went lol, thanks for making that clear
  10. Here's the link to the video if anyone is interested: https://www.veejoy.de/
  11. Europa Park just showed off a tiny teaser for the new coaster based in a new themed area Croatia. By the looks of the teaser, it seems like they are indeed going for an infinity coaster approach. One Big Dipper train with four rows. The teaser is available on their streaming platform VEEJOY.
  12. Thank you very very much @VegasBaby & @KarlaKoaster Great to hear that the train ride is no problem from Barcelona. I'll also check the route through Reus as this sounds extremely convenient. I'd probably combine a stay in Barcelona as well as a stay at the on site resort so I can freely choose how many days are enough but 3 sounds about right. I always do every attraction, even the kiddie rides.
  13. Hey Everybody I have a question. I want to visit PortAventura this year. However neither me or my companion have a drivers licence to rent a car. What is the best way to get to the park from an international airport (probably Barcelona) and can you recommend a stay at the PortAventura Hotel? Also, how many days do you think are enough to experience everything the Park(s) have to offer?
  14. I can confirm that in order to survive Dubai you need to act as if you were childhood best friends otherwise, not good.
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