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  1. I don't know what the deal was but when I went to the park on Sunday (9/8) it was PACKED. Twisted Cyclone was closed all day (or atleast from noon when I arrived till about 4pm when I left). Acrophobia went down as I was in line and it also stayed closed for the rest of the day. As I was leaving, I saw maintenance riding the catch-car up to the top. Considering how hot it was, I believe something up there may have overheated.


    The SFRR was still closed as well. Spinsanity was closed with a sign mentioning the two attractions coming to Gotham City next year. The seats were also removed. This confused me since I thought the rides were going in the Axis Arena's area.


    We only rode Batman and Goliath before the heat became too much to handle.


    There also was alot of confusion when trying to get food. If anyone plans on upgrading or adding perks onto their passes or memberships, make sure you go to the gate afterwards to have your pass scanned before attempting to use any of the add-ons. Especially the dining plans. There were guests constantly holding up the lines because their dining plans weren't activated. If a pass is not scanned at the gate, you can't use the pass in the park. And arguing with the cashier isn't going to make the pass work. I'm surprised that they weren't told to have the pass scanned at the gate while they were getting it processed. When I upgraded my membership, that was one of the first things I was told.


    I didn't make it to the back of the park but I'm sure it was crowded back there as well. I knew it was going to be an upsetting day when I saw the queue house for Monster Mansion almost completely full.


    Sunday 9/8 (as well as 9/15) is a bring a friend for free day which is why it was packed.


    I agree about maintenance lacking this year. I'm still 0-2 for Spinsanity both times while in line. One was for biological and the other was mechanical. I was at White Water last Sunday and it was pretty quite until the church goers started to arrive around 12:30. White Water had a bunch of rides closed until 12:30 which is crap.


    One thing I have to give SFOG credit for this year is how much easier it is to get a refill.

  2. Before I call and ask tomorrow I'd thought I'd ask here first please. Does anyone know if we can activate our 2020 SFOG season passes over at White Water? If so does this count for the upgrade us to gold, benies, etc?




    I’m almost positive you can activate at either park and get all your benefits just fine. I think it says that somewhere in the long season pass purchasing page on their site.


    I'm going with YES since it says you can when buying.


    "Pass card must be picked up at Six Flags Over Georgia or Six Flags White Water..."


    Thanks. I called just to make usre and they said it was fine to activate at White Water. In the Season Pass printout it says:


    Use by 9/29/19 to receive free Gold and parking. Pass card must be picked up at Six Flags Over Georgia or White Water before visiting other parks.


    Then directly below it says:


    Gold upgrade will expire if your pass card is not picked up at Six Flags Over Georgia by 9/29/19. No mention of White Water.

  3. I would agree. I bet the park is very busy. If you're interested in riding a lot, the $50 TimeSaver Unlimited will still take care of you. And you can get reserved tickets to shows and skip those lines, too.
    Holiday weekend Friday likely very crowded as people like to take extra days off (make it a 4 day weekend) and kids usually out of school.


    Yes, you can upgrade ticket to season pass any day. There are bo days that it's not an option.


    Thank you both! Decided to hold off and head up at a later time.

  4. Hey y'all 2 quick questions please:


    Any clue what the crowds might be like tomorrow (5/24) from open until 2 pm or so? Thinking of driving up to checkout Wildwood Grove.


    Also, I tried to call and wasn't able to connect with anybody who knows but can I buy a single day admission and convert it to a season pass at guest services before we leave?


    Thanks so much!

  5. Even though temperatures are still summerlike, the park has completely transformed for Fright Fest! I was able to get a few hours in on Saturday eve and most of the day Sunday.


    Although the exterior of the park gate looks identical to years' past, the changes begin as soon as you pass the entrance. The Prominade entrance area was very creatively set up with the 'red carpet treatment', paying homage to classic b/w horror flicks. This was a refreshing change from the setup of recent years. Other familiar scare zones were back, but in new locations, which gave them a fresh look and vibe. The Tunnel of Love (Blood) is now located in front of the Splashwater Falls entrance, which is a much better spot than prior years' location in the USA section. Many additional new props have appeared as well.



    Casa De Muerte (Fearman's Manor) - worthy, entertaining 3D haunt experience, unchanged from last year.


    Evil Passage (Piedmont Arcade building across from Thunder River observation deck) - new haunt - very, very short but some good props and actors inside. This is a great first haunt for the timid.


    ZX-1 (Gotham City Axis Arena) - Concept is identical to last year but the layout is significantly changed up. This is perhaps one of the most entertaining mazes. Not for the faint of heart.


    Witch's Hollow (Thunder River queue) - virtually the same as last year. No real scares but lots of eye candy.


    Camp Slasher (former Thomas Town/Whistlestop location) - the name is a carryover from last year but the location in the park and nearly all of the experience is new. This is a huge improvement over the 2017 iteration of this haunt, when it was located outside the Rabun Gap train station. The entrance is very odd though, featuring a school bus playing upbeat dance music (??)


    Alien Abduction - brand new haunt (and building), this maze occupies the #project whatever warehouse style structure that was built near the Goliath entrance. This was a very decent haunt featuring many elaborate sets and props.


    Dr. Fright's Dead Man's Party - same show but it holds up well as a crowd pleaser year after year. This year's edition was cast well and did not disappoint. This year they have added a Diamond reserved seating area consisting of two rows near the middle of the theater.


    There is also a new stage show near the Dare Devil Dive. I did not get a good look at it but I did notice the stage is completely different from last year.


