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  1. So as there has been no legal photo/video material about the station of FLY and the train, Phantasialand just uploaded a new video where you get to see the waiting que and the side tilted train: Full video (station can be seen at 0:39): Not sure if an Eng-Version will come up of this.
  2. There's a new clip showing off some of the inner area of Rulantica:
  3. A nice new African village was created and got its rooftop now: The man in the video explain that the special tatch that is used was transported down from Kiel to Phantasialand, couse this material wont be used in this area (Mostly used in the north of Germany but to the south less or even not at all). The used tatch was delivered from China couse it fits more to that rooftop (thinner stalks). Two of four roofs did fit well, the other needed to be adapted within that progress couse the houses are let into the wall. Blog: https://phantasialandblog.de/huettenbau-nach-mass-in-africa/ TÜV-Check Black Mamba: Mr Reichelt - TÜV-expert checking the track for possible collisions, also doing a restraint system check for the seats and also checking the emergency brake. Blog: https://phantasialandblog.de/auf-herz-und-nieren-die-black-mamba-beim-tuev/
  4. Actually during the winter break they done some rock rework at "Deep in Africa". Luckly Phantasialand published a second videos There's also a new blog post (but only in german): https://phantasialandblog.de/wenn-kunst-auf-felsen-trifft/
  5. The Klugheim report is now full translated (except videos)! Feel free to explore: www.phantasialand.de/en/park/themed-world-klugheim/
  6. A short video with a short launch part comes up as advertisment on fb: Source Translation: "One theme world." "2 roller coasters." "6 world records." "New from the" "30. June"
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