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  1. Is there any Vekoma Waikiki wave flippers left or was dreamworld's the last?


    Movieland Studios / Canevaworld in Italy made a portable Wakiki Wave a permanent ride, named after Tomb Raider (with permission to use that name I'm sure ). I'm not sure if Vekoma made this one or if it is a copy-cat.


    Sadly the ride has been closed since the end of last season and will be removed soon.




  2. So here's some more food for thought....


    If we did this for a number of years and had a list of clickable links for the coaster poll results...


    2017 Poll Results

    2018 Poll Results

    2019 Poll Results

    2020 Poll Results

    2021 Poll Results



    If someone wanted to see the results from the year Steel Vengeance opened.... they'd click 2018 not 2019, right?




    These are my thoughts on this as well. However, as you also pointed out, handing out a 2018 award when you're well in 2019 might not get the right exposure.


    I don't know how flexible you are into moving the poll to an earlier time (say November or thereabouts). The big summer and Halloween peaks are over so everybody has had the time to ride new additions, and it's still in the same calendar year.


    The downside might be that come November, lot's of websites and organisations are making end-of-year lists, so I don't know if that's desirable.

  3. For public transport in the Netherlands, https://9292.nl/en/ is your friend. It's very straightforward to use. Also, the public transport setting on google maps is quite accurate.


    Efteling has a dedicated bus service going to two major train stations. But be on time, the buses can become crowded.

    Toverland should have a bus service during the summer, but it's a different story each year. The train station near Toverland has two bus stops some distance apart, which is very confusing. Also, if you see 'Belbus' anywhere, this means you have to call ahead a 'reserve' a trip otherwise the bus won't show up. If all else fails, it's a 4 mile hike to the park, which is doable, but highly inconveniënt.


    EDIT: Almost forgot, all public transport in the Netherlands is payed by using the OV-Chip-card. You need to pre-charge this card before you can use it. Then you can use it to check-in and out of trains and buses.

  4. I have a question for Kristen! Since you've been travelling basically since the day you've been born, what is the earliest memory you have of a park/ride/trip to another state/country?


    (Am I doing this right? no idea what kind of scope these questions should be )

  5. I thought I'd give a bump to an old thread I started. I wanted to share a couple things that I noticed during a recent visit to Six Flags Magic Mountain


    -When riding Superman: Escape from Krypton, I was the only person in the car (the park was DEAD), so as I got off I helped the ride staff in undoing the seatbelts and raising the OSTRs for my row, which I realized took an additional 5 seconds or so for each. Now that added time wasn't a problem on a practically abandoned day at the park, but would add a lot of time to dispatches when they had to wait for the station to clear out so the ops could go in and undo the seatbelt and raise the OSTR. Is there any reason why they'd have to attach the seatbelts when nobody is sitting in that seat?


    -On Goliath, a lady was loudly complaining that the op didn't put enough effort into her restraint check. I have to give a big thank you to Robb and that other ride op for showing me how obnoxious that is, as I could clearly see her restraint was lowered almost to the lowest point, and her seatbelt had a good length of slack. What is the policy for dealing with someone like that?


    Any help with those questions would be fantastic!! Thanks!!


    I have worked at a park for a number of years (not Six Flags, so I don't know their procedures). The reason for fastening seatbelts on empty seats is so that they don't flop around and damage/wear the seat and train body. At least that was my instructor back then told me.


    As for the restraint checking thing, I am a firm believer that operators/attendants should pull on every restraint to check the locking mechanism. I've had it happen to me that the locking mechanism of one restraint wouldn't engage. Had I checked only visually it would've ended badly. As for the lady you mentioned, while obnoxious maybe, I'd guess she is just concerned about her safety. Request like that happen from time to time, especially from parents asking me to double or triple-check their kid's restraint. If it makes the guest feel safe, I'm happy to pull on the restraint with all the strength I have. Luckily I was part of a pretty efficient crew so it didn't lose us too much time if it occured.


    Hope this answers your questions.

  6. I wonder if these rumours of the removal of Dragons are peaking because it might be near the end of its life? Dragons is just as old as Hulk. A park is not likely to tear down a perfectly healthy coaster, but if they need to choose between a rebuild of the entire coaster(s) or install a brand new ride, the choice might swing in favor of a new ride.


    Which I would truly detest TBH, Dragons is one of the best rides in FL.

  7. While I am not a real observation tower enthousiast, I do enjoy them for the photo-ops they provide. I was pretty bummed when SWO decided to wrap theirs with some kind of advertisement/banner making it hard to see out, and nigh impossible to take pictures.


    And if observation towers are going to make a comeback, I'd be overjoyed if this also meant Flying Islands (http://pulseparty.ru/files/sobitiya/26312665.jpg) would returns as well. When the pod is down, there's no ugly tower eyesore. Or at least theme the tower (but no more Eiffel towers, we have enough of those).

  8. I agree with Elissa that the Kings Dominion - Kings Island - Cedar Point - Six Flags Great Adventure - triangle is a very good and coaster-dense area. Plus, like Elissa said, it's on the east coast so you don't have to fly far/long. I would also add Six Flags New England to the parks already posted.


    Another area with a very good amount of parks is California. You can do a lot in and around LA (Disney Parks, Universal, Six Flags Mountain, Knotts Berry Farm) and you can extend that to include parks near San Francisco and San Diego. But this is farther away, and will cost you more airfare.


    For trip planning, and for other coaster random stuff, http://coast2coaster.com is a wonderful tool.

  9. I looked at the alignment of Power Tower and Wicked Twister. If you open a map and draw a line from Power Tower and across Wicked Twister right next to the forward spike and then continue dragging that line, it ends up hitting land just west of Vermillion, OH, about 15 miles away.


    Correct. I ended up at the same location by looking at the angle of MF's lifthill and first drop (since the photo is taken dead-on MF) and I also googled the sunset angle for Sandusky.

  10. Metal detectors to enter the park >>> metal detectors in queue lines


    Metal detectors at park entrances and metal detectors at ride entrances are both there for entirely different and unrelated purposes and have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

    I have never even seen or heard about metal detectors at queue lines. What are the for?


    To prevent guests from taking loose articles on rides, which could possibly harm other guests or damage the ride. As far as I know it's only at USF.

  11. According to an email from LinkedIn, this dark ride is for Efteling's new attraction called Symbolica, it is to celebrate Efteling's 65th anniversary and it is Efteling's biggest investment ever.


    Do you mind sharing that email? I'm asking because it has a couple things mixed up. The dark ride setup (I assume you mean that white thing, and not the black coaster track), was originally meant for the Efteling. However, the thing they are building right now is a trackless ride. I believe the manufacturer is ETF Ride System, but I'm not sure on that.

  12. It was flying over the lift hill, but didn't seem to gain much momentum through the course.

    Seeing as it has no launches, no elevation changes, and nobody's getting on mid-ride, it's physically impossible for it to gain momentum through the course. Physics, man.



    It can gain momentum by going down. Momentum is based on mass and speed. What it cannot do is gain energy (only transfer potential energy into kinetic or vice versa, or into heat/friction).

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