    The park was fairly crowded Saturday but strangely enough, the haunted attractions had little or no lines. Casa de Muerte (Fearman's Manor) had the longest wait at about 10 minutes but the other haunts were walk-ins.


    Overall, I am impressed with Fright Fest 2018. The staff were for the most part friendly and helpful and the food lines were not too horrible. I have not been able to say this in a while but it really looks like the park has given a great deal of extra effort.


    My 11 year son and got Diamond memberships this year and would like to use our single haunt/maze wristband perk. Could you recommend a good one for a 11 year (if there is any). As his parent I want a good scare but not a my kid will need therapy type of scare if that makes sense haha.


    Thanks so much!

  6. a


    Here's one for the Atlanta crowd. I've been to the park several times before and while beautiful I always cringe about my brakes/tires/transmission on the pass from Cherokee to Gatlinburg. Looking on Goggle Maps it looks like I can route West and it only takes a few minutes longer. Has anyone taken the TN-68 route, is there a lot of twists, turns and hills? Looks tamer and more exciting scenery then the way west interstate route that adds 34 miles (but only 14 minutes to the trip).




    Thank you!


    I assume you are showing your starting point? From that location, SR 68 will be fine. It isn't on the same planet as going through the national park. Your only risks are that it is two lanes and you are at the mercy of the vehicle in front of you. If a scenic drive is your thing, definitely recommend that route. If you are in a time crunch, use the interstate.


    Thank you. Decided on 68 on the way up to test and will either do it or interstate on the way back.

  7. Hey y'all a few quick questions please.


    Planning on heading up on the weekend of August 24th -26th and head to the park on Sunday the 26th? How crowded do Sundays get and do you think I would need to purchase TimeSavers?


    Here's one for the Atlanta crowd. I've been to the park several times before and while beautiful I always cringe about my brakes/tires/transmission on the pass from Cherokee to Gatlinburg. Looking on Goggle Maps it looks like I can route West and it only takes a few minutes longer. Has anyone taken the TN-68 route, is there a lot of twists, turns and hills? Looks tamer and more exciting scenery then the way west interstate route that adds 34 miles (but only 14 minutes to the trip).


    Is it still free for someone to drop you off?


    I renewed my season pass from 2017 and yet to go to 2018. Do I use the same pass or do I need to go get a 2018 pass?


    Thank you!


  8. All right, I've decided that I'm going to shoot for Sunday the 9th of September to go to Six Flags over Georgia, weather permitting.


    First time going - anyone have any battle plan advice? I intend on being there open to close. I will only consider purchasing Flash Pass if it's absolutely necessary. Thanks everybody!


    Park should be walk on for most rides until noon or so. Get there at least 30 minutes early. It seems that they've opened Twisted Cyclone early before the park opens as its right in front. From there go straight to Dare Devil Dive. Next if you want the credit grab Joker Fun House Coaster (fun BTW) as its a single train with very slow dispatches. Superman in the back of the park. Then probably over to Mind Bender and then Monster Mansion and Dahlonega Mine Train. Save, GA Scorcher Batman, Blue Hawk, GASM and Goliath until later in the day. Also if on a meal plan, try and eat by 1130 or eateries gets slow and crowded.


    Goliath's new entrance is open. Another section of queue has been removed....hmmm. Still wonder what they are putting there....hmmm. Why is the Joker Chaos coaster not running or have a train on it....hmmm. Interested to see whats going to happen here...restaurant or new flat ride. Could honestly use both in this area.



    I am curious about the Joker Chaos Coaster...it just opened in 2015 so why do you think we'd be getting something in its place? It is possible that it simply needs maintenance...


    Joker Chaos was running today (6/10/18). Fun as ever!


    Edit: Splashwater Falls is still down with a sign out front blocking the entrance.

  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned but they are preparing to paint Scorcher. It has test paint on the supports both in the traditional purple shade and a new dark red shade. I prefer the purple. Didn’t see any test paint for the track but I imagine they will paint that too. I was surprised because when I asked their director of operations about it he said there were no current plans to paint it. Looks like they’ve reconsider. They’ve also had to do some welding work on some of the track which doesn’t surprise me considering it’s age and the condition of the exposed steel.



    It’s about time!!!!


    Awesome, my vote would be for purple too.


    Are you at the park now? Curious about wait times for Twisted Cyclone and how far is the line out of the queue station?



  11. Forgot to mention got my second ride on Lighting Rod yesterday and this time from the front seat. It was nice not to have to worry if it was going to break down waiting a few turns for the front row. Was running one train but trains where only going out 3/4 full. I was surprised that they still had the RMC sandwich board out front notifying people of past problems.


    Truly a world class ride!

  12. Heading to the park tomorrow. Am I able to pay for parking with a credit card? Just want to make sure or I'll stop by a ATM on the way up.



    If you get a ride on the train, see what you see for yourself as far as the land movement. I think I’m more interested in that myself than I am with whatever is happening to River Battle haha


    So I didn't make it on the train yesterday but I was able to see pretty much all that was going on from the taller rides in the park. Here's a map overlay from what they are clearing to and it looks like they are connecting to the road access behind FCE. The hill between River Battle and the access road is at least 50 feet high, I just don't see how they are going to connect them with out a bunch of switchbacks or maybe a bridge or something. My guess is the access road will be the path for this side of the park and they will build a new path down by Thunderhead which is more of a gentle slope but this is all of a guess. Hopefully River Battle will become a awesome flat ride which would be a nice addition in that area.


